A Breed Apart – Knowing Your Pup Beforehand

So you want a puppy? Well, nothing could be more natural. After all, no creature on Earth quite smells or hugs like a fluffy little pooch. Maybe a baby duck?

There are considerations though, any time a person or family makes these life decisions. Your new pooch needs to be able to fit right into your lifestyle, your expectations, and your relationship with a new pal should start off on the right foot always. The infographic below from eBay Classifieds offers a checklist of top breeds for choosing the best fit for you and your new pup.

As you can see, there are a lot more things to consider than just whether or not your new family member is cute or not. And too, the breeds not listed are multifute, and with their own set of wondrous (and sometimes peculiar) tendencies. Of course there’s no need for paranoia in choosing a puppy, but knowing all about the little critter before he or she arrives is a huge plus.

Written by Kate

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