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Most people don’t watch television for the commercials (aside from the famous Super Bowl ads perhaps). But every now and then a video ad is so amusing or informative or just downright strange that it goes viral in [...]

Beautiful Babies

by J.M. on May 16, 2012 · 2 comments

Who doesn’t love the smile on a baby’s face, the peace of an infant sleeping, or the joy of watching little ones discover the world around them? No matter who they are or where they’re from, all babies [...]

Cute Country Cottages

by J.M. on May 15, 2012 · 1 comment

There’s something simple yet elegant about country cottages. Maybe it’s the tranquility of small town and country living. Or perhaps it’s the bit of history many country cottages share. No matter what it is that makes the country [...]

Tunnel Vision

by J.M. on May 4, 2012 · 2 comments

I love tunnels. There’s just something about that narrow vision that piques my interest. It probably has something to do with the mystery of it. You’re trapped almost, and you only have two ways out — in front [...]

I don’t know what it is about black and white photography, but it makes me feel like I’m able to step into the past. That’s especially true when it comes to looking at landscape photography in either black [...]