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This talented young man Gaurang Gheewala created this video where he plays and sings 28 cartoon themes in multiple languages.

Cartoons have a huge influence on all those who watch them. Anyone else wonder how many languages this young man can speak and understand?

Know [...]

Weddings can be stressful, but luckily you can finish yours off with a fantastic honeymoon getaway.  Whether you wish to lounge on a beach or do something a little more adventurous, there is a perfect location for you. While the best honeymoon destinations can be subjective depending on your tastes, [...]

Naming a child is one of the biggest decisions parents make.  The reasons for choosing a name vary but, in the United States, biblical names have historically been the most popular baby names year after year.  But recently more and more new baby names have begun to make their way [...]


Just in time for Halloween we’re sharing this selection of a much larger collection of pumpkin painting ideas including entire pumpkin families. These are just a sampling and you can find many more plus information on how to paint pumpkins by visiting that link.

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Babies…enchanting expressions on their faces…or playing with their feet…no matter what they’re doing when their images are captures many find them fascinating. Here are a selection of adorable baby photos from, a site for finding free photographs and vectors.


Each of these free baby photographs was [...]