29 Sep 2009

Water Experiments: 16 Fascinating Photos

Water is an amazing thing. It keeps us clean. It keeps us hydrated. Heck, it even keeps us alive! But did you know that water can also become art? Water makes for a wonderful base in this collection of creative photography, featuring paint and other materials in water — swirling,

22 Sep 2009

Keep Out! The World’s Deadliest Snakes

What is it about snakes (even the harmless ones) that can strike fear in the hearts of so many? Is it the simple fact that we prefer our animals cute and cuddly? Is it the slithering (okay, for me it’s definitely the slithering — anything on land that moves without

20 Sep 2009

Splash Photography: The Art of the Quick Capture

Have you even taken a picture at a pool, trying to catch the perfect moment when a kid jumps in igniting a monstrous splash? If so, you know how difficult splash photography can be — it’s all about perfect timing. If you’d like something to aspire to, check out these

19 Sep 2009

Everyone Is Doing Everything Wrong – Part 1

It’s your fault and you suck! What’s your problem? Why do you always screw up at everything you do? It’s not hard to do most things, so why are you so bad at them? What do they teach you in that school anyway? That  “2 + 2 = SET EVERYTHING

16 Sep 2009

It’s a Red, Red World: Photos With a Splash of Color

Is there anything as delightful as a bright splash of red in an otherwise dreary scene? Red is bold. Red is shocking. It’s seductive and empowering, yet red is also warm and inviting. If you love a bit of red in your life, you’ll enjoy this collection of photos showcasing

15 Sep 2009

Memories Of Late Summer Days

Leaves will start to drop from the trees. The harvest period comes upon us. The air begins to chill. Fall is coming. But that doesn’t mean we should forget the warm glow of summer. Late summer days can offer some of the fondest memories. See if this summer photostream reminds