10 U.S. Companies Offering Low Cost Flu Shots

low cost flu shots
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Coughing. Fevers. Aches and pains. Flu season has a way of sneaking up on us just as we’re beginning to get excited about the fun of upcoming holidays. But before you take the kids out dressed as little ghouls or think about basting a turkey, it’s time to get a flu shot.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH): National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease up to 20% of people living in the U.S. get the flu each year. Whether you’re in a high risk group, such as young children and the elderly, or are in otherwise great health the flu vaccine is the best way to prevent getting the seasonal flu.

To make flu shots easier on U.S. citizens, many companies offer low cost flu shot clinics where you can get your yearly seasonal flu vaccine. Here are ten of those companies. Visit their websites linked below to find the nearest locations to you.

1. Walmart — With Walmart seemingly everywhere these days, you’re bound to have one nearby. Stop by and get your seasonal flu vaccine for just $24 while you’re there to shop.


2. CVS PharmaciesStop by your local CVS pharmacy to get your flu shot this season, or pick up a flu shot gift card for $29.95 to make sure a loved one is protected during flu season.


3. Walgreens PharmaciesWalgreens’ Take Care Clinics are offering influenza vaccines this year for just $29.95. Better yet, you don’t need to make an appointment.


4. Rite Aid PharmaciesWhen you get your low cost flu shot at your area Rite Aid pharmacy, they’ll give you up to $100 in Rite Aid savings just because you kept your family healthy. Note that offer is only while supplies last, so check with your local store if that’s a motivation for choosing them.


5. TargetTarget stores are offering $24 flu shots at their pharmacies this year — the same price offered by Walmart (and the second lowest price I was able to find).


6. GIANT Food StoresThis supermarket chain covers the Mid-Atlantic region fairly well. If that’s where you’re located you can get $30 flu shots at your local GIANT Pharmacy while you’re there anyway doing some grocery shopping. No need for a special trip.


7. Weis MarketsWhile I couldn’t find their flu vaccine rate advertised on their website, I called my local Weis Markets and found that they’re charging $30 for flu shots this year.


8. SafewaySafeway is advertising their own flu shots again this year. Based on the last couple of years’ rates you should expect to pay around $30 for the flu vaccine. Unfortunately after multiple attempts and 20 minutes on hold, I wasn’t able to reach anyone with the company to verify it’s the same rate this year. So call your local store before you show up for a shot.


9. KrogerKroger will offer low cost flu vaccines this year through The Little Clinic. Triple protection flu shots are being advertised at $25 each for those aged four and up.


10. CostcoLast but certainly not least is your area’s Costco warehouse. This is the best deal I found for standard flu shot costs this year at just $20! That was verified by one of my area stores, so check with your own local branch to verify prices and flu clinic dates.

If you don’t have health insurance, the costs listed in this article are the low prices you would pay out of pocket. If you do have insurance, you may pay less than these costs depending on your coverage and co-pays. Certain individuals may even be eligible for free flu shots this year at select locations depending on need and supply. Call your local pharmacy or clinic to see if they’re offering any free flu shots to patients in your situation.

Don’t let cost be an obstacle to staying healthy this season. And don’t become just another statistic. Get your low cost flu shot today!


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