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Whether you’re interested in life’s little curiosities or the hottest new technology, you’ll find it at! We’ll bring you incredible tech news and gadgets, humorous signs, medical oddities, and more — all things eerie and extraordinary.

Take some time to look around and discover something new. Admire a bizarre building. Enjoy a moment with Mother Nature’s oddest creatures. Have a gander at some great, and not so great, achievements of mankind.

You may be wondering about our name. Daddu is an Urdu word for frog — a teasing term commonly used in India and Pakistan. It’s all in good fun. So pull up a chair and let us expand your mind and entertain you all at once!

Here’s a little something to get you started. Some say it’s a three-headed frog. Others say it’s “something else.” What do you think?

Three-headed frog (Credit: Sebastien Paquet - via Flickr)

Three-headed frog (Credit: Sebastien Paquet – via Flickr)


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