Key Cases in Criminal Law Infographic
20 Nov 2014

Don’t Run Afoul of Criminal Law! [Funny Video]

Getting arrested is never funny – at least not to the person being arrested. How not funny it will be depends on whether you are charged under criminal law or civil. This video is a humorous look at how not to get arrested. Most people with common sense would know

13 Nov 2014

Oregon, Alaska, D.C. Legalize Weed… Who’s Next?

In schools and libraries across the U.S. last week, voters turned out to let their voices be heard on the issues important to them. And for a growing majority of Americans, one of those issues is cannabis legalization. Oregon and Alaska both passed marijuana reform laws similar to those of

Social Media Cafe TV Google Hangout with Abby Hartz, Community Specialist at GetResponse
10 Nov 2014

SocialCafe Chat with GetResponse [VIDEO]

Even today with social media taking center stage, email marketing is still the best way to build relationships, generate loyal traffic, and fill your sales funnel. Many haven’t embarked on using email marketing yet because they find it intimidating or boring. Fortunately, getting started and managing your email lists is

photo by Ellen Levy Finch
20 Oct 2014

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

There are a number of variables to be considered when deciding whether a certain breed of dog is “dangerous.” The key factors considered in this article are prey drive, aggression, size and strength, combined with the available bite statistics. But to be fair, the number one factor in determining a

Photo by Norbert Aepli. Source: wikipedia creative commons
12 Sep 2014

10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

Some cars are designed just to get you from point A to point B. Some cars are designed to get you from point A to point B really fast. And then there are cars designed with such lavish style and breath-taking performance that point B doesn’t even matter anymore – just

famous pot smokers
09 Sep 2014

10 Pot Smokers Who Changed the World

We all know the common perception of marijuana users as glassy-eyed couch potatoes glued to the TV, giggling for no good reason and eating everything in sight. But not everyone who smokes reefer ends up lazy and absent-minded. The psychoactive properties of cannabis have tremendous potential to stimulate creativity, imagination