04 Oct 2009

Everyone Is Doing Everything Wrong – Part 3

This is not a bar! It’s an outhouse serving Miller Lite! And that’s the worst beer to serve! No bar should serve Miller Lite (or any beer for that matter)! Do you know what happens when you drink beer? “Local Man Dies From Alcohol Overdose, But Nobody Misses Him Because

01 Oct 2009

Living Dolls: Fashion Photography

Are you a total fashionista, on top of all of the latest trends? Do you fashion yourself an artist, with an eye for the bizarre or unique when it comes to style? In either case, this photostream is for you — a collection of creative fashion photography with models posing

01 Oct 2009

Everyone Is Doing Everything Wrong – Part 2

Washing dishes on your own? Do I even need to say how you’re doing it wrong? Why should you have to work so hard? Here’s how to do it right! 1. Give a servant money to wash your dishes. There! It’s a simple program anyone with a job can follow!

29 Sep 2009

Water Experiments: 16 Fascinating Photos

Water is an amazing thing. It keeps us clean. It keeps us hydrated. Heck, it even keeps us alive! But did you know that water can also become art? Water makes for a wonderful base in this collection of creative photography, featuring paint and other materials in water — swirling,

22 Sep 2009

Keep Out! The World’s Deadliest Snakes

What is it about snakes (even the harmless ones) that can strike fear in the hearts of so many? Is it the simple fact that we prefer our animals cute and cuddly? Is it the slithering (okay, for me it’s definitely the slithering — anything on land that moves without

20 Sep 2009

Splash Photography: The Art of the Quick Capture

Have you even taken a picture at a pool, trying to catch the perfect moment when a kid jumps in igniting a monstrous splash? If so, you know how difficult splash photography can be — it’s all about perfect timing. If you’d like something to aspire to, check out these