10 of the Best Honeymoon Destinations

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  1. Jack says:

    Nice suggestions Laura, i would like to add one more place Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is also one of the world’s leading honeymoon destination, its beautiful natural views attracts several couples every year from all around the globe. Niagara Falls hotels Canada also provide economical honeymoon packages.

  2. Cover Dune says:

    Switzerland is my dream Destination. I will surely go there on my Honeymoon :)

  3. It is a very beautiful valley between the Great Himalayas and Pir Panjal mountain range of northern India. Tourism is the major source of income in Kashmir. Kashmir valley is known for its mountains, green forest, flowers, lakes, gardens and beauty. Kashmir is a so wonderful place.

  4. Romantic Break Ireland says:

    Nice reading! I would like to add Ireland to this honeymoon destinations list. Ireland which is also known as Emerald Isle has great scenic beauty. The lavish Irish cuisine and warm hospitality are the reasons for its global acclamation. It is a perfect destination for romantic breaks.

  5. Brandy Hobbs says:

    How could someone miss “Incredible India” from this incredible list of destinations for your honeymoon in Asia? It’s indeed a giant peninsula with lots of awesome places. Goa is a perfect honeymoon destination for all seasons with plenty of activities around. Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful monuments and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. If you want to enjoy some classics then Rajasthan or South India are great options for your honeymoon in India. Darjeeling can be regarded as one of the staircases of the heaven. Honeymoon in Jaipur city will be a great experience having a magnificent view of majestic and gigantic forts, lavish and expansive royal palaces and aromatic gardens.

  6. Darjeeling is a well-known destination for Bollywood and Bengali movie shooting. They, therefore, created the spot as a hill station and tea-growing spot. Darjeeling is properly recognized for its tea business and eco-tourism.

  7. Dan Gostow says:

    Well Laura that is a very fine piece of creativity you have showcased here. My personal favorite is Switzerland. One slight correction I would like to make here is that you somehow missed Niagara Falls to include in this fine piece of your writing. Known as the honeymoon capital of the world Niagara Falls deserves a place in your list.

  8. Florence is an amazing place to have a honeymoon and the museums and galleries are perfect romantic activities! See http://ourhoneymoonregistry.co/destination/florence for more ideas!

  9. Haleema says:

    Poland, Gdansk!! looks just like Curacao but can bet that its cheaper haha http://s3.flog.pl/media/foto/3108641_wybrzeze-nad-stara-motlawa-w-gdansku.jpg

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