27 Dec 2009

The World Through Rose-Colored Glasses: Photos Featuring Sunglasses

Some people see the world through rose-colored glasses. Others see things through a cool set of shades. Which group do you fit into? If sunglasses on a bright, sunny day are more your speed, you’ll enjoy this photostream featuring sunglasses of all different styles on all kinds of people, and

25 Dec 2009

In the Kingdom of Flowers: Delicate Macro Photography

We all know flowers are beautiful. They can put a smile on the face of someone in the hospital and have gotten more than a few men out of trouble over the years. But when was the last time you really looked at a flower — not just the overall

25 Dec 2009

Mysterious Mist: Living in Gray

Thick gray mist and fog — they can make a setting haunting or downright eerie. They can also add a bit of beautiful mystery. What’s in that mist anyway? There’s a part of me that’s dying to find out and willing to step into that bit of unknown territory just

20 Dec 2009

Silence and Solitude Captured in Photos

In the hustle and bustle of our daily routines, sometimes we forget about the beauty in a simple quiet moment or in being alone. Even death can be beautiful in its somber nature (as shown in one of the images below). This collection of photos serves as a reminder to

17 Dec 2009

Speed Photography: The Life of Cities

The big city. Urban jungles. A concrete oasis. Whatever you prefer to call them, metropolitan areas / cities showcase their own kind of beauty. No, they might not have gorgeous flowing landscapes. But they have their own allure. The lights racing by at night remind us that the city is

15 Dec 2009

Smart UFO and Alien Ads

We like clever advertisements. We like aliens. So why not enjoy clever advertisements with aliens? That’s what you’ll find below — aliens helping to sell all kinds of products and services. Have you seen a great UFO or alien ad that we haven’t featured here? Leave us a link in