12 Sep 2009

Photos of Abandoned Buildings: Modern Day Ruins

When you think of ruins, it’s likely that you think of things like old castles, forts, or cottages — run-down pieces of history from long ago. But the world is full of modern day ruins too, from former homes where people couldn’t afford the up-keep to factories no longer in

10 Sep 2009

Cityscapes: 25 Photos of City Streets

I love cities. I love their beauty and candor, their ferocity and nudity. The city never sleeps. It knows your intimate secrets. I love the sprawling walls of the buildings, the smell of the pavement after the rain, the lights at night, and all the different souls you meet on

09 Sep 2009

The Poetry Of Forgotten Places

Have you ever come across old ruins or abandoned places and wondered what memories they hold? Can you picture them during a happier, livelier time, or do you feel a bit melancholy thinking about what’s long since lost? Whether these lonely places strike your curiosity or tug at your heartstrings,

08 Sep 2009

Refreshing Photostream to Satisfy Your Thirst

A hot afternoon. A heavy workout. A long day. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a nice drink. We know they taste great, but can they be visually appealing too? At Daddu.net, we say that they can and that these beverage photos prove it. Here are some photos sure to

07 Sep 2009

Where The Catiest Cats Sleep: Funny Cat Photos

If you’re a cat lover, you probably know your favorite feline will sleep wherever they want, even if it’s somewhere they don’t belong (like on your computer keyboard, right when you’re about to sit down to work). In shoes, boxes, or even on Legos? They’re more adaptive than even I

06 Sep 2009

Where The Wild Wind Blows

Wind — it’s how Mother Nature shows her moods. It can be soft and gentle, cradling us in her cool embrace on a hot day. It can push us along to where we want to go, or it can give us a bad hair day that spoils our own mood.