The Incomparable Magic of Reflection Photography

Have you ever looked into a mirror only to be surprised by what you see? Reflections aren’t exact replications. They can give us slightly different perspectives, adding interest and beauty to the otherwise mundane. Today we celebrate that subtle beauty with a collection of photos centered around reflections. Enjoy!

Photo by Michael in San Diego, California

Photo by tanakawho

Photo by Lydia Elle

Photo by Palojono

Photo by KM&G-Morris

Photo by lrargerich

Photo by lee adcock

Photo by SteveMcN

Photo by lyzadanger

Photo by MrClean1982

Photo by Matt Niemi

Photo by James Jordan

Photo by Bob Jagendorf

Photo by fauxto_digit

Photo by wallyg

Photo by wili_hybrid

Photo by slack12

Photo by Sebastiano Pitruzzello (aka gorillaradio)

Photo by Greenmonster

Photo by Andreas-photography

Photo by Will Montague

Photo by Richard0

Photo by papalars

Photo by …-Wink-…

Photo by Caneles

Photo by Stuck in Customs

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Photo by Tattooed JJ

Photo by James Marvin Phelps (mandj98)s

Photo by TimboDons

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