sadhu smoking
25 Jun 2014

Marijuana and the Mystical Experience

Cannabis is one of many known entheogens; plants with psychoactive properties which are used for spiritual or religious purposes. The use of these plant medicines is older than recorded history, and can be found in cultures around the world. To this day, ayahuasca (the “spirit vine”) is still used by

10 Animals to Get to Know Before They’re GONE
23 Jun 2014

10 Animals to Get to Know Before They’re GONE

 They’re disappearing you know. And we’re the cause. Due to society’s insatiable desire for more, animal and plant species are disappearing. At the rate of dozens per day. Extinction is a natural occurrence. Due to human intervention the rate of extinction has increased. Scientists estimate that by 2050 as many

san diego
16 Jun 2014

10 of the Safest Large Cities to Settle in the US

When seeking the perfect place to settle, one of the first criteria on your list should be moving to a safe city and neighborhood. You certainly don’t want your children growing up around danger, and you wouldn’t want to be looking over your shoulder every time you step out the

09 Jun 2014

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the CIA

Not much about the CIA isn’t classified. Investigative journalism has a way of looking into the darkest corners and over the years some surprising things about the CIA have surfaced. Here’s 5 that you might not have heard about. 1. Human Mind Control Experimentation It has been publicly acknowledged that

drunk driving
05 Jun 2014

7 Absurd Lawsuits of the Past 5 Years You’ll Shake Your Head At

History has had its fair share of bizarre court cases, but within the last five years, we’ve seen several absurd lawsuits that leave us asking, “Is this for real?” If this world is coming to anything, it’s that you can be sued for being too pretty or too smart. Want

Santorini, Greece
02 Jun 2014

10 Places to Visit Before They’re Gone

  Depending upon your agility and income you may be able to see them before they’re gone. Gone where? Gone, as in disappeared. Due to humanities impact upon the planet some of the coolest natural wonders may soon be history. 1. Great Barrier Reef Coordinates · 18°34′4″S 148°33′19″E worlds largest