Features and Benefits of the Best New Cars

When buying or leasing a new vehicle, safety, gas mileage, and quality materials are important considerations that will help you determine a choice. Buying a make, like Volkswagen or Honda, that is known for designing intelligently built vehicles makes that simpler. But with today’s technology, there are many new features and benefits that you should strongly consider. These features may make your ride more comfortable, safer to operate, or just simply make your life easier. These features are available in most makes, so don’t hesitate to ask your dealer whether or not your new vehicle comes equipped with them.

  1. Infotainment Display

Most new cars come with an infotainment display, but they are not all created equal. The best infotainment displays include a backup camera and a navigation map. They can also be used to access and manage audio, temperature, and many other functions. The display should also be large enough to be easily readable, and last but not least, make sure it is a touch screen display. It’s much easier to use than push buttons.

  1. Heated Seats and Wheel

These are a must, and not only if you’re living in a cold climate. Even warmer areas get chilly from time to time, and if the car upholstery is leather, it’s a lifesaver. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than sitting on a seat that is several degrees colder than your body temperature. The heated wheel is also a great addition to any vehicle, allowing the driver to drive without gloves or cumbersome mittens.

  1. Backup Assistant

The backup assistant is extremely useful, letting the driver see behind the vehicle without turning around. It is especially useful when parallel parking and when backing up in a crowded mall parking lot. Many backup assistants come with colored lines to show the driver when he or she is getting close to an object, and others have a beeping alarm that lets them know they’re about to hit something.

  1. Wifi Hotspot

Everyone has a wireless device nowadays, and there’s no worse feeling than losing connectivity mid-activity, whether the kids were watching their favorite episode of SpongeBob, or your passenger was downloading important work files from the Cloud. Having a wifi hotspot in your vehicle means you’re always connected, no matter where you go.

  1. USB Ports

Speaking of wireless devices, they’re useless unless they have power. Make sure your new vehicle has multiple USB ports so that you and your passengers can charge up your devices while on the go. Many new cars come with one or two USB ports, but some have up to six. This means that everyone gets their own personal charger. This is great news for large families who own several mobile devices or for people who carpool to work.

These are only a few of the many benefits and features that can be found in new cars. Talk to your car dealership about additional options like automatic headlamps and keyless entry. Also make certain that the dealership has an excellent service department that can maintain and take care of all of the features and benefits that you choose. All of these features make life easier and should be available for most any vehicle.

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