Your Bra Can Kill You (and Other Medical Myths)

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  1. Robin Blanca says:

    We live in a world of myths. Look at how much publicity is given to the risk of buying a used child car seat for your baby. Then we feed them hot dogs and french fries when they are a few years older.

  2. hmmm says:

    There is a reason behind the car seats. Once a car seat has been involved in a crash, even bumper to bumper you are supposed to replace it because it weakens the seat. You don’t know if someone has been involved in an accident when purchasing a used seat. It’s not as if they are gonna say “Yeah got rear ended, but hey don’t worry, the seat was good enough for my kids, so its def ok for yours”

    Kind of retarded comparing car seats to french fries don’t you think.

  3. Jenn Mattern says:

    I wouldn’t say “retarded” is a called-for comment. There’s no need to be rude, especially if you aren’t willing to take credit for your words publicly. Both can be bad for your kids. One can lead to lifelong bad habits and health problems and the other to more sudden, accident-prone ones. Which do you think is more common? Just because one doesn’t have ill effects immediately doesn’t mean it’s a “retarded” comparison. Both are irresponsible things to expose young children to, and frankly I think it’s a perfectly logical argument to say if you want to ban one, why not the other?

  4. Trev says:

    What is a “called-for” comment, Jenn? Only one you agree with?

  5. eduo says:

    The comment may be blunt, but it’s still accurate. Both things have no relationship whatsoever, correlating them is spurious and leads to fallacies.

    Both arguments can be had without having to feel the need to “reinforce” the point with the other.

  6. J.M. says:

    Trev, Read before commenting. I’m not the one who took issue with someone for disagreeing. In fact I said both points had some validity. But referring to someone as “retarded” is not appropriate — end of story. Commenters are welcome to disagree. They are not welcome to insult each other. And if you still have questions about what is and isn’t “called for” here, refer to the comment policy linked at the top of this site.

  7. I think your blog will help so many superstitious people to overcome from their superstition about above myths. Keep posting such an informative blogs

  8. I am literally in love with you, dear J.M :) I’m serious, you are awesome <3 and yeah, I still don't know if your a guy or girl, but still, I love you, dear stranger :)

  9. Katey says:

    Interesting. Glad my bra isn’t going to kill me, lol.

    Katey, Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

  10. Zyada says:

    I agree that underwire bras aren’t going to cause cancer, but I think there’s one possible exception. I have had a bra (and heard of one other person with the same issue) that caused a lymph node in my arm pit to swell up. Stopped wearing the bra, swelling went away, started wearing the bra, it came back. This caused me to have to go for an advanced test, because it showed up on a mammogram, and they had to take a better look at the node. It wasn’t cancer, just the node swelling up. I stopped wearing that bra after the second time I had the bad mammogram; never had a bad once since.

    So ladies, if you get a lump in your armpit after wearing a new bra, and it goes away when you stop wearing the bra, toss THAT bra.

  1. January 27, 2011

    […] bra can kill you …and other myths…medical-myths/ __________________ OK – the jokes over. Bring back the Constitution […]

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