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    [Infographic] Getting Out Of The Phish Net

    Hackers using email to get into a user’s system has existed for nearly as long as email has existed. But since its inception, phishing emails and attacks have become much more common – in 2018 alone, more than 80% of people received phishing emails and over 60% if businesses went through phishing attacks. Phishing is […] More

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    Beginners Guide: What is Bitcoin?

    This article is originally posted at Coincentral and written by Alex Moskov. The Bitcoin world is abuzz with both excitement and curiosity… and the opportunity for upside potential to skyrocket. Everyone from everyday Joes to reputable experts are betting on Bitcoin’s success. It’s been a wild 8 years since Bitcoin’s release. Most notably, we’ve seen headlines of […] More

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    Cryptocurrency versus Fiat Currency

    Many people have taken a great interest in various types of cryptocurrency, especially in light of the big Bitcoin boom and crashes of the past few years. Recently Bitcoin peaked at a cash value of more than $4000 in US currency value. Speculation by financiers and money movers on wall street have even placed a […] More