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    Publish Your Horror Flash Fiction: Markets for Short Dark Stories

    If you have an interest in writing horror, a great way to get started is to write some dark flash fiction. These stories can give you your first publication credits or simply serve as a way to get your base story down so you can flesh it out into something more complex later. Let’s explore […] More

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    The Gruesome Side of Grimms’ Fairy Tales

    When some people think of fairy tales from their youth, they can count on one thing — a “happily ever after.” But fairy tales weren’t always feel-good stories. Many were downright morbid. These fairy tales of old — like those passed down by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm — were more often cautionary tales meant to […] More

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    Ten Early Masters of Horror Genre

    The horror genre is known for its loyal fans and artists who stick with a good scare despite the genre’s fluctuations in popularity. Over recent years we’ve seen bookstores and libraries eliminate horror sections. We’ve also seen new life breathed into the genre through film, and perhaps more so, television. Many of these modern works […] More