17 Oct 2015

The Ultimate Horror Movie Collection For Halloween

As Halloween approaches, so do the inexhaustible lists of horror movies you should watch on All Hallows’ Eve. Picking the ‘best’ Halloween movies is a tricky business. Should the perfect Halloween marathon leave your terrified to go to sleep alone? Or should it be made up of classics that have

10 Oct 2015

The Indian Government Wants Kids To Stop Pooping In The Street

For many of us, having access to a toilet is something we take for granted. However, for more than 1.1 billion people around the globe, toilets are not readily available and so they are forced to defecate in the open, leading to poor sanitation for everyone. To combat this, the

07 Oct 2015

8 Car Collections That Will Get Your Motor Running

What would you buy if you had $1 billion? Would you buy a mansion with a ridiculous amount of rooms and a pool the size of a football pitch? Would you invest it somewhere or create your own company? Or, would you spend a good chunk of that money on

06 Oct 2015

20 Secluded Hotels Perfect For Travellers Seeking Serenity

Sometimes, the busy world filled with bustling crowds and infinite responsibilities can all become too much. Everyone deserves a break from the chaos of civilisation, so we’ve found twenty of the most secluded hotels around the world that you can escape to: Explora Patagonia – Chile Situated on the shores

21 Sep 2015

6 Trailers That Completely Ruined The Movie

Creating a movie trailer is undeniably a difficult job. Not only do you have to compile an entire feature length film into a couple of minutes, you must also pick out the bits that will entice audiences to watch the movie whilst not giving anything away. That is, unless you’re

19 Sep 2015

Twins Separated After WWII Are Finally Reunited After Almost 70 Years

Two twin brothers have finally been reunited after 69 years apart. George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski were born in Kassel, Germany in 1946. Their mother Elizabeth, a Polish Catholic who was sent to a forced labor camp during World War Two, gave birth to her two sons after she was