19 Sep 2015

Twins Separated After WWII Are Finally Reunited After Almost 70 Years

Two twin brothers have finally been reunited after 69 years apart. George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski were born in Kassel, Germany in 1946. Their mother Elizabeth, a Polish Catholic who was sent to a forced labor camp during World War Two, gave birth to her two sons after she was

15 Sep 2015

15 Controversial Movies That Changed Cinema Forever

Regardless of which form it takes, art is often the recipient of rampant debate. Of course, movies are no exception and are often criticised due to their huge audience and influence on culture. Some movies are banned, some lead to protests and even violence but they all have one thing

13 Sep 2015

18 Resources for Ultimate Travel Inspiration

I can’t imagine anyone not loving to travel. Sure, it can be a pain when it is done for work but even professional trips can hold a chance for a new experience if you just give yourself a bit of time to enjoy yourself. It is all about being driven

03 Sep 2015

Publish Your Horror Flash Fiction: Markets for Short Dark Stories

If you have an interest in writing horror, a great way to get started is to write some dark flash fiction. These stories can give you your first publication credits or simply serve as a way to get your base story down so you can flesh it out into something

28 Aug 2015

7 of the Most Expensive Luxury Cars in Recent Years

Unless you’re someone like Virgin Group’s Richard Branson, you don’t have the budget for high-end luxury cars. But no matter your income, almost anyone can appreciate the specs of a luxury vehicle–even if you know you might never touch a car like this. If you appreciate luxury vehicles, check out

28 Apr 2015

10 Weird Things Invented in 2014 You Will Actually Die to Get

Every year hundreds of new genius products are created and keeping track of them is not always possible. Here is a compilation of the 10 greatest and most unusual inventions that you never knew were created in the past year or that you needed in your life. 1. Schiller S1