Funny Painted Pumpkins Just in Time for Halloween

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Goofy Face on Pumpkin

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Just in time for Halloween we’re sharing this selection of a much larger collection of pumpkin painting ideas including entire pumpkin families. These are just a sampling and you can find many more plus information on how to paint pumpkins by visiting that link.

Turn pumpkin into goldilocksCat pumpkin with witches' hatGreen elf pumpkinpaint a pumpkin like a piratered elf pumpkinPolitical pumpkinsowl pumpkin

There are many more painted pumpkins including a Samurai pumpkin, a sandwich pumpkin, and a pumpkin that looks like a bird for Thanksgiving Day centerpieces. If you want to learn how to paint your own, click on that big banner below.

How to paint pumpkins kit

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