17 Dec 2015

The Top 25 Luxury Hotels Around The World

Ranking the best hotels in the world is difficult. Every individual hotel comes with similar services and functions, and yet each is unique in its features and specialties. Here is a countdown of twenty-five of the best hotels the world has to offer. Happy travelling! 25. Four Seasons Resort, Punta

10 Dec 2015

A Drunk Indian Man Fell In A Hole, Workers Built A Road Over Him

Police in the District of Katni in Madhya Pradesh State, Central India, have arrested a construction driver and road worker for culpable homicide after they unknowingly buried a 45-year-old Indian man alive and built a road over him after the fell down a hole. Unlucky farm labourer Latori Barman suffered perhaps

02 Dec 2015

This Taiwanese Man Has Been Waiting For His Date To Show Up For 20 Years

Ah Ji, 47, has been waiting for the love of his life to meet him outside Tainan Train Station for twenty years. When he was 27-years-old, young Ah Ji arranged to meet a Tainan woman outside the station, though it is unclear as to whether they were about to embark on

5 Problems That Kill Your Productive Power
19 Nov 2015

5 Problems That Kill Your Productive Power

Productivity isn’t as simple as planning ahead, making a schedule, and waking up a few hours early. If you want to be productive, you need to take a brutally honest look at your behaviors. Are you setting realistic goals for yourself, or are you aiming too high? Do you make

09 Nov 2015

Mukti Bhavan: The Hotel Where People Go To Die

In both Hinduism and Jainism, Moksha refers to the liberation of the soul from the cycle of rebirth impelled by the law of karma. It’s believed that throughout our lives we collect both good and bad karma depending upon our actions, which will impact our future lives. Death is a

03 Nov 2015

Air Born: 4 Stories Of Babies Born On Planes

If you’re a little bit uncomfortable with flying or the thought of giving birth, you may want to skip this article! Although rare, babies are born on planes a lot more frequently than you may think, so we thought we’d share four incredible stories of air born babies and their