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    Air Born: 4 Stories Of Babies Born On Planes

    If you’re a little bit uncomfortable with flying or the thought of giving birth, you may want to skip this article! Although rare, babies are born on planes a lot more frequently than you may think, so we thought we’d share four incredible stories of air born babies and their brave mothers: Chloe Back in […] More

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    10 Most Incredible Abandoned Places

    Human beings are capable of so much beauty. We have created wonders of industry, art and architecture. We have overcome the most extreme conditions on the planet, and built our homes and temples everywhere around the globe. And sometimes, despite all of our hard work, we move on – leaving our creations behind. And while […] More

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    10 Dirtiest Cities in the World

    For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. That means that something like 4 billion human beings are living in urban industrial centers, with all of the traffic, congestion and pollution that comes with it. In many parts of the world, these urban populations are growing faster than housing, […] More

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    Oregon, Alaska, D.C. Legalize Weed… Who’s Next?

    In schools and libraries across the U.S. last week, voters turned out to let their voices be heard on the issues important to them. And for a growing majority of Americans, one of those issues is cannabis legalization. Oregon and Alaska both passed marijuana reform laws similar to those of Washington and Colorado, legalizing possession […] More

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    10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

    There are a number of variables to be considered when deciding whether a certain breed of dog is “dangerous.” The key factors considered in this article are prey drive, aggression, size and strength, combined with the available bite statistics. But to be fair, the number one factor in determining a dog’s behavior and aggression isn’t […] More

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    11 Most Beautiful Places in the World

    It seems silly to try to rank the most beautiful places in the world, as there are so many how could I possibly begin? Unlike a top  list based on mathematical data, my top 11 most beautiful places in the world are entirely relative to my tastes. I’m sure it seems sacrilege that I haven’t […] More

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    Top 5 Spec Ops Teams

      Do you remember the movie “Navy Seals?” Yea, the one with Charlie Sheen and Michael Biehn? Did you know that it grossed over 25 million at the box office? And the movie “G.I. Jane?” Over 97 million – just at the box office. We have a love affair with covert military operations. And operators. […] More

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    How to Deal With Marijuana Myths

    Have you ever been in a social gathering when the word ‘marijuana’ was mentioned? Chances are that there were a flurry of mixed reactions. And there always seems to be that one person who’s opinion is shouted above all the others. A lot of inaccurate information has been circulated since the 30’s. And most of […] More

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    10 of the Safest Large Cities to Settle in the US


    When seeking the perfect place to settle, one of the first criteria on your list should be moving to a safe city and neighborhood. You certainly don’t want your children growing up around danger, and you wouldn’t want to be looking over your shoulder every time you step out the door. Not sure where to […] More

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    10 Places to Visit Before They’re Gone

    Santorini, Greece

      Depending upon your agility and income you may be able to see them before they’re gone. Gone where? Gone, as in disappeared. Due to humanities impact upon the planet some of the coolest natural wonders may soon be history. 1. Great Barrier Reef Coordinates · 18°34′4″S 148°33′19″E worlds largest coral reef system located off […] More

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