Most Beautiful Places In The World

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Famously titled ‘the eighth wonder of the world’ by Rudyard Kipling, Milford Sound is a fjord on New Zealand’s South Island that is encompassed within the Fiordland National Park.

Surrounded by mountainous areas that stand in excess of 1,200 feet above the Tasman Sea which flows through the sound, the area is known for its attractiveness to animals, with many different varieties of fish living in the water, as well as seals and dolphins.

Namaqualand, South Africa

When looking at the Namaqualand area throughout most months of the year, it appears to be a typical South African region in such that it is particularly dry and arid.

During early spring, however, the area is transformed into one that is filled with masses of lush plantation, with bright orange and sparkling white daisies shoot up from the once arid ground.

Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

The story of the Giants Causeway is one that is very much a traditional one from Ireland, filled with mysticism, folk lore and legend.

As the story goes, the 40,000 basalt columns were laid on the coast of County Antrim in Ireland by Fionn mac Cumhaill, who was planning on walking to Scotland to fight his rival, Benandonner.  Realising Benandonner was much larger than him, Fionn mac Cumhaill pretended to be a baby and was wrapped up in a blanket.  When Benandonner came over to find Fionn mac Cumhaill, he was so taken aback by the size of the ‘baby’, that he assumed the father must be gigantic and ran back to Scotland, taking up part of the causeway as he went.

Glen Coe, Scotland

Not only one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland, Glencoe is seen by many as being one of Europe’s most stunning areas of natural beauty.

With high peaks such as Bidean nam Bian – which stands 3,773 foot tall – to attempt to scale and the River Coe available for you to kayak in, there is always the possibility of you doing neither and simply admiring this wonderful part of the world.

Wulingyuan, China

In the south east area of China is a province called Hunan and within this area is one of China’s most prominent areas of natural beauty

Wulingyuan is part of the larger Wuling Range of mountains and is known for the sheer amount – over 3,000 – of naturally created sandstone pillars, many of which are almost 1,000 feet tall.

Sequoia National Park, California, USA

When you think of a tree, the first image that will no doubt come to mind is of a traditional looking tree that stands maybe 40 or 50 feet tall.  Head to Sequoia National Park, however and you’ll be able to see some of the largest sequoia trees in the world – most notably the General Sherman tree which at 274.9 foot tall makes it the largest known tree on earth.

Sequoia National Park, although famous for its range of sequoia trees, also features many other attractive areas, such as Crystal Cave and many free roaming animals, including black bears and mule deers.

Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, China

The Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor is always going to divide people, with some believing it is stunningly beautiful whilst others seeing the mausoleum as, apart from anything else, a little scary.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on, you cannot disagree that the (approximately) 9,000 soldiers which make up the now famous Terracotta Army (they were originally built with the purpose of helping Qin Shi Huang rule another empire in the afterlife) are anything but massively interesting – the reason why so many people consider them to be a thing of beauty.

Sydney, Australia

200 years ago Sydney was nothing more than a part of a new land that was seeing unruly and non-law abiding citizens from other countries being shipped to.  Essentially, Sydney, along with the rest of Australia, was one large island full of criminals.

Today, Sydney is regularly voted as being one of the best places in the world to live and has not only got one of the most relaxed atmospheres of any city on earth, but it also benefits from glorious weather, a beautiful coast and some of the most notable pieces of architecture anywhere on the globe.

Masjid al-Haram, Saudi Arabia

Also known as The Sacred Mosque, Masjid al-Haram is the largest mosque on earth.  Expanding over an area in excess of 4,000,000 square metres within the city of Mecca, Masjid al-Haram was built in 638 AD and has the capacity to be able to accommodate up to 4,000,000 people.

Forbidden City, China

Situated in the centre of China’s capital city, Beijing, the Forbidden City is now home to the Palace Museum, but for five centuries it was the official residence of Chinese emperors.

As would be expected from such an illustrious and important building, the Forbidden City is encased by walls that are 26 feet high.  However, anyone throughout history who has wished to see the formidable buildings in the City must first cross the 171 foot wide moat.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Completed in 1892 (although the building wasn’t entirely finished), Neuschwanstein Castle took over 20 years to construct and was originally planned to be an area where the shy and retiring king, Ludwig II of Bavaria, could escape to.  Unfortunately, he passed away before it was completed.

Standing atop a high point in the Alpine hills, the castle towers above the surrounding area and the wonderful 19th Romanesque Revival architecture is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the out.

Moscow Kremlin, Russia

The official residence of Russia’s President, the Moscow Kremlin is possibly the most famous citadel in the world.  Encompassing four individual palaces and cathedrals, The Kremlin, as it is more commonly known, in one form or another has been on the same site for centuries, something which is obvious by the different architectural delights that are available to see.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Whilst the city of Rio De Janeiro might be a popular destination as it is known for its fun lifestyle and fantastic weather, taking a step back from these aspects and you are greeted with an area of the globe that is simply awe-inspiring.

From the Christ the Redeemer statue, one of the largest statues of Jesus Christ in the world to Sugarloaf Mountain, a beautiful monolith which provides the perfect view of the bay of the city, Rio De Janeiro is a wonderful place in every aspect.

Paris, France

As with Manhattan, it would be possible to compile half of this list with beautiful sites of interest in Paris alone, hence why it’s been grouped together under one, albeit substantial, heading.

The capital city of France has long been known as one of the romantic cities in the world and whilst the French language is one of the reasons for this, the wonderful buildings that grace the capital city, most notably the Eiffel Tower, certainly assist with this saying.

Cape Town, South Africa

Situated in one of the most south westerly points in South Africa, Cape Town is the legislative capital of the country and is one of the most highly visited.

Sitting on the Table Bay shore, a visit to Cape Town will make you feel safe from the natural elements due to being surrounded by towering mountains and you cannot help but feel that you are in another part of the world, thanks largely to the heavy Dutch influence that is so prominent across the city.

Petra, Jordan

Known for its archaeological sites, Petra is located on Mount Hor and considering its huge popularity with people from all across the world, it was almost completely unknown to those outside of Jordan and the immediate surrounding area until the early 19th century.

Most famous for the masses of buildings that physically built into the mountain, seeing Petra in person is nothing short of breathtaking.

Mount Sinai, Egypt

One of the tallest points in the Sinai area of Egypt standing at 7,496 feet tall, it is not its height that makes Mount Sinai such a beautiful part of the world, but the fact that it is such an important religious site.

According to Christian traditions, Mount Sinai was the place where God handed down the laws to the Israelites and there are several notable religious buildings on the mountain itself, including a Greek Orthodox chapel that sites atop the mountain and  Saint Catherine’s Monastery, one of the world’s oldest Christian monasteries.

Dorset Coast, England

What many people like about the Dorset Coast is the fact that it can be viewed in its entirety by walking along the South West Coast Path, allowing you to take in every aspect of the Jurassic Coast, titled because of its fantastic historical and archaeological aspects.

Widely regarded as the most beautiful coast in the United Kingdom, the Dorset coast features expansive sandy beaches and astounding seaside cliffs.

Dead Sea, Israel / Jordan

In the middle of Israel and Jordan lies the Dead Sea, an expansive piece of water that covers over 800 square kilometres.

The deepest hypersaline lake on earth, the Dead Sea is 1,240 feet deep in its deepest section and is most popular for both its supposed healing mud and the fact that due to the high salinity, you can easily float on top of the water.

Rocky Mountains, Canada / USA

With part of the Rocky Mountains in 8 individual American states and Canadian provinces, this mountain range stretches for nearly 5,000 kilometres and peaks in height at 14,400 feet.

The area of the Rocky Mountains takes in a vast array of different mountains, as well as many different stunning lakes and beautiful areas of water, such as the wonderful crystal blue Moraine Lake.

Holland, Netherlands

The western coast of the Netherlands is dominated by Holland, a part of the country that is scattered with famous and popular cities, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam.  Whilst these may be beautiful in themselves, it is the lush countryside that really portrays how beautiful Holland is.

Known around the world as somewhat of a flat country, Holland may be lacking glorious mountains and rolling hills, but it makes up for it in the acres of greenery that can be viewed, brightened up further with the famous windmills that are so prominent in the region.

Abisko, Sweeden

Although Abisko is a very pleasant Swedish village to visit, the fact it attracts thousands of tourists each year is not for what is built on the ground, but more what the village offers up above.

The Aurora Borealis, known more commonly as the Northern Lights, are displays of natural lights in the sky that are simply phenomenal to watch and Abisko is widely regarded as one of the most perfect places on earth to witness this natural feat.

Tokyo, Japan

The same reason that Manhattan is included in this list is the same reason why Tokyo is and although the capital city may possess some areas of natural beauty (especially if you head off shore to the many surrounding islands such as Shikinejima and Hachijojima), it is the man-made structures that are the focus of Tokyo’s beauty.

A city that has been designed to offer the ultimate city and urban lifestyle, Tokyo has some fantastic transport links, allowing easy access to wonderful sites such as Shofuku-ji, the Tokyo Imperial Palace and the Meiji Shrine.

Registan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Considering that the Registan – the collection of three madrasahs – in Samarkand was used largely for public executions, it surprising just how beautiful it is.

Made up of Ulugh Beg, Tilya Kori and Sher-Dor madrasahs that were built between 1417 and 1660, the Registan is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful collections of buildings in the whole of Asia.

Grand Palace, Bangkok

One of the most illustrious buildings in the whole of Thailand, the Grand Palace began to be constructed in 1782 and over the past 2 centuries has been expanded massively.

The home of many royals throughout the years, the Grand Palace hosts several royal events on an annual basis, as well as being the chosen place for both weddings and funerals within the royal family.

Although the Grand Palace is beautiful as an entire building, particularly because of its golden roofs, but it is the Wat Phra Kaew temple that is often seen as the palaces most beautiful section.

Borobudur, Java

Built in the ninth century, Borobudur is a Buddhist monument that was inhabited up until the fourteenth century, when it lay dormant until it was rediscovered in the early nineteenth century.

Beautifully decorated with over 500 Buddha statues and in excess of 2,600 relief panels, the Borobudur is still used by Buddhists for worshipping, as well as being a prominent attraction for people from all across the globe.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Arguably the most popular of all the Maya sites, Chichen Itza is home to some fantastic constructions that are hundreds of years old.

El Castillo is without doubt the site’s most recognisable attraction, partly due to its similarities with the Egyptian pyramids, although there are many other wonderful buildings to take note of, including the Temple of a Thousand Warriors, Ossario and the Great Ball Court.

Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines

Approximately 2,000 years ago, the indigenous Filipinos carved into the Ifugao mountains a substantial amount of terraces for the growing of rice.

Considering the age of of the terraces, the sheer complexity and the vastness of the area – the rice terraces cover over 10,3000 square kilometres – it is enough for most to marvel simply in how they were constructed completely by hand.

Ngorongoro, Tanzania

Ask any amount of nature lovers around the world what one of their dream destinations would be and it would be unsurprising if the vast majority of them said the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania.

Standing on the top of the Ngorongoro Crater and watching the masses of wildebeest and zebra migrate is something that can be emotional, breathtaking and compelling all at once.

Beijing, China

The capital city of China, Beijing, is one of the most diverse cities in the world.  Whilst there are many villages, towns, cities and countries that have, for instance, a wide variety of different cultures, not many mix as many old traditions with new as Beijing does.

From afar, the city’s skyline is breathtaking and shows the city as the modern city that it is.  Get in between the buildings, however and you can see some wonderful ancient Chinese buildings and sites, such as the Temple of Heaven, the Pagoda of Tianning Temple and Beihai Park.


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