In the Kingdom of Flowers: Delicate Macro Photography


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  1. Oh great, a gallery full of beautiful images and then a god-botherer shows up to turn it into a flaming sermon.

    Beautiful things can happen by accident. Nature can be asthetic without some big invisible man working behind the scenes becuase nature is capable of doing that. Man has also been involved, breeding the best so that the end product is even more beautiful than nature originally created.

    If you want to spout religion, fine, but do it elsewhere. For once in your life just appreciate beauty for beauty’s sake and stop turning into a chance to evangelise about your god.

  2. Maki,
    Andy was only expressing his belief that only our Lord can create this beauty and not only this but so many other beautiful things. He is the ultimate Creator of all things. He was not sp0uting religion he was only giving glory and thanks to a wonderful creator…..why are you so bitter. You have a choice to believe or disbelieve……even our God has given you that option……yup a free will but with consequences. We Christians share the good news and you can call it whatever you like……but it is the Holy Spirit that will convict and convert. Maki, you are the one who began to spout out your beliefs which is your religion…….You began to make a big deal……..You are the one who sounds offended. Maybe this is not the forum for this sort of verbiage but when I read your respone to Andy’s simple quote I could not keep quiet. I hope and pray that one day you too will believe and receive His salvation but if you choose not to…..that is your free will and God will never take that away from you. You can still enjoy the beauty of this world before someday when it will all go away forever. Your disbelief will not change the way God feels about you and His love for you but He won’t force anything on you my friend.

  3. Yes. Someone created a photograph. It’s called art. (Or, gasp, photography!) A lot of time went into the creation of a photograph. They are quite beautiful.

    Well done, OP.

    Please, others, keep your conversions to yourself. Does that ever even work? Some of us simply want to enjoy a photo, and while I normally would have just passed off the God banter as that (and continued on without giving it the dignity of comment) the long rambling affirmation by Bo just annoyed the crap out of me.

    Keep religion where it belongs. In church, nowhere else. Where you have to choose to attend. People who find it necessary to convert other people, where do you think you get off, telling someone they’re living their lives wrong?

  4. these beautiful flowers were a product of millions of years of the happenings of biology 🙂
    and one of the last great “recent” events on the evolutionary timeline of plants. gotta love flowers.

  5. I think it is sad you feel the need to praise a god. In 100 years we will look back at the “belivers” the same way we look at greek mythology believers. As uneducated and close minded. Open your mind. Flowers are beautiful and that is all. Science is awsome, embrase it.

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