25 Seriously Disturbing Serial Killers from Around the World

I watch a lot of scary movies. Vampires, werewolves, zombies… they’ve got nothing on one other group when it comes to scaring me — serial killers. Even when they’re just fictional characters, I find serial killers to be terrifying not because I expect to come across one any more than a movie monster, but because they represent something real.

These awful excuses for human beings do exist, and they pose a real threat to society. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and races. Today we’ll take a quick look at 25 serial killers from around the world. There will be some of the more well-known U.S. and other serial killers, but we’ll also have some from places like Russia, Indonesia, Mexico, China, and more. They aren’t all the most famous serial killers. You’ve probably never heard of some of them. And some of your “favorites” won’t be included here. This list is a little different.

Rather than focusing solely on well-known serial killers (although some will be included), we’re looking at a more diverse group — both men and women, different races and nationalities, etc. Even more importantly, I wanted to take a look at some of the world’s recent and distant serial killers with some of the most disturbing motives or stories.

Keep in mind…. I’m not claiming these are THE most disturbing serial killers. There have been too many for me to ever know about them all, and that would be subjective. These are just some examples of particularly disturbing individuals that caught my attention or made me cringe. If other serial killers top your own personal list, feel free to leave a comment below to tell us about them.

25 Disturbing Serial Killers from Around the World


The serial killers profiled below are listed in alphabetical order (by first names) — not in any order based on how “disturbing” I might find them, by race, nationality, etc. Also, understand that the definition of “serial killer” is heavily debated. For example some definitions simply state there must be a break between killings to separate serial killers from mass-murderers. Other definitions give a specific length that break must be in order to qualify as a serial killer rather than a spree killer. We’re not going split hairs about that here.

Note: Where legal images were available for re-publication, I’ve included them below. You can run a Google image search to view other serial killers from the list if you’re interested — but having them appear in image search results doesn’t give us the right to publish them here for you directly. I did, however, try to link to one page with an image where possible when one wasn’t available for republication.

Now, let’s get to the list.

1. Ahmad Suradji



The idea of ritualistic serial killers on one hand baffles me and on the other hand fascinates me. They’re a reminder that the world is full of different cultures where different practices are considered acceptable than here in the West.

But Ahmad Suradji doesn’t seem to be following any kind of cultural norm. Instead he just sounds deranged. At the same time, I have to admit it’s one of the more “interesting” excuses or motives I’ve ever seen. Here’s more on Indonesian serial killer, Ahmad Suradji.

Victims: Suradji murdered 42 females between the ages of 11 and 30. The killings took place over 11 years.


Kill Zone: Medan, Indonesia

Methods: Suradji buried his victims up to their waists and strangled them with a cable.

Motives: Suradji conducted ritual killings. He claimed to be told by his father’s ghost in a dream that by killing these women and drinking their saliva, he would become a mystic healer.

Outcome: Ahmad Suradji was found guilty on April 27, 1998 of his crimes and was executed by firing squad on July 10, 2008.

Additional Information: One of Suradji’s three wives (Tumini) was tried as an accomplice. Often Suradji’s victims were women who came to him seeking his services as a healer.


2. Aileen Wuornos


Aileen Wuornos
Credit: Robot Nine via Picasa Web Albums

On one hand, I can understand that traumatic experiences can lead to disturbing behavior. Still…. Call me crazy, but I just can’t see trauma caused by someone else as justification for murdering others. Then again, that’s probably because I’m not crazy. Aileen Wuornos is the first female serial killer on our list here, and she’s an example of someone who was (or who claimed to be) traumatized, leading to the murders of several men.

Victims: Wuornos killed 7 men between the ages of 40 and 65.


Kill Zone: Florida, United States

Methods: The murders were committed with multiple gun shots.

Motives: Wuornosclaimed that the men she killed had raped her (or tried to) while she was working as a prostitute.

Outcome: Wuornos was executed by lethal injection on October 9, 2002.

Additional Information: Aileen Wuornos’ story was the basis for the movie Monster. She had a child when she was a young teen, claiming she was raped by an unknown man. However, it’s suspected by some that her brother actually fathered the child.

3. Alexander Pichushkin



Alexander Pichushkin is a Russian serial killer known as “The Chessboard Killer.” Unlike some killers who have almost understandable motives (such as being abused or tortured themselves in some way — not that it excuses anything), Pichushkin is a whole different level of crazy. He killed for the competition of it.

Victims: Pichushkin has 48 verified victims. While not all, most of them were elderly homeless men.


Kill Zone: Moscow, Russia

Methods: Most of Alexander Pichushkin’s victims were killed with hammer blows to the head. He preferred to strike them from behind supposedly to avoid spilling blood on himself. He then threw some of his victims into the sewers.

Motives: It is believed Pichushkin considered himself to be in competition with another serial killer — Andrei Chikatilo. At one point he mentioned that his “goal” was to kill 64 victims — enough to fill the squares on a chessboard, hence his nickname.

Outcome: Pichushkin was convicted on October 24, 2007 to life in prison, including 15 years of solitary confinement.

Additional Information: Pichushkin has been quoted as saying “For me, life without killing is like life without food for you…. I felt like the father of all these people, since it was I who opened the door for them to another world.”He was kept in a glass cage during his trial.

4. Andrei Chikatilo



You’ve already seen the name Andrei Chikatilo mentioned, because he was at least partially the inspiration for another Russian serial killer — Alexander Pichushkin. Chikatilo was known by two nicknames — “The Red Ripper” and “The Rostov Ripper.”

Victims: Chikatilo killed 53 women and children (of both genders).


Kill Zone: Rostov Oblast, Russia

Methods: Chikatilo didn’t kill all of his victims in the same way. Most were stabbed, but a few were strangled or battered to death. All were mutilated.

Motives: Chikatilo killed for sexual satisfaction — he could only become aroused by committing violent acts against women.

Outcome: Andrei Chikatilo was shot and executed on February 14, 1994.

Additional Information: Chikatilo was impotent due to a childhood illness, yet had two children of his own. His son Yuri was charged with the attempted murder of a man.

5. Carl Eugene Watts



One thing I find particularly disturbing is when killers start young and no one “notices” or stops them before they can escalate. According to Watts, he was one of those kinds of killers.

Victims: Watts killed females between the ages of 14 and 44. Twelve victims are confirmed, but it’s expected that there were more — possibly dozens.


Kill Zone: Texas and Michigan, United States

Methods: Watts wasn’t faithful to any particular method of killing his victims. He use strangulation, stabbing, drowning, and beatings.

Motives: While his motives aren’t believed to be sexual in nature (as with many serial killers), they aren’t known.

Outcome: Watts died of cancer on September 21, 2007 shortly after being sentenced to life in prison. Prior to this, he had been serving time in Texas.

Additional Information: Watts is believed to have had an IQ of just 68, and he may have killed his first victim at the young age of 15.

6. Carlton Gary



I won’t say that I do or don’t believe Carlton Gary is guilty of being “The Stocking Strangler.” But for all that we know, that’s who he is. Others disagree, and believe it’s a case of poor evidence. What do you think?

Victims: Carlton Gary is believed to have killed 7 elderly women.


Kill Zone: Georgia, United States

Methods: Victims were beaten, raped, and then strangled to death.

Outcome: Gary was convicted of murder on August 26, 1986 and then sentenced to death. He is still on death row.  He was supposed to be executed on December 16, 2009 but the Georgia Supreme Court stopped his execution the day it was supposed to happen to allow for a hearing on the DNA evidence.

7. Dana Sue Gray



Have you ever seen an “outfit to die for?” Apparently serial killer / shopaholic Dana Sue Gray has. This has got to be one of the most screwed up motives for murder I’ve seen. But really, greed is one of the oldest I guess.

Victims: Gray killed 3 elderly women age 57 – 87, and a fourth victim survived.


Kill Zone: California, United States

Methods: Two of the victims were strangled with telephone cords (the survivor was one of them), one was beaten, and one was stabbed.

Motives: Gray’s motives were financial. She said she killed her victims to support her overwhelming need to shop. She stole cash and credit cards from her victims to help support her lifestyle.

Outcome: Gray was convicted and sentenced to life without parole on October 16, 1998.

8. Dean Arnold Corll


Child molester / serial killer, Dean Arnold Corll — known as “The Candy Man” — received a fate rather deserved (at least in this writer’s eyes). I won’t even share what I think should be done to people who abuse and kill children. This is the kind of killer nightmares are made of.

Victims: He killed 27 or 28 young boys.


Kill Zone: Texas, United States

Methods: Victims wereraped / sexually assaulted, tortured, and then strangled or shot.

Outcome: He was killed by one of his accomplices.

Additional Information: Hehad two accomplices who found his victims for him — for $200 each. Apparently that’s the price of a little boy’s life.

9. Elizabeth Báthory


elizabeth bathory
Credit: Wikimedia

Now let’s take a look at one of the worst female serial killers known, even if a few centuries too late — the “Blood Countess” Elizabeth Báthory.

Victims: Although she was never personally tried, hundreds of female accomplices were convicted for 80 murders.


Kill Zone: Kingdom of Hungary

Methods: Victims were treated to torture, mutilation, and beatings.

Outcome: The accomplices of Elizabeth Báthory were executed. She, on the other hand, wasbricked into rooms of her castle for house arrest. She was found dead on August 21, 1614.

Additional Information: Legend has it that she killed and then bathed in the blood of virgins to try to maintain her youth.

10. Gary Leon Ridgway



Gary Leon Ridgway — “The Green River Killer” — makes my list of one of the most disturbing serial killers for the sheer volume of victims he had. It’s a reminder that sometimes awful people really can evade the law for quite some time. And that is something I find terrifying.

Victims: Ridgway was convicted of 48 murders, although he confessed to killing 71 women. He generally killed prostitutes that he would pick up and have sex with before committing the murders.


Kill Zone: Washington, United States

Methods: Strangulation

Outcome: Ridgway pled guilty to 48 counts of murder on November 5, 2003. He was then sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Additional Information: Ridgway is said to have an IQ of 82.

11. Gregorio Cárdenas Hernández


When I think of violence in Mexico, I tend to think about drug-related instances and deaths — not serial killers. But I guess we all have our “outstanding citizens” don’t we? Gregorio Cárdenas Hernández — also known as the “Strangler of Tacuba” — didn’t have a lot of victims. But what he did with them is disturbingly strange.

Victims: Cárdenas Hernández killed 3 teenage girls — two 16-year-old prostitutes and one 19-year-old student.


Kill Zone: Mexico City, Mexico


Methods: After having sex with his victims, he strangled them and buried their bodies in his garden.

Outcome: He was arrested and given a life sentence in 1942, but escaped from prison in 1947. After being re-arrested he stayed in prison until 1976 when he was pardoned, cited as a great example of rehabilitation. He died in 1999, of natural causes.

Additional Information: He studied law and psychiatry while in prison, and practiced law after his release. He also wrote three books.

12. Huang Yong



Apparently “because I wanted to” is a good enough motive to become a serial killer for some. I don’t know about you, but in my mind that’s even worse than killing people for their money because you like to spend too much.

Victims: Yong killed at least 17 teenage boys (but based on a survivor’s account, it was 25).


Kill Zone: Henan province, China

Methods: He drugged, rapes, and then suffocated his victims.

Motives: Huang Yong was quoted as saying “I’ve always wanted to be an assassin since I was a kid, but I never had the chance.”

Outcome: He was both sentenced to death and then executed by firing squad December 2003 — apparently the Chinese don’t wait around. And in this case and the admission, really, I can’t say I blame them.

Additional Information: Yong was a migrant laborer, and he kept his victim’s belts as souvenirs. He claimed that killing females wouldn’t make him as much of a “hero” as killing males.

13. Jack the Ripper


Jack the Ripper might be famous, but he’s still relatively unknown. His identity has never been discovered. In fact, the murders attributed to him might not have even been committed by the same person. But Jack the Ripper makes my list of some of the most disturbing serial killers in the world because, real or not, the lore surrounding those Whitechapel killings went a long way towards solidifying the image of the sinister serial killer in many of our minds — an image that might even be dangerous, given the socially charming nature of others.

Victims: Jack the Ripper was believed to have killed at least 5 prostitutes from 1888-1891.


Kill Zone: London, England (Whitechapel District)

Methods: Victims’ throats were slit and their abdomens were mutilated.

Additional Information: A letter supposedly sent to the media from the killer ignited a media frenzy around the image of Jack the Ripper.

14. Jeffrey Dahmer



Yes, Jeffrey Dahmer is another one of the more famous serial killers, but I didn’t promise to leave them all off. Let’s just say there was precious little Dahmer did that didn’t make him disturbing enough for this list. Eating your victims is more than enough for me.

Victims: Dahmer killed 17 young men and boys. His victims were of Asian or African descent.


Kill Zone: Wisconsin, United States

Methods: Dahmer was guilty of rape, torture, necrophilia, and cannibalism.

Outcome: Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to 15 terms of life in prison in 1992, and he was killed by a fellow inmate on November 28, 1994.

Additional Information: Apparently on May 27, 1991, a 14 year old victim got away. But when he went to police and Dahmer claimed he was his 19 year old boyfriend, police returned the boy to the killer. The boy was murdered that night.

15. Luis Garavito


“La Bestia,” Luis Garavito, is one of the most prolific serial killers on our list. He’s another one who preyed on young boys, making him doubly disgusting — both for his choice in victims and the number of people he killed.

Victims: There are at least 138 confirmed victims of Luis Garavito — young boys.


Kill Zone: He committed his murders across 59 counties in Colombia.

Methods: Victims were raped, had their throats slit, and were then dismembered.

Outcome: Garavito was convicted on April 22, 1999, and is serving the maximum sentence available in Colombia. Although that sentence is only 30 years, he could still possibly be tried for other crimes he wasn’t yet convicted for, keeping him in longer. That said, there’s also the possibility he could be released early.

16. Mary Ann Cotton


Mary Ann Cotton
Credit: Wikimedia

Mary Ann Cotton is a prime example of the “black widow” type of female serial killer. She tended to kill husbands, lovers, or those in her way. Well, you know what they say about a “woman scorned” — or in this case just a woman who wants something from you.

Victims: Cotton had 21 victims including husbands, lovers, and “competitors” (other women who were involved with her male victims).


Kill Zone: Durham, England

Methods: Cotton poisoned her victims.

Motives: She killed her victims for two reasons: financial security (collecting on life insurance policies) and jealousy.

Outcome: Cotton was hanged in March 1873.

Additional Information: At the time it was assumed many of her victims died of “gastric fever” rather than poison.

17. Moses Sithole



Moses Sithole is a South African serial killer. What makes him most disturbing isn’t even how he killed his victims, but rather the fact that he would call and taunt his victims’ families.

Victims: Sithole killed 30 or more women before he was tried.


Kill Zone: Johannesburg, South Africa

Methods: Victims were raped and strangled.

Outcome: He was convicted on December 5, 1997 and sentenced to 2410 years in prison. He will be eligible for parole after 930 years — 2927. That’s an oddly comforting, if not almost amusing, thought.

Additional Information: Sithole is believed to have posed as a businessman offering jobs in order to gain the trust of the women he murdered.

18. Peter Kürten


Peter Kurten
Credit: Wikimedia

When you think of vampires, what era do you think of? I certainly don’t think of the 1900s… unless we’re talking about movies. But around 1930 the world met serial killer Peter Kürten, labeled the “Vampire of Düsseldorf.”

Victims: While he was only charged with 9 murders and 7 attempted murders, Kürten actually confessed to 79 killings.


Kill Zone: Düsseldorf, Germany

Methods: He intentionally chose to use a variety of killing methods to keep police in the dark about the connection between the murders.

Motives: His motive was of the good old “can’t get it up” variety. He killed for sexual stimulation, needing to see blood to become aroused.

Outcome: I’m sure he would have been pleased by the blood on display July 2, 1931 when he was executed by guillotine.

Additional Information: Kürten claimed that he committed his first murders when he was just 5 years old, drowning two friends.

19. Robert Hansen



Robert Hansen took advantage of the Alaskan wilderness when he killed his victims. All in all he isn’t much different than other serial killers. What caught my attention about Hansen was his seeming addiction to “the hunt” — and I don’t just mean finding new victims.

Victims: Hansen is believed to have killed somewhere between 17 and 21 young women, with a particular emphasis on prostitutes.


Kill Zone: Alaska, United States

Methods: Hansen’s victims were kidnapped, raped, then released. Hansen would then hunt his victims around his cabins like hunting game, and they were ultimately killed with a hunting knife or a rifle.

Outcome: Hansen pled guilty to 4 of the murders, and has served in various federal prisons since June 13, 1983.

Additional Information: Hansen took jewelry from his victims.

20. Robert Maudsley


Robert Maudsley — “Hannibal the Cannibal” — makes the list not only for the belief that he ate part of the brain of one of his victims, but because of the types of people he killed.

Victims: Maudsley had 4 victims, but 3 of them were murdered while they were in prison.


Kill Zone: Berkshire, England

Methods: One victim was killed by strangulation, another by torture, and two others by stabbings.

Outcome: Maudsley initially went to prison in 1974. But after killing 3 fellow prisoners he was placed in solitary confinement in 1983.

Additional Information: Three of Maudsley’s 4 victims were actually child molesters or sex offenders. Honestly that makes me dislike him just a wee bit less.

21. Robert Pickton



Here’s another killer who didn’t make this list because of how he killed his victims, but rather for something he did with their bodies after the fact. Robert Pickton fed the bodies of his victims to pigs. Yeah.

Victims: Pickton was convicted of killing 6 people, but charged with the murders of 20 others. He murdered prostitutes.


Kill Zone: Vancouver, Canada

Methods: Pickton killed his victims by strangling and mutilation. Details are largely unknown about victims he wasn’t convicted on, but there were also possibly gunshot victims.

Outcome: His conviction on 6 counts of second degree murder happened on December 9, 2007. He’s serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole for 25 years.

Additional Information: Robert Pickton’s story was loosely used in an episode of TV’s CSI and also served as the basis for an episode of Criminal Minds.

22. Saeed Hanaei


I don’t know which is worse… killing people because you are morally depraved, or killing people because you think you’re cleansing that depravity or corruption. Apparently Iranian serial killer Saeed Hanaei — the “Spider Killer” — had no problem with the latter.

Victims: Hanaei killed 16prostitutes, with an emphasis on prostitutes who were drug addicts.


Kill Zone: Mashad, Iran

Methods: Hanaei strangled his victims.

Motives: He killed his victims because he believed he was eliminating their moral corruption.

Outcome: Saeed Hanaei was hanged on April 8, 2002.

Additional Information: Hanaei was called the “spider killer” because he lured women to his home before having sex with and murdering them, similar to the way a spider lures prey into its web. Hanaei was a high profile and controversial figure in Iran. Some fundamentalists even praised his actions (although I can’t quite see how sleeping with prostitutes before killing them is any kind of moral high ground — but hey, that’s just me). Hanaei’s murders were the inspiration behind Alice Cooper’s 2008 “Along Came a Spider.”

23. Ted Bundy

ted bundy
Credit: Wikimedia

Okay. So Ted Bundy is another pretty well-known serial killer. But cutting off and keeping the heads of victims definitely puts him in my list of seriously disturbing serial killers.

Victims: Bundy confessed to over 30 murders of white middle-class females between the ages of 15 and 25.


Kill Zone: Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Florida, United States

Methods: Bundy’s victims were beaten then strangled. He was also guilty of rape and necrophilia.

Outcome: Bundy faced execution by the electric chair in Florida on January 24, 1989.

Additional Information: Bundy tended to kill women that resembled his fiancé and had similar hair styles. But because they were physically different in other ways, Bundy denied a resentment towards here was part of his motive.

24. Tsutomu Miyazaki


Well, when someone’s known by names like the “Little Girl Murderer” and “Dracula,” it just can’t be good. I’m guessing the “Dracula” title would be a hint that Tsutomu Miyazaki drank blood from his victims. But here’s the even more disturbing part. (And yes… it gets more disturbing than drinking the blood of little girls.) He was also known to have eaten hands of a victim. Oh, and just for good measure, he went out of his way to torment his victims’ families. I literally can’t read about this man without feeling physically ill.

Victims: Miyazaki killed 4 little girls between 4 and 7 years old.


Kill Zone: Tokyo, Japan

Methods: Bodies were mutilated and corpses were molested.

Outcome: Miyazaki was sentenced to death April 14, 1997 and hanged June 17, 2008.

Additional Information: Miyazaki was born with deformed hands fused directly to his wrists, and contacted family members of victims with cryptic, taunting messages (and even the cremated remains of one victim). At one point, anime and horror films were cited as the reason for his crimes.

25. Zodiac Killer

What can I say? I find unknown serial killers to be rather disturbing. Are they still out there? I don’t know. But that’s why the well-known Zodiac Killer makes my list. The thought that these monsters could evade arrest gives me the willies.

Victims: The Zodiac Killer has 7 confirmed victims (5 dead and 2 survivors). However some believe the killer has as many as 37 victims.


Kill Zone: California, United States

Methods: Victims were killed via stabbings and shootings. Various cases were linked because of the Zodiac letters sent to newspapers. The letters included strange symbols and ciphers, some of which are still unsolved. They also included lines such as “Me=37, SFPD=0,” announcing 37 victims for the killer and no points for the police. The letters date from August 1969 to 1974 (last confirmed).

Motives: One deciphered code claimed the thrill of killing was a motive, as well as talking about the victims serving as his slaves in the afterlife.

Additional Information: Dirty Harry is loosely based on these crimes, among other films like 2007’s Zodiac.

Given that this is a blog post and not a book, it would be absolutely impossible to share details about all of the world’s serial killers. These are some of the ones who jumped out at me and disgusted, intrigued, or disturbed me in some way — at least a bit moreso than the others. What about you? Is there a local or historical serial killer you’re aware of that has a disturbing story, methods, or motives? Feel free to share that information with the rest of us by leaving a comment.


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  1. I find the bit where you give us your (highly original) opinion that “serial killers are bad” to be annoying. Stick to the facts, it makes for a less self-righteous read. Otherwise, fantastic post.

    • He is a writer which means he can write in whatever style that so pleases him. No one is forcing you or Craig to read the article.

  2. anon & Craig — Sorry to disappoint. Well, not really. You’re welcome to your opinions, and I’m welcome to mine, even if you happen to consider them “self-righteous.” I could say the same about people who troll blogs just to criticize posts just because they don’t agree as if they’re doing readers some great service. But I won’t. The beauty of the blogosphere is that it’s filled with opinions… this isn’t journalism with purely objective “stick to the facts” styling; it’s a blog. And I genuinely and wholeheartedly encourage you to write your own post on the topic if you disagree, and then come back and link us to it here in the comments. Different perspectives in that sense are a good thing for everyone, and I’m sure other readers would appreciate it as well.

  3. Nice, or should I say disturbing list 🙂 Surprised you didn’t include H. H. Holmes though, more disturbing than a couple in the list.

  4. Thank you for linking to me. I have gotten a lot of traffic from this link.
    I hope that the people who go to my feature on Carlton Gary read the report. There are serious doubts regarding his guilt. If he were to be executed while innocent, the real killer(s) would be set free.

  5. Give the author a fuc*ing break. It’s a blog. Not every post has to be all about facts, and s/he wanted to explain her/his choices, because s/he was the one who made that list. Fuc*ing Internetors.
    Interesting read, pal, enjoyed it dearly 😀

  6. The scariest time of my life growing up in the area where most of the missing and murdered children of Atlanta where. Not being able to walk to friends homes alone and never knowing when these where going to stop. Living in those times and that era where very weird although some do not agree, Wayne Williams was convicted of these killings.. he is not on your list.

  7. @Matt – “Disturbing” is subjective, and this list was about both a combination of diversity and the ones that disturbed me. Given that there are hundreds to thousands of serial killers (and that’s probably an understatement) it’s not possible for me to know them all. I researched many before choosing, but there will certainly be many known to others that I didn’t come across or who didn’t phase me as much. But thanks for mentioning Holmes… if others want to learn more about serial killers, now they have another one they can look into. 🙂

    @chamblee54 – You’re welcome.

    @MM – Thank you. That’s precisely the reason I gave opinions and not just facts. That was done previously by another writer on a site connected to this one, and readers there were never happy either. Go figure.

    @Martin – Agreed.

    @k8 – That was a big part of why this list was created, so thanks for noticing. 🙂

    @charlie – I honestly don’t know the details — that’s for the legal system to figure out in the end. But it certainly made his case an interesting one.

    @nikiaa – This list was limited to 25, so there are many who aren’t in this list. It sounds like you did indeed go through a scary time, and I’m sorry you (or anyone) has to live through experiences like that.

  8. Although I now live in the No GA Mountains, I was an Atlanta Firefighter during the Missing & Murdered Children. Racial tensions were peaked due to suspicions of racial motives. Ironically the present Mayor of Atlanta was best friends with one of the tragic victims.

    RE: Outcome: Gary Carlton was convicted of murder on August 26, 1986 and then sentenced to death. He is still on death row. He was supposed to be executed on December 16, 2009 but the Georgia Supreme Court stopped his execution the day it was supposed to happen to allow for a hearing on the DNA evidence.
    DNA Databases and Laws are in effect in aprox half of the States. IMO, DNA is the most lethal weapon of LE for identifying predators and SKS before they hone their skills and their victim count escalates.
    Gary Leon Ridgway — “The Green River Killer” — makes my list of one of the most disturbing serial killers for the sheer volume of victims he had. It’s a reminder that sometimes awful people really can evade the law for quite some time. And that is something I find terrifying.
    Although Ridgway’s IQ was low, he honed his skills over the decades that he was active. Although he was a suspect early in the investigation, he passed two polygraphs and evaded police until DNA caught up to him in November 2001. One of the tricks that he learned was to offer the prostitutes $200.00, which was much more than their normal rates. Although they knew that a Serial Killer was preying on prostitutes, this caused them to lower their guard. Ridgway had no intention in paying…
    JM, A Prolific Serial Killer omitted from the partial list and one that I have been backtracking and researching since 01/06/08 is Gary Michael Hilton: Murderer of Meredith Hope Emerson: Blood Mountain, GA Hiker. GMH is/was an emulator. Thought by Law Enforcement to be a petty thief and drifter, he was a copycat of SKs prior, had no victim profile, and had been doing his evil deeds since he was 14 years old.
    GMH actually assisted his Attorney Samuel Rael in Producing a Serial Killer Movie: ‘Deadly Run’ -Hunting Humans, 14 years before his capture… Sound Familiar?

  9. JM, last season’s top 10 TV Shows included 7 which had a serial killer theme. Human Nature requires rubber necking when one sees an auto collision. Guess human nature may be one of the reasons for the fascination with or interest in serial killers. Although many people can name many Serial Killers. With the exception of Family members and Friends, the innocent victims are usually soon forgotten.

    Gary Hilton held Meredith Hope Emerson, within 200 yards of my home…
    In Response to Re: Cheryl Dunlap’s Forum:(Tallahassee Democrat)

    Awe…I can’t talk about it anymore…it just makes me too sad. I’ll never understand why he still went ahead with it knowing so many people witnessed them and the dogs together that day and had to know he’d be a main POI. Meredith sure did everything possible though. God love her.
    Posted by BandMom1

    Because she challenged him on the morning of 01/04/08, sacrificing her life for others..
    Hope we all could be so courageous..
    Meredith knew that GMH, never intended to let her go free..
    She fought him with mind, body, and spirit..
    She was Victorious…

    ‘Right To Hike’

    ‘In Memory of Meredith Hope Emerson’

    “An Evening of Hope”


    “If not for her perception, courageous fight, and unselfish sacrifice, Gary Michael Hilton would still be preying on our Families, Friends, and Loved Ones”..

    Wolfscratch: http://www.youtube.com/watch

  10. Sometimes Life imitates Art.
    I have been backtracking & researching a Serial Killer named Gary Michael Hilton, since 01/06/08 when he held a victim within 200 yards of my home in an abandoned house.(Blood Mountain Hiker).
    The information that I have gathered has come from conventional and nonconventional investigative methods.
    Age 62 years when he was arrested, he was thought to be a petty drifter and thief.
    After backtracking him only a few days, it was obvious to me that he was very intelligent, cagey, calculating, evil, demonic, cannibal, ritual; Serial Killer, with no victim profile and had been preying on his many innocent victims for decades. My analogy of him was that of a mountain lion.
    He would hunt his prey, capture them, return them to his primary den, toy and torture them, then devour them, mind, body, and spirit..

    GMH’s victims range in age between 11 year old to Levi Frady(GA) & 84 year old Irene Bryant and her husband John. GMH had no victim profile, only a preference; female mid 20s.

    GMH’s IQ when he entered the military was 150+.. He could have been Ted Bundy’s Professor…
    A LE officer close to the case, working another cold case of a missing GA school teacher was asked by me, why did GMH have no victim profile?” The Agents response: ‘ Food’…different cuts of meat….

    In 1994, Hilton, helped to creatively write a movie that went straight to video(Available at Netflix): “Deadly Run”. He helped write, handpicked the cast & crew, shoot locations, and tutored the lead actor in the ‘Art’ of Serial Kiling. The movie’s plot; luring young girls to a cabin in the North GA Mtns, holding them captive, releasing them into the forest, then hunting them as prey…
    The movie’s producer; Samuel Rael/Hilton’s Defense Attorney in an Arson case with inhabitants said, “I knew that he was Sociopath, but didn’t know that he was violent.” In one of GMH’s interviews by the GBI, he states, “I am a hunter, a professional.”
    A Serial Killer with a script… GMH was a master at emulation, he was a copycat of many with an added twist of his own creativity.
    In the attic of the abandoned farmhouse, he had a frigid weather room which was complete with a wood burning stove, which he used newspaper and cardboard as fuel. I found an article in the attic from an Oct 1989 Gainesville, GA Times Newspaper: ‘Night Stalker says Lucifer will avenge me’…
    When the jury handed down the death sentence to Richard Ramirez: Night Stalker, he said, “I don’t expect you to understand me, I am beyond Good and Evil, Lucifer will Avenge me.”

    In many of his interviews, GMH states that he reads constantly. I talked to a Thrift Store Volunteer, that eye witnessed him at the Jasper, GA Thrift Store, checked out their book supply, and here I am 2 & 1/2 years and over 150 novels later….


  11. Wolfscratch — I have to agree with you about DNA being such an important tool in catching killers before they have a chance to escalate to serial killer status. It makes me wonder how we ever got by without things like that and the kind of inter-agency cooperation we have today to help identify these people (although there could certainly always be better cooperation).

    As for the fascination with with serial killers on TV, I honestly hadn’t thought about it much. I happen to be a fan of the crime genre on the rare occasion I watch tv shows anymore, even if I don’t particularly have a fascination with serial killers myself. But they do always seem to pop up, even if the show doesn’t entirely revolve around that concept. I suppose you’re right about the rubber-necking analogy. I think it might also partly be a case of writers wanting a continuing storyline in the genre, which serial killers lend themselves to better than one-time killers. But regardless of the reasoning, thanks for pointing it out. It’s something interesting I might not have otherwise noticed. 🙂

  12. browsed the internet after reading “The fate of katherine Carr” by Thomas h cook.Came across this site,blog,and found it interesting.So keep up the good work JM and from now on I willcontinue to read your blog.

  13. Found you through StumbleUpon (thumbs up, btw) – this is a great post – lots of serial’s that I wasn’t aware of (and now I have to find their biographies..lol).


  14. J.M., many of the TV, shows and movies are inspired by the FBI BAU2, which was pioneered by John Douglas, Roger L Depue, and other ‘special’ Agents.. When the BAU was first established, it was named the BSU(name changed for obvious reasons), was dimly lighted with no windows, and was located 60′ underground at Quantico, VA, and was referred too by the other agents as the ‘Witches Unit’..
    One of the top TV shows of 2009/2010 was ‘Criminal Minds’:


    I picked up a nonfiction book; “JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS” BY JOHN DOUGLAS(1997); Author and FBI Criminal Behavioral Profiler.
    He penetrates the minds and motives of the most terrifying Serial Killers. Of course Gary Michael Hilton, wasn’t on their radar when this statement was made. He is one of the pioneers of the FBI’s Elite BAU and many of the techniques, strategies, and procedures used in tracking and identifying unidentified subjects today, can be attributed to his research and experiences on his journey into the abyss or darkness…

    Prologue:’In the Mind of a Killer’….

    John Dougas,

    ‘This isn’t the Hollywood version. It isn’t sanitized or prettied up or rendered into art. This is the way it really happens. If anything, it’s worse than the way I describe it’…


    Special Agent Douglas, goes on to say that he also puts his head into the head of the ‘innocent victims’ also, to be able to see the whole picture….

    This experience would have to be very traumatic for anyone and could cause a very strong minded person to cry a river of tears. Especially when the victim total will possibly exceed 150 + victims over decades, as in the Gary Michael & Associates; Trail of Terror….

    As does Priests that perform multiple exorcisms, FBI BAU Special Agent Douglas, suffered severe traumatic stress and therefore paid a hefty price with his health, even though he possessed a very high tolerance level, due to the enormous ‘EVIL’ he encountered…

    Wolfscratch: VICAP: the computer system that tracks Serial Killers was implemented in 1985 under the Leadership of LA PDs Pierce Brooks…

  15. http://fightforjustice.blogspot.com/2005/12/roger- l-depue.html
    Roger Depue “Between Good and Evil” He is a retired FBI Profiler:
    Snipit from R. Depue:
    When I was a young man, a friend taught me the ancient art of dowsing, and after a time, I became something of a practitioner myself, finding water underground as a kind of parlor trick for friends. It might seem odd that a man so rooted in grim reality would take an interest in something so ethereal. In fact, I’m fascinated by the unseen forces at play in the lives of human beings.

    My job has been to try to stop human predators before they kill again, and after studying them so closely over so many years, to me their traits seem clearly recognizable.
    Evil is more than a vague notion. It is an entity, and it is manifest on the earth. It has reflexes and intuition, senses vulnerability, and changes its form to adapt to its surroundings. Those who do not believe the Devil walks this earth have not seen the things that I have seen.

    Evil is not a discrete entity that springs forth fully formed. It is born in the mind, takes root there as fantasy, and prospers when normal human restraint can no longer contain it. I have seen it devour the personalities of men like Richard Speck, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ted Bundy, turning them into blank-faced sociopaths who clearly know right from wrong, but choose, time and again, to follow their own base urges, with complete disregard for the terrible human suffering they cause.
    I believe that every act of homicide causes a slight unbalancing in the world, and that it diminishes life’s universal equation. In the interest of justice, it is imperative that someone try to right that imbalance. But the task of fighting evil can take a terrible toll on the people who are charged with it. It can cost them their families, their equilibrium, their capacity for joy.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Depue: ‘a great read’…


  16. Snipit from R. Depue:
    When I was a young man, a friend taught me the ancient art of dowsing, and after a time, I became something of a practitioner myself, finding water underground as a kind of parlor trick for friends. It might seem odd that a man so rooted in grim reality would take an interest in something so ethereal. In fact, I’m fascinated by the unseen forces at play in the lives of human beings.

    By Jeff Warren
    Pickens County (GA) Progress News
    -‘Grave Dowsing’-
    Trying is believing. I stepped slowly across a burying ground, carrying two brass dowsing rods ahead of me. Held level and a little higher than my waist, the 21-inch rods pointed straight ahead. An additional five and a half inches of brass turned down at 90 degrees through my fingers.
    With my fingers curled, the long brass of the rods lay across my index fingers between the hand and first knuckle. At the 90-degree bend, the short handles pointed straight down, curled inside my fingers, excluding the two smallest digits. The brass rode against the outside of my pinkie fingers. Thumbs stayed folded out of the way.
    As I moved on to a grave, the rods turned inward toward each other and aligned parallel to the plot. The sensation was only as eerie as watching the play of a compass needle. I was doing this under the tutelage of an expert, Jasper dowser Joe Chastain.

    A longtime resident of Pickens County, Chastain is retired from Lockheed. He started dowsing when he was nineteen years old.

    “I didn’t have a teacher,” Chastain said. “The first time I ever used the rods, an old farmer had some. I was in a little disbelief.”


  17. Dowsing is an Ancient Art. Wishbone shaped green tree branches were originally used for dowsing.. Branches from the Wicca tree were first used, hence dowsing is sometimes referred to as Witching. The only branch that is ineffective is that of the Dogwood Tree.
    Dowsing has many uses. Locating water is one, locating graves is another, but anything buried can be located with dowsing rods; gold, artifacts, lost items, etc.. 80% of all people have the ability to dowse. If the ability is lost, it can be regained by placing your hand on the Bible.
    A self taught Master Dowser: Joe Chastain taught me the fundamentals of grave dowsing a few years ago. The James Daniel Cemetary, from above comment, was located on my property in Tate, GA.
    Dowsing was very instrumental in the journey backtracking GMH and locating his ritual grounds, icebox, garbage pile containing items of clothing, etc. of his many victims. The rods can also serve as a conduit for channelled information from GMH as well as his many victims.
    The dowsing rods will not follow your movements or mine, but will indicate Gary Michael Hilton’s movements as well as anything that he hides or buries. The only logical explanation that I can give for this phenomenon is that he emits a lingering evil demonic aura or energy…
    I rode up to Blood Mountain(Blairsville, GA) and dowsed the area where GMH, abducted Meredith Hope Emerson, beginning at the point of attack. The rods took me through the dense Forest, indicated where MHE was tied to two different trees, eventually directing me to a large oak tree, next to the trail head parking lot, where GMH, tied her up the last time, while preparing to load her in his van. There was a utility flag at the base of the large oak tree: UCSO(Union County Sheriffs Office).


  18. JM, another Serial Killer that prolly deserves a dishonorable mention is Richard Ramirez: San Diego, CA, ‘Night Stalker’…

    A Serial Killer with a script… Gary Michael Hilton was a master at emulation, he was a copycat of many other prolific Serial Killers, with an added twist of his own evil creativity.
    In the attic of the abandoned Densmore farmhouse, he had a frigid weather room which was complete with a wood burning stove, which he used newspaper and cardboard as fuel. I found an article in the attic from an Oct 1989 Gainesville, GA Times Newspaper: ‘Night Stalker says Lucifer will avenge me’…
    When the jury handed down the death sentence to Richard Ramirez: Night Stalker, he said, “I don’t expect you to understand me, I am beyond Good and Evil, Lucifer will Avenge me.”

    ‘The tragic Reign of Terror of Ramirez; 5 Part Series-Biography on A&E’
    in full graphic details.

    Are Serial Killers formed or predestined at birth, or are they formed as products of their environments?



  19. Meredith Hope Emerson, was a kindred spirit and a fighter. ‘She still is’…


    In the past four years, Jennifer Pharr Davis has logged more miles on trails than most people will in a lifetime. Since her first thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2005, she has hiked over 6,000 miles on six continents, including a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail and a summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Being on trails is where she feels most happy and comfortable—although a tragedy earlier this year nearly changed that.

    On New Year’s Day, 24-year-old Meredith Emerson was hiking on Georgia’s Blood Mountain when she was abducted by Gary Michael Hilton. Emerson struggled and courageously fought Hilton for three days before he brutally murdered her. Hilton has since confessed to the crime and is serving a 30-year prison sentence. He is also the only suspect in the murders of John and Irene Bryant, whose bodies were found in the Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests of North Carolina.

    The two women didn’t know each other, but when Davis learned about Emerson’s death, it felt like a personal attack. It angered her that suddenly the Appalachian woods—statistically safer than any city street—would be feared. So she decided to take back the wild the way she knows best—with a hike.

    This summer Davis set a supported speed record on the Appalachian Trail, completing the 2,175-mile trail in 57 days, 8 hours and 35 minutes. She also became the fifth fastest person to ever finish the trail. Hiking an average of 38 miles a day for nearly two full months, Davis dedicated the endeavor to Emerson’s memory. The adventure was fully supported by her husband, Brew Davis, who met her every night along the trail with food, supplies, and shelter. The couple began their A.T. adventure only a week after getting married. It certainly was not a traditional honeymoon, but it turned out to be a multi-dimensional journey of endurance, trust, and redemption.

    You dedicated the hike to someone you never met. Why?
    JPD: When the Gary Michael Hilton murders came into the news, they deeply affected me. Meredith Emerson was the capstone. I wanted to do something for her, so this hike became a memorial. I wasn’t set on doing it publicly at first, but I got in touch with her father and asked him what he wanted. He wanted me to make it as public as possible.

    Were you trying to recapture a feeling of peace in the wild after what had happened to Meredith?
    The woods are a place where I feel safe and at home, but after Hilton’s murders, I felt like the woods had been tainted. I hated that one person could have such a negative effect on a place that’s so pure. I wanted to prove that it was safe, and that there were more people out there that will help you than hurt you. Evil feels out of place in the woods. This summer reminded me of that, and I wanted to pass the message on to others.

    How did the end result differ from what you initially expected?
    At the beginning of the hike, I was trying to honor Meredith. About halfway through the hike, someone sent me an article about the murder trial proceedings. During the trial it came out that she had fought Gary Michael Hilton for three days to preserve her life and lead him to justice. She was giving him the wrong pin number for her ATM card and physically fighting back when she had the opportunity. The authorities said her instincts and courage ended up leading them to Hilton. It made me realize that she was the reason he was caught, and if it wasn’t for her, he could still be out there victimizing people on the trail—me, my husband, or a friend. So by the end of the hike, it ended up being more of a thank you to Meredith. I wanted to highlight her as a hero.

    Did you do anything specifically to pay tribute to her on the hike?
    On my last morning, I hiked up Blood Mountain where Meredith was abducted. My husband, two dear friends, and I sat up at the top and thanked Meredith. We also expressed our hopes and visions for the trail to be a safe place that people could enjoy in the future. That was the most gratifying feeling of the hike. It finally gave me closure.

    CP Wolfscratch

  20. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:XLCSxI-xyoMJ:www.sagepub.com/criminologystudy/12/chapter12_outline.doc+dominant+%26+subserviant+personalities+serial+killeral+teams+fbi&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

    Seven Obstacles to Serial Murder Investigations – Associated …
    Linkage blindness is a key reason serial murders go undetected. A serial murderer and a mass murderer are two different categories of killer. …

    Why was Gary Michael Hilton: Stealth Predator, Oblivious to Law Enforcement for almost 5 decades?

    Linkage Blindness – Murders occurring in many different jurisdictions may not be linked due to agencies’ lack of cooperation with each other or lack of information accessibility. Thus a serial killer may go undetected for long periods of time due to linkage blindness between several cases. Victimology – Many victims of serial killers are prostitutes, runaways, hitchhikers and the homeless. Yet, these are the murder cases that get the least attention because they are considered the “less-dead,” disposable members of society. Because the agency does not look in-depth into these cases, they loose valuable victimological information on the type of victim the serial killer looks for and the area in which he or she may be killing.

    Analyzing Previous Investigations – The failure to review previous investigators’ procedures in serial killer investigations is also a common problem. Prior serial killer cases, which have been solved, can give an investigative team vital information and direction on how to proceed with a current investigation. This information however, is rarely used.

    This piece is not designed to be critical of law enforcement, only to point out the potential pitfalls inherent in a serial murder investigation. When one knows where the pitfalls lie, they can be avoided or a course over, around or through them can be charted.


    All Serial Killers Dot Com, retrieved from the Internet February 20, 2005, from

    Apsche, J. 1993, Probing The Mind Of A Serial Killer

    Bell, Rachael (2005), Setting the Stage, retrieved from the Internet May 11, 2005 from

    CIA United States Statistics, retrieved from the Internet, February 22, 2005, from

    Egger, Steven A., (2002), The Killers Among Us, 2nd Edition

    Fox, J.A., & Levin, J. 1994, OverKill – Mass Murder and Serial Killing Exposed

    Frank, Christina. 2000, Stalkers, Serial Killers, and other sociopaths: Dr. Park Dietz Explores the Dark Side Of The Mind

    ‘The artwork must be viewed to fully understand the Artist’


  21. Serial Killers normally select complete strangers in their abductions. When normal investigative procedures are followed in abductions and murders, many innocent POIs and Suspects such as the spouse or lover will be scrutinized, some may even be charged, and some indicted if the focus is placed on them..
    An example of one portion of the investigative technique used by LE:
    Searching and Examining a Major Case Crime Scene (http://www.crime-scene-investigator.net/searchingandexamining.html)

    Personal Information

    Is the victim married or in a relationship? Determine as much about the state of the marriage or relationship as possible, for example, abuse, infidelity on either partners part, drug or alcohol abuse, monetary problems. Is there a suicide note, if so does it appear genuine or staged? Process for prints, get handwriting samples from the other occupants of the location. Has the victim threatened suicide recently, has he/she been despondent, what has happened recently to prompt or preclude such actions? Check the victims computer…

    In many cases, if there was infidelity, abuse, etc., the victim list grows due to the suspicion by family members, the community, and many cases Law Enforcement and the Judicial System. One example of this was the Green River Serial Killer Investigation which lasted over two decades, and where thousands of POIs and Suspects were identified and raked over the coals.

  22. Pat Brown; Criminal Behavioral Profiler, responded to a comment made by me on the ‘Women in Crime’, Forum. Although it was a correction on a statement that I made concerning the profile of Robert Hansen, the Alaskan Serial Killer that the Deadly Run movie, that Gary Hilton and Attorney: Samuel Rael concocted, mirrored,. It indicated that she is following the comments on many forums including the Tallahassee Democrat Newspaper Forum. If that’s the only correction that she has made in two years, guess I can’t complain.

    RE: Green River Prosecution Strategy:After reading Ann Rules’ book; ‘GREEN RIVER, RUNNING RED’,
    my suspicions of the reason for the silence in the Gary Michael Hilton; Prolific Serial Killer Investigation has peaked.. I am confident that GMH, had Associates as well as sidekicks in the decades long ‘Trail of Terror.’ There is an untold number of unknown victims in multiple States up and down the East coast of the United States, that need identifying and locating, to afford some semblance of closure
    for the victims Families, Friends, and Loved ones…

    Proclaimed: ‘The Real Story’ of America’s Deadliest Serial Murder’, the book highlights the lives of Gary Ridgeway’s victims, for which I salute yhe author: Ann Rule. They were mothers, sisters, aunts, grandaughters, neices, and daughters… Ann Rule, proclaimed the Master of True Crime Reporting, sifted through almost 100, 000 pages of official transcripts, pics, LE records/reports, and maps, identifying critical info.

    For over two decades Ridgeway eluded Law Enforcement while the body count continued to rise and the suspect list of those scrutinized by the Green River Task Force grew to over 40, 000. Although Ridgeway’s first victim Wendy Lee Coffield was discovered in the Green River in July 1982, it wasn’t until November 30, 2001, almost two decades later, that Gary Ridgeway was identified by DNA as the Green River Serial Killer and Arrested.

    GR, was housed in an ultra security cell. GR was arested for soliciting prostitutes two months prior to the discovery of the first victim and was suspected in 1987 as being the Green River Serial Killer. He was cleared after passing two polygraphs and convincing LE of his innocence. GR, would let some of his victims live as well as befriending some for alibis and witnesses to confirm his innocence. Obviously a psychopath, passing the polygraph was childsplay for him. GR also claimed that there was a Good Gary and an Evil Gary, although LE discounted the claim. On December 5, 2001, although responsible for many tragic murders, Gary Ridgeway was formally charged with the murder of only four victims: Marcia Chapman, Opal Mills, Cynthia Hinds, and Carol Ann Christensen. Ironically in August 1982, in the clenched hand of victim Opal Mills, was a brown Cau. hair yanked from her killer’s head. It had been bagged, tagged, and misplaced.

    A tag number reported to LE, nineteen years before GR’s arrest by a friend of Kim Nelson; another victim, had also been lost… The Federal Govt contributed $500,000.00 in Dec 2001, to help pay for DNA tests for 45 more probable victims, where there were no charges yet filed. Several Meetings between Task Force Members and the Proscecutors were held to devise a strategy.

    A unique or ‘out of the box’ strategy was agreed upon that was to be held in the upmost secrecy under the radar of the media and the public, even the victims families. Their first goal was to locate the previously owned vehicles of Ridgeway’s to check for DNA or other residue. The Green River Task Force was housed in a segregated building and no one outside the Task Force knew the strategy or the avenue of the continuing investigation of the victims where charges hadn’t been filed.

    On March 27, 2002 Gr was charged with three more victims; Wendy Coffield, Debra Estes, and Debra Bonner. The discovery in the Green River Case produced overt 420, 000 pages of discovery evidence, and that was only the beginning. By June 2003, after threats by GR’s defense team of a change of venue, it apeared that GR would be tried in King County, Washington, where the murders occured. GR’s Defense Team consisted of 8 Lawers, 8 investigators, 2 clerks, and 6 paralegals. (Dream Team, huh..) The original jury summons consisted of over 10,000 registered voters, which was whittled down to 500 prospective jurors. The first tentative date of a trial was July 2004,

    ****************************************************************************************** Gary Michael Hilton’s reply concerning a Death Penalty Trial and how the other prisoners & guards treated him, GMH said:

    “No one messes with me here. They treat me real good.” “I’ve got my own T.V. ‘I READ’. I’ve got my meals cooked, served…the dishes are washed. My laundry is done….Hey, I love it!” “I’m gonna f—— raise hell, total hell. I’m not gonna be happy unless it takes three to four years to go to trial. Unless we have a ’1,000 person Jury Pool’, and unless we have at least ‘Two Changes of Venue’.

    And that’s just to begin with (laughs).”


    A very tight lid was kept on what was happening behind the scenes. Gary Ridgeway’s attorneys had contacted the Proscecutor to ask if GR might avoid the death Penalty, if he would plead guilty to the original charges and show the location of the undiscovered victims. Although there were more than 50 possible victims of Gary Ridgeway, the state could only proscecute on the seven victims, the rest going unavenged. Considering the lengthy Appeals process, the now 54 year old Ridgeway. might very well die of natural causes before excecution could be carried out….

    On June 13, 2003, the proscecutors and the defense team entered into an agreement: the State would not seek the Death Penalty, but GR, would have to plead guilty to aggravated murder in the 1st degree for all the homicides that he had committed in Kings Co., Washington. The plea agreement was not revealed to the public or the innocent victims’ families. It was June 2003 when the rumors began: Where was Gary Ridgeway?

    It was certain that he was not in the King County Jail, but any info on his whereabouts had been ‘Sealed by a Judge’….

    Green River Task Force Members and Search & Rescue teams were spotted in areas where victim’s remains were previously located. Questions were asked, were proscecutors seeking evidence overlooked or or had they struck up some kind of plea deal with the defense team; ‘Ridgeway’s Life, in exchange for the identity and location of the unknown victims from Kings County, Washington? The plea deal did not include other geographical area that Ridgeway preyed.. The task force personnel wore civilian clothes to remain stealth to the media and behind the heavely tinted glass of the unmarked cars was a Prolific Serial Killer, wearing leg irons and handcuffs. Rumors of where Ridgeway was being out of control. It was reported that he was being kept secured under armed guard in a posh apartment. The public was outraged that he was being held in luxury after the body count that he had amassed.

    The Task Forces PIA , under this pressure anounced that a cell had been constructed in the Task Force Headquarters and GR was living among the investigators. It was the last place anyone thought to look… There had been no precedent for this strategy.. In order to get in to the head of Ridgeway, although it meant spending so much time with an evil cold blooded killer, tantamount to residing with a noncharismatic Hannibal Lecter, it was necessary to bridge the wall, erected by his team of Attorneys and seek the truth of his Terror Trail. GR had a captive audience and relished the attention paid to him as did Ted Bundy, was delighted of the attention given him by Florida detectives after his 1978 arrest. Ridgeway would now have the opportunity to gloat over the details of his ghastly deeds.. He made himself available as a subject that was quite willing to participate in marathon interogations. He found pleasure in demonstrating his expertise in the art of of torturous murder, to his ideal audience; the same detectives that he had taunted, remaining oblivious too, for decades. He loved being the focus of their attention. For the interrogators, it was exausting, disgusting, shocking, traumatic ,frustrating, and very horrific work. The experience would have been and unsettling and traumatic experience for anyone, hundreds of hours of grotesque recollections from a man that apeared totally harmless as he calmly described, raping, torturing, mutilitating, and killing dozens of Women in a halting and disspassionate voice. GR stated, “all I wanted to do was have sex with them and kill them.”

    When Ridgeway accompanied them on ‘Field Trips’ to the undiscovered Body Dumps, he brightened, smiling in anticipation, as they got closer to his killing fields and trophy areas… The Task Force Team was elated and relieved when Psychiatrists and other FBI BAU Agents flew in to interview Ridgeway. It gave them a much needed break from their journey into the abyss, the darkness.. Although Ridgeway had maps and a sharp recall of the areas where the bodies were dumped, he could not remember his victims faces or names.

    When referring to his innocent victims remains, he would say, “I dumped ‘it’ in that location”, meaning that they were objects subject to disposal… GR, had let some of his intended victims, go free. He would say. “your to cute for a guy like me”. He later admitted that he let them go for future witnesses, in case he should ever need them to verify that he was a good guy and couldn’t possibly be the Green River Serial Killer. After being asked to elaborate on his abnormal sexual desires during childhood, he admitted to frotterism, exposing himself, stalking, voyerism, rape, murder for sexual release, and finally Necrophillia. Ridgeway had, indeed, had an inapriate relationship with Mary Ridgeway, his late Mother. After wetting his bed at the age of 13 or 14, she had humilated him as well as sexually stimulated him. Ridgeway to being sexually aroused when his mother apeared half naked in front of him and spent 15 minutes or more soaping, washing, and drying his penis and testicles, causing an erection.

    Oedipus syndrome http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oedipus_complex (According to my info, GMH’s childhood friend was asked if GMH, had mentioned having sex with his mother) Ridgeway admitted to returrning to the bodies of about ten of the women having post mortem sex, until the flies came.. On one occasion his son waited in the truck only 30 feet away. When asked by the detective if his son remembered and threatened to tell, if he would have killed him? Gary Ridgeway, responded, “No….I might have”…. When asked how he felt when his first victim’s remains were found. Ridgeway said that he felt that they were taking something that belonged to him…

    He began taking skeletons or partial skeletons to an adjacent State at that time to confuse task force detectives and prevent them from confiscating any more of his possessions. By the time Ridgeway was scheduled to go to trial, 71 innocent victims’ remains had been located in Kings County, WA, alone, by Task Force members with the assistance of Gary Ridgeway, K9s, Sonar-XRay Devices provided by the FBI, and ‘Grave Dowsing, yes, that’s correct; ‘Grave Dowsing’: an Ancient Art, utilized by Law Enforcement Agencies across the US, for locating remains and other items of evidence…

    (To be continued) about 10 more pages to outline…


  23. A heartwrenching quote by the Mother of an Innocent Victim of Serial Killer Gary Ridgway:
    “there is a hole in my heart that only a child can fill”..

    Snipet from The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi:

    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    where there is injury, pardon;
    where there is doubt, faith;
    where there is despair, hope;
    where there is darkness, light;
    where there is sadness, joy;

    I Will Not Say Goodbye…

    Wolfscratch: ‘where there is silence, Truth’…

  24. (Green River Prosecution Strategy Continued)
    Ridgeway, feeling invincible, continued his research to perfect his crimes. He not only took great pains to remove all forensic traces of himself from the victims, his house and truck, and went as far as planting evidence; cigarette butts & chewed gum of others, that he found at the airport, to confuse investigators into believing that the unsub was a traveler. False tips were sent to the media: ‘The Post Intelligencer’.
    Ridgeway, insured his Stealth by not sharing his evil deeds with friends. He had no friends or confidants. He was gratified to revisite his crime scenes and was fascinated to find some of the victims skeletons intact years later, in areas where he had expected animals to dismantle them. Yet others that were left exposed in open fields that had vanished without a trace…
    Ridgeway, would sometimes lie to the investigators to keep them on the hook, insuring the delay of the inevitable: ‘ Being returned to Jail or Prison ‘… In addition to the delay, GR had an audience to pontificate on all aspects of his evil deeds…
    GR’s IQ tested in the low/normal range. It was suspected that he may have been idiot savant: although of low intelligence, being Brilliant in one area(Mathmatical aptitude, musical prodigy, etc.) Guess, GR, had excelled in perfecting the skills of a Stealth Predator..
    GR, began his Evil Trail of Terror, as a teenager, when he tricked a 6 year old boy to go into the woods with him to build a fort. Once in the woods, GR stabbed the little boy. The little boy survived the stabbing and was located by investigators. The day of the incident, the little boy asked GR why he killed him? GR, smiling and laughing responded, “I always wanted to know what it felt like to kill somebody, GR, then started walking down the knoll. laughing, putting his head in the air and laughing real loud”…

    GR, revealed to the investigators that he had read many crime magazines, including “True Detective”, and other fact-detective magazines that Ann Rule, had written articles for and even dropping her name on occasion.
    GR said that he researched Zodiac articles, two or three of Ann rule’s, and how not to act in a courtroom; when to speak up and when to keep quiet.
    Ann Rule, states that writting about Gary Ridgeway, was one of the hardest things that she has ever done. She said that she had no desire to be inside his head due to the sheer cruelty and brutality that consumed him and his total inability to empathize with humanity, possesing a black cloud of Evil, that was so hard to erase from her memory…
    The first two years of GR’s Trail of Terror from 1982 to 1984, were considered to be the peak of his killing women, yet most serial killers accelerate, raising many questions for the Investigators.
    Once incarcerated, Gary Ridgeway, said that he thought alot about the Death Penalty. He said that he figured that it would be a decade before it was carried out and that with Lethal Injection, you simply doze off to sleep, your heart stops, and their is very little pain.(think about the pain, torture, and terror GR, inflicted on his innocent victims.)
    GR said that if he told the truth and prayed that he would go to Heaven. He noted that ‘Life in Prison’ would be much worse…yet he selfishly wanted to live…
    In November 2003, Gary Ridgeway, would plead guilty in Court for the 1st degree Aggravated Murder of 48 young women, in the presence of their Families, Friends, and Loved Ones.
    In December the Families would have their say. The Proscecutor and Sheriff held a meeting with the families to prepare them, as well as explain to them why they had taken such a unusual and unique approach to prosecuting Ridgeway.
    Although the decision for the plea agreement had been reached in June 2003, when the State of Washington had agreed to the Defense’s Proffer. ‘ABSOLUTE SECRECY’ had been maintained. The Majority of the Victims Families accepted the Prosecutor’s Decision. Some wanted to see Gary Ridgeway, Dead, and always would.

    The Prosecutor knew that the many unknown Victims would have never been revealed if the Death Penalty had been sought. He was also aware of the many years of Trials and endless Appeals,

    During the sentencing hearing Ridgeway, was directed by Judge Jones to state in his own words, if and why he had murdered the 48 innocent women. Ridgeway said, “I killed them, but didn’t know their names, I killed so many women that I don’t even remember their names.” He said that he picked prostitutes because he hated them and did not want to pay for sex. He said that he they were easy prey and possibly would not ever be reported missing and that he could kill as many as he desired without being caught.
    Gary Ridgeway had honed his skills as a prolific serial killer, even improving the hiding of the dead girls.
    Ridgeway stated to the Sheriff in his final interview that some of the victims had touched his heart and gave a victim’s name as an example; Debbie Abernathy. When asked why, GR stated, “because her murder happened on his son’s birthday.”
    When asked why he killed them, Ridgeway said, “because I had a craving, because they were prostitutes, because I wanted to control them.”
    Although Gary Ridgeway had revealed 48 victims, in his last interview before heading to prison for Life, he mentioned 71 victims that he had killed…
    In Gary Ridgeways statement to the Court at Sentencing he said,
    “I’m sorry for killing these Ladys. They had their whole life ahead of them. I am sorry that I caused so much pain to so many families.”
    A statement by one of the victim’s mother read, “There is a Hole in My Heart, a Vacancy that only a Child can Fill, the Emptiness is very Deep and it Hurts!”


  25. Steve Segars: Boyfriend of Meredith Hope Emerson Speaks from the Heart:

    Have You Ever Known:

    · Someone who warmed you?

    · Someone who made you lose track of time?

    · Someone who made you grin at the thought of them?

    · Someone who complicated the picture?

    · Someone who made ‘being me’ okay?

    · Someone whose touch made you tingle?

    · Someone whose whisper made you swoon?

    · Someone whose pain hurt more than your own?

    · Someone who helped you find a better you?

    · Someone who kept you awake?

    · Someone who restored your faith?

    · Someone who made a dress very happy to wear her?

    · Someone whose eyes widen, just a little, when she looks at you?

    · Someone who said it?

    · Someone who wrote it?

    · Someone who meant it?

    · Someone who cared more about you than you did?

    · Someone who could make a perfect cup of tea?

    · Someone who kept you on her shoulder?

    · Someone who wouldn’t let you go home?

    · Someone who winked knowingly?

    · Someone who looked fantastic in your clothes?

    · Someone you looked forward to doing nothing with?

    · Someone you studied so closely, you could paint them from memory?

    · Someone who looked at you that way?

    · Someone who made your words fail you?

    · Someone who was your mirror image, only beautiful?

    · Someone who replaced your priority list?

    · Someone who knew how you liked to be kissed?

    · Someone who really didn’t care who was watching?

    · Someone who made the flight home the best part of the trip?

    · Someone who was worthy of your key?

    · Someone who was your perfect spoon?

    · Someone who held you a little too long to be appropriate?

    · Someone who knew and appreciated Ani DiFranco?

    · Someone whose memory is as devastating as it is beautiful?

    · Someone whose absence is crippling?

    · Someone you can’t wake up without?

    · Someone you fall on your knees to beg God for?

    cp by Wolfscratch

  26. The FBI estimates that there are 50 Serial Killers are active at any given time in the US. Seems, that number is conservative, and is on the increase, IMO… I have my own ideas and opinions of the reasons for this tragic escalation.


    Suspected serial killer paged, captured at Atlanta airportShareThisPrint E-mail .By Rhonda Cook and Larry Hartstein

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    A suspected serial killer, wanted in three states, was captured by simply paging him over an intercom at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, according to Atlanta police.

    Michigan, Ohio and Virginia law enforcement officials have been looking for a serial killer only since Aug. 4, when they started to believe one person had been randomly stabbing people since the middle of May.

    Flint police said they received more than 500 tips after they put the crimes together and that led to his arrest.

    Yet, the 33-year-old Israeli citizen was arrested last week in Arlington, Va., during a traffic stop on an outstanding simple assault warrant issued in Leesburg, about 30 miles away. A magistrate released him on on personal recognizance. He also had a court date scheduled for next week on a 2008 misdemeanor assault charge.

    Little is known about Abuelazam


  27. RE: The FBI estimates that there are 50 Serial Killers are active at any given time in the US. Seems, that number is conservative, and is on the increase, IMO…
    Due to items found backtracking Gary Michael Hilton, it was concluded that he was cannibal. This was verified a few months later from a very reliable source. I ask him why GMH had no victim profile. He replied, “food, different cuts of meat.”
    Before her demise Meredith Hope Emerson, was given a book to read by GMH: ‘Cannibals and Kings’ by Marvin Davis.
    I have my own personal ideas and opinions of the reasons for this tragic escalation of Serial Killers such as Gary Hilton, Mass Killers, and Rampage Killers, which is not only occuring in the US, but worldwide.
    GMH, has a Demonic Personality, emits an evil aura, as well as a very pungent acrid odor…

    I am confident that GMH, has Kuru,; a disease which causes the brain to mutate causing a Demonic Personality…

    It is believed by doctors and researchers that the disease spread easily and rapidly in the Fore people due to their endocannibalistic funeral practices, in which relatives consumed the deceased to return the “life force” of the deceased to his hamlet, a Fore societal subunit.[8] The dysmorphism evident in the infection rates—kuru was 8-9 times more prevalent in women and children than in men at its peak—is because while the men of the village took the choice cuts, the women and children would eat the rest of the body including the brain, where the prion particles were particularly concentrated.

    The following action by the Pope, was in response to a request by the World Health Organization:

    Pope’s exorcist squads will wage war on Satan

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-504969/Popes-exorcist-squads-wage-war-Satan.html#ixzz0wS4fEnHw


  28. Interesting ‘make me sick’ list … Beware … There are still a lot of unknown serial killers around … Who knows Bob Arson? He told us how to cook human’s body, sick and very twisted. Just try googling … Personal and private sites that are offering snuff films (torture and mutilation?) … Sick really … They must have got something to do with missing persons … Try googling (again) … The dark side of internet …

  29. If you do a google search of bob arson serial killer, the results are:

    Serial Killer Robert HansenHansen was married in 1961 and divorced within the year, following his first arrest, on charges of arson. … The first indication of a killer at large came in 1980, … On February 18, 1984, Robert Hansen pled guilty on four counts of …
    http://www.francesfarmersrevenge.com/stuff/serialkillers/hansen.htm – Cached – Similar

    Robert Hansen is the Alaskan Serial Killer that the Movie creatively written by Gary Michael Hilton: “Deadly Run” – ‘Hunting Humans’, was based on..
    Go Figure…



  30. RE: Is that a bad joke or what? …

    When I asked a Special Agent that worked the Gary Michael Hilton Investigation; ‘why did he have no victim profile’? His direct response was, ‘different cuts of meat, as you or I, would when we go to the Butcher’s Market”..

    Bilbo, sadly yes, this is obviously the world that we live in today.. Our only protection from becoming an innocent victim ourselves is to rely on our natural instincts.



  31. omg this is so true and unbelievably disturbing especcially the guy who killed little girls after drinking their blood eating their hands, then molesting them afterwards, can’t think of any one worse than that.

    except m.hindley cos i hate her lol

  32. wolfscratch13, on August 29, 2010 at 10:04 am Said:
    Fox Files – had an episode on Ted Bundy Last Night that was very chilling: (transcript of intervies by an FBI BAU2 profiler)


    00:00:00 E for me, it is something that a high degree of arousal in almost a frenzied kind of state.
    00:00:13 >> It was frightening and expected.
    00:00:15 Not one that I would like to take again.
    00:00:18 >> Today, bill heads the fbi elite unit called the national center for the analysis of violent crime.
    00:00:24 It is his job to get into the heads of serial killers like bundy and track them down.
    00:00:30 The job gets harder all the time.
    00:00:32 >> We had young budding serial killers whom we found have had books and pictures of ted bundy and others.
    00:00:39 He is a role model for them and he has become in many circumstances the standard by which other serial murderers are judged.
    00:00:47 >> Before he became a twisted role model his killing field spanned the nation from washington state to florida.
    00:00:53 He admitted murdering 36 women through the years 1973 to 1978.
    00:00:58 But authorities believe the real count was more than 100.
    00:01:02 His preference, young women.
    00:01:04 Pretty, smart, with long brown hair.
    00:01:11 >> He said it was like playing god.
    00:01:14 You decide when somebody lives or dies.
    00:01:16 You are there when they gasp their last breath.
    (continued on link)

    According to Ann Rule, Ted Bundy was married while on death roll and fathered a child…


  33. Gaurav September 5, 2010 at 3:22 am
    I think u forgot Albert Fish…”Real life Hannibal Lector….”

    Gaurav, check out the eerie resemblance of Albert Fish, to Gary Michael Hilton. GMH, is being investigated before birth…


  34. The devil knows when to look attractive. And Ted Bundy was handsome and cultured and charming. Until he was strangling and mutilating his victims, displaying their lopped-off heads in his apartment and sleeping with their corpses until putrefaction made it unbearable. Then he was simply the devil. By 1989, when he was executed in the electric chair in Florida at the age of 43, he had confessed to just about 30 murders but there could have been at least four more. He was an insatiable killer. One theory has him killing as early as the age of 14, but Bundy — who chose to divulge many of his secrets as he tried to bargain for more time before execution — never confessed to that incident. As a law student, Bundy had been arrested on a kidnapping charge in 1975 and was awaiting trial for murder in December 1977 when he escaped. From January to February of 1978, he went on a spree of killing and rape. Among his victims was a 12-year-old girl. Finally brought to trial, he acted as his own defense lawyer in a mesmerizing televised legal proceeding. And despite the horror of his acts, he proposed marriage to and wed a former coworker from behind bars. He also received thousands of letters from female fans. At the end, though, his appeals were exhausted and his attempts to manipulate the system became tiresome. His wife divorced him and took custody of their child. Somewhere out there is a young woman who may not know that her father was the devil.

  35. http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2010/nov/28/although-about-22-of-homicide-victims-are-women/

    ‘Hunting Serial Killers’

    An interesting read:
    (snipet)America’s serial killers prey on women — to an extent only hinted at by Hollywood films and best-selling novels.

    According to never-before-released FBI data, women accounted for 70 percent of the 1,398 known victims of serial killers since 1985. By comparison, women represented only 22 percent of total homicide victims.

    The FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program, or ViCAP, based in Quantico, Va., released the data at the request of Scripps Howard News Service. SHNS is conducting an investigation into the nation’s more than 185,000 unsolved homicides committed since 1980.

    According to the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Report, local police reported about 33,000 homicides of women remain unsolved.

    FBI agent Mark Hilts, head of the bureau’s Behavioral Analysis Unit No. 2 that profiles serial killers, said “a large number” of serial killers act with a sexual motive.

    “Sex can be a motivation, but it’s a motivation in conjunction with something else — with anger, with power, with control,” Hilts said. “Most serial killers do derive satisfaction from the act of killing, and that’s what differentiates them” from those who kill to help commit or conceal another crime.

    Crime experts for decades have tried to define serial murder and to determine its causes and motivations. The Justice Department currently defines a serial killer simply as someone who kills two or more people in separate incidents, a definition that ignores the issue of motive.

    CP by Wolfscratch: “The FBI BAU 2 statistics wll be altered dramatically, if and when the ‘Truth’ of Gary Michael Hilton & Associates evil reign of terror are revealed to the American Public”…

  36. I am a teacher helping student write a research paper on serial killers. Albert Fish is one that has been discussed in the blogs but not on the website. Extemely disturbing. Lived and killed in New York in the early to mid 1900’s. People were so ignorant to the fact that a human could do these things to a child said that it had to be the boogey man, a werewolf, or Count Dracula. He would kill young children, slice them up, and cook them. He would then send letters to their family members about how he desecrated their bodies, and how they tasted. Extremely vulgar and disturbing. This is a very informational and great websited, but I think Fish deserves a place here.

  37. I was being poisoned by my family! my wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a man named Eric Carlson at East Port Walmart and they decided they wanted me dead!

    They both have relatives in law enforcement and those relatives gave them permission to poison me to death and those officers covered it up at the hospital!

    I caught them all on a audio recorder admitting to this murder conspiracy and they were framing me for their crimes as well, and you can tell by listening to it that they had a lot of fun molesting children and giving me blame behind my back!

    I was very ill at the time, stuck at home, too ill to go anywhere and my family pretended nothing’s wrong while my wife poisoned me!

    everyone in my family knew of my wife’s affair, they knew Eric Carlson was almost a twin to me, and they all kept it a secret from me while my wife poisoned me and Eric Carlson framed me, my family knew they were doing this to me!

    I was surrounded by people that conspired with my wife to pretend nothing’s wrong and those relatives in law enforcement just covered it up at the hospital!

    I was a plasma donor and everyone in the family knew it and they did not care that my wife Joan Wagar was guilty even when I found her hidden poison in the fucking kitchen!

    I am badly crippled from being poisoned and I am currently being blackmailed at the threat of death by these people in law enforcement and by family members while they continue to harm others!

    They already confessed to the murder of a missing runaway, last name Hunter, I caught them admitting to that on a audio recorder, I don’t remember the first name but I secured that audio!

    In 2008 they murdered Donna Minor, Joan Wagar’s mother, while Eric Carlson’s brother who is in law enforcement were above my apartment and they were trying to hide it!

    They later bragged on a audio death threat they will kill more if I don’t do what they want and that I will “See it!” if I don’t!

    Ever since I caught them on a audio recorder they brag on audio recordings!

  38. Emily Smith ON December 5, 2010 – 11:19 pm
    I am a teacher helping student write a research paper on serial killers. Albert Fish is one that has been discussed in the blogs but not on the website. Extemely disturbing. Lived and killed in New York in the early to mid 1900′s. People were so ignorant to the fact that a human could do these things to a child said that it had to be the boogey man, a werewolf, or Count Dracula. He would kill young children, slice them up, and cook them. He would then send letters to their family members about how he desecrated their bodies, and how they tasted. Extremely vulgar and disturbing. This is a very informational and great websited, but I think Fish deserves a place here.
    ***Emily Smith, I salute you for bringing awareness to your self and your students. Knowlege, awareness, and trusting your instincts are the best defense to prevent becoming a victim of predators and serial killers.
    As for albert Fish, GMH has many of the same of the same traits, as well as an identical physical apearance. See for your self:

    Pics say a thousand words: “These pics speak Volumes”….

    Wolfscratch: ‘May his many innocent victims rest in peace’….

  39. After over 3 years Meredith Hope Emerson: one of GMH’s innocent victims is remembered by people from all over the World. People that had never met her, yet felt that that they knew her:

    January 25, 2011
    I never knew Meredith but felt like I’ve known her forever-even after years have gone by I still remember her and think about her and her death- as a fellow animal-lover I feel she is truly an angel in the physical sense, looking over all the animals from above. Meredith you will live on through every animal that is adopted and saved from death-may you rest in peace knowing that you were a special person who gave love unconditionally
    ~ Sheriel Veader, Macon, Georgia

    CP from http://www.legacy.com/guestbook/guestbook.aspx?n=meredith-emerson&pid=100869042
    by Wolfscratch

  40. During the 01/07/2008 interview session that was recorded Hilton sounds relaxed, chatty and cavalier about his actions.

    Twenty-four-year-old Meredith Emerson went hiking with her dog New Year’s Day on Blood Mountain, GA (Appalacian Trail). Hilton describes striking up a conversation with her about their dogs.

    He told investigators his only motive that day was to target someone, anyone, for their credit cards and pin numbers.

    He thought by choosing Emerson it would be easy. But he had another thing coming. “She fought that and I lost control of the baton. And I’m good, too,” Hilton said in the interview. “This girl, who was, I think it was you probably, or one of the GBIs said that little hundred and twenty pound girl (unintelligible) whip your ***, so she about did.”

    Over the course of three days Emerson repeatedly gave Hilton the wrong pin code information, forcing him to drive to several different banks.

    But there are more disturbing details. Hilton said he raped Emerson the first night and over the course of three days, kept her tied up, chained to trees or in his van and at night they camped out.

    The day Hilton killed Emerson, he told her he was going to release her, but instead bludgeoned her with a tire iron.

    “Meredith hope Emerson’ was a kindred spirit and a fighter. She still is…She is the reason GMH & Associates’ reign of terror was brought to an abrupt end…

    wolfscratch: glenn Adams

  41. http://gpstc.georgia.gov/vgn/images/portal/ci

    “Very Important meeting that illustrates the ‘SMOKE and MIRRORS’ PR(Propaganda & Rumor) Strategy, used by Law Enforcement, and reported by the media(Local and National), in the Tragic Fiasco Labeled ‘The Meredith Emerson Investigation’…

    The last paragraph of Page 3, if not for the tragic outcome, would be almost humorous…
    What galaxy are they living in..
    Pay close attention to Page 4: Psychological Arrests: Keenan says that Gary Hilton, was stopped by LE in Three States, but was a ‘Master’ at preventing his arrest….

    GMH’s dr license was queried by LE 80 times in the 9 years before his arrest. Many times this was on posted hunting property, State and National Forest ‘Restricted Areas’. The Forest was his Safe Haven.

  42. I began the journey backtracking & researching Gary Michael (Mack)Hilton on 01/06/08, which began as a search for Meredith Hope Emerson’s remains. The investigative techniques used were conventional & unconventional. Although I have paid a heavy price over the 3 yr/18 hr a day journey. I would gladly do it all again if only one unknown victim of GMH & Assoc is identified & located. Roger L. Depue says it best:


    Evil is more than a vague notion. It is an entity, and it is manifest on the earth. It has reflexes and intuition, senses vulnerability, and changes its form to adapt to its surroundings.
    Those who do not believe the Devil walks this earth have not seen the things that I have seen. Evil is not a discrete entity that springs forth fully formed. It is born in the mind, takes root there as fantasy, and prospers when normal human restraint can no longer contain it.
    I have seen it devour the personalities of men like Richard Speck, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ted Bundy, turning them into blank-faced sociopaths who clearly know right from wrong, but choose, time and again, to follow their own base urges, with complete disregard for the terrible human suffering they cause.
    I believe that every act of homicide causes a slight unbalancing in the world, and that it diminishes life’s universal equation. In the interest of justice, it is imperative that someone try to right that imbalance. But the task of fighting evil can take a terrible toll on the people who are charged with it. It can cost them their families, their equilibrium, their capacity for joy…

  43. I found an old casette tape in Dec. 2007, at my wifes antique and junk store, that contained religious music. I like all kinds of music and since my truck stereo only plays cassettes, I throwed it in my truck. This tape contains songs that describe my journey backtracking GMH, and searching for the location and identity of his victims, to a tee, with the exception of the song; “The rainbow bridge’> Hilton just got that reversed. The Rainbow bridge is where the beloved pet goes when it passes and waits for it’s owner. They meet at the entrance to this glorous land at the rainbow bridge.

    The Name of thetape is: Reflections; beyond the Sunset. “The Dark Forest”
    A Wonderful Time up There.
    Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. When the Roll is called up Yonder.
    People Get Ready.
    Caman’s Land.
    The Rainbow Bridge.
    Unclouded Day.
    In the Sweet by and By.
    Will the Circle be Unbroken….

    May the many innocent victims rest in Peace…

  44. Gary Hilton, had sidekicks & Associates:

    Police: Convicted Killer Admits At Least 12 Slayings

    MOBILE, Ala. — Jeremy Bryan Jones, a suspected serial killer convicted in the rape and murder of an Alabama woman, has admitted at least 12 more slayings in four other states, authorities said Wednesday.

    “He enjoyed raping and killing,” said Mobile County sheriff’s detective Paul Burch.

    Jones, 32, of Miami, Okla., faces a possible death penalty at sentencing Dec. 1 on his capital murder conviction in the killing of Lisa Marie Nichols, 44, of rural Turnerville, Ala.

    He also is charged with killing a teenage girl in Georgia and a woman in Louisiana. He is a suspect in 10 other deaths — seven in Oklahoma, two in Georgia and one in Kansas — and could be linked to four others in Georgia, local and state law enforcement officials said at a news conference.


    Was Jeremy Jones, one of GMH’s Associates?

    Wolfscratch: Jones, a construction worker told LE, acording to my info, that he dumped her remains near sweetwater Creek. LE searched Sweetwater Creek in Fulton County, GA Her remains were Found near Sweetwater Juno in Dawson County, ‘Dawson Forest WMA, GA, within a rocks throw from where Levi Frady, and Meredith Hope Emerson’s remains were found.

    Patrice Endres was found on a road that has yet another church on the same street called “Sweet Water Creek” church. The same “Sweet Water Creek” Jeremy Jones spoke of disposing of Patrice. I now wonder was his confession true but sketchy because of his drug abuse? Authorities in Forsyth County say that because Patrice was not found where Jones claims he put her, does not mean he is cleared. They still believe he is the one who took Patrice that fateful day.What makes this mystery so interesting is the fact that Patrice was found five days after an Alabama judge sentenced Jeremy Jones to die for murdering another woman.

    CP & Comment by: Wolfscratch

  45. By Jeff Warren
    Pickens Co. Progress (archives)

    Grave Dowsing:

    Trying is believing. I stepped slowly across a burying ground, carrying two brass dowsing rods ahead of me. Held level and a little higher than my waist, the 21-inch rods pointed straight ahead. An additional five and a half inches of brass turned down at 90 degrees through my fingers.
    With my fingers curled, the long brass of the rods lay across my index fingers between the hand and first knuckle. At the 90-degree bend, the short handles pointed straight down, curled inside my fingers, excluding the two smallest digits. The brass rode against the outside of my pinkie fingers. Thumbs stayed folded out of the way.
    As I moved on to a grave, the rods turned inward toward each other and aligned parallel to the plot. The sensation was only as eerie as watching the play of a compass needle. I was doing this under the tutelage of an expert, Jasper dowser Joe Chastain.
    A longtime resident of Pickens County, Chastain is retired from Lockheed. He started dowsing when he was nineteen years old.
    “I didn’t have a teacher,” Chastain said. “The first time I ever used the rods, an old farmer had some. I was in a little disbelief.” But as the rods acted in his hands, Chastain discovered there was something to it.
    Tradition calls for a forked peach branch when hunting for water, but that is unnecessary, Chastain says. Any forked stick, dry or green, works just as good, the expert said. “The forked stick that the old-timers use works very good with water,” Chastain said. “It works with me too. I just don’t like it.”
    “Brass is easier,” Chastain explained. “I like to think it picks up better, but that’s just me. Aluminum is not good, because it’s too light. It doesn’t feel right in your hands.”
    Fine-tuning the art, Chastain discovered he could find most anything with the rods: water pipes; mineral veins; a quarter tossed out on the ground. Chastain said that when crossing a vein of iron ore “the rods will open, close and open again.”
    “Water is the most pronounced thing you’ll find when you look for something,” Chastain said. But he said the rods’ reaction to graves is also pronounced.
    Some fifteen years ago, Chastain taught Carl Etheridge to use the rods. Now retired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Etheridge was chief ranger in charge of land management at the Corps’ Allatoona reservoir when Chastain taught him the dowser’s art.
    With some information from a member of the Brooke family and his newfound dowsing skills, Etheridge said he located the old Brooke family cemetery on Corps land after a topographical map plotted the graveyard in the wrong position. He located the graveyard in the Sweetwater Campground near Lake Allatoona in Cherokee County, Etheridge said. A monument marks the site today.
    Etheridge has practiced his dowsing to a point where he now assists land developers in locating graves to move them. Etheridge said he once assisted an archaeologist, moving some graves. Using his dowsing rods, Etheridge said, he found one more grave than the archaeologist. The scientist told Etheridge he had only found a stump hole and wrapped up the dig without exploring the final find.
    Etheridge said he shortly returned to the finished dig and conducted a dig of his own. He said he found an infant grave: coffin hardware and glass from a porthole-style coffin, popular in the late 1800s. Under the glass was the one piece of bone Etheridge discovered in the grave, the back of a child’s skull.
    Etheridge said in Georgia’s acidic soil, sometimes all you find in an old grave is a blue residue in the soil indicating where the body lay.
    Etheridge said he boxed all the contents of the child grave he found and presented them to the doubting archaeologist.
    But if dowsing for graves works, the question is why. Chastain says anything buried, whether once living or not, gives off rings of energy–something like the magnetic lines of force surrounding a magnet.
    For the Pickens County Historical Society, Chastain has located what are believed to be unmarked graves at the Fitzsimmons Cemetery at Marble Hill. Society members also believe he has found 20 graves of the previously lost Daniels Cemetery near Tate.
    But if folks ask too many questions regarding the science of the process, Chastain sometimes tells them it might more than they need to know. Soft-spoken and slightly mystical in demeanor, Chastain’s large brown eyes peer through eyeglasses with gentle intensity. Around him, you get the sense Chastain is tuned to the natural world.
    And while science might attempt to explain Chastain’s locating technique, it would fall all over itself trying to explain some of his other claimed abilities with the rods. The rods can tell him the gender of a grave occupant, Chastain says.
    “Normally, on a female, the rod will point to the head,” he explained. “On a male, to the feet.”
    Chastain admits he is the only dowser he knows who can make the gender determination. Chastain says he can know if there is more than one occupant in a grave. Sometimes women who died in childbirth were buried with the child lost in the birthing.
    But more eerie still, Chastain says he can feel through the rods if a grave occupant died a violent death. He says the brass goes crazy in his hands.
    Wives tales? Maybe. I can only say I know the rods aligned with a grave when I stepped across it.
    Chastain says focusing your mind on what you are hunting is the key to finding with the rods–tuning yourself to the pointing brass.
    “You have to know how to use ’em. You have to know how to hold ’em. You have to know how to read ’em,” Chastain said.
    “Don’t bury it,” he said. “I’ll find
    Joe Chastain is a ‘Master Dowser’, and is self taught over 40 years ago. He locates graves for Historical Societies, Law Enforcement, and private citizens locating ancestor’s family plots. He was my teacher.
    I contacted him to verify my findings in Gary Hilton’s primary den: Wildcat Tract: Dawson Forest WMA. Without knowlege of my results, he verified my findings, and made additional discoveries.

    GMH was eyewitnessed at all burial grounds that have been identified. He marks them with glass canning jars on a tree limb, and adorns some with native american artifacts.


  46. A Close Encounter With A Killer Mind
    By Tyrra B Meserve Greene Publishing, Inc.

    Since the beginning of time, within every culture, in every society, there have been those who are incapable of adapting and blending within the boundaries of their communal environment. Driven by a force that is incomprehensible to the peers upon which they prey, they feed on the terror and panic their crimes leave in the heart of the community. Unable to control their carnal desires for more than just brief moments, they reside in the dark recesses of the mind, opportunistically seizing victims to compensate for shortcomings they themselves are unable to overcome. Behind false smiles, it is truly then that the eyes become the window to the soul, or in some cases, the lack thereof.In most instances, the serial killer acts alone, extracting pleasure from the anonymity that he presents. However, in rare cases, these predators find in each other a kindred mind, linking up to work together, proving the old adage of water seeking its own level, even for heinous reasons. Whether the union is long-term, or short-lived, these serial killing partners present a unique problem for law enforcement officers trying to solve crimes.Recent developments have allowed Gary Michael Hilton to be charged with the murder of Meredith Emerson, and Cheryl Dunlap, however, questions still remain regarding Hilton’s involvement with other unsolved murders. It is currently under investigation as to whether Hilton is indeed a serial killer, and, if so, how many other victims did he claim, and, in what areas. In a recent interview with a Madison County resident, there has also now arisen the question as to if Hilton acted entirely alone.Debra Stephens, a Madison resident for many years, recalls a strange event that took place back in 2000. A local, who knew some of the more obscure river access points and sun-bathing spots, was taking advantage of a warm summer’s day and the company of her dogs. As she was lying on her towel, soaking up rays, Stephens was startled by her companions barking.“There’s canoers who go up and down the river all the time,” she said “so I didn’t think anything of it at first. Then I noticed there weren’t any other boats in the water and the dogs were focusing up the hill on the other bank.”Following their line of sight, Stephens noticed two men standing at the top of the hill, on the other side of the river, watching her.“I thought it was kind of odd when I noticed they were wearing blue jeans, sunglasses and boots. Not really boating clothes, if you know what I mean.”When the men stepped back into the shadows of the trees and did not reappear, Stephens said her apprehension abated a bit and she returned to sunbathing. Then, a few minutes later, the dogs started barking again and Stephens, now nervous, looked around once more. The dogs, trotting ahead of her, rounded a close bend and Stephens walked straight down to the waters edge to get a better view.“This older guy was paddling down in a canoe and it looked as though he was having a time of it. It was only he and his dog. At first, he asked if this was where they picked up the people for canoe rides. When I said no, this is private property, he kind of looked around, up the hill where the two guys had been.”It was at this point that Stephens said the older man looked like he accidentally flipped the canoe, trapping the dog underneath. As Stephens was debating whether or not she should jump in and help, she noticed the man glancing up, occasionally looking up towards where she had seen the other two men earlier.“He made it to the other bank and acted like he was going to lift the canoe,” Stephens remembered, “but then he just kept looking around and his dog was just laying there. His dog didn’t bark back at my dogs or anything. It was weird. It was almost like the dog had been through this before and he was trained.”When the man fell to the ground, he appeared to accidentally push his canoe back into the water where it started to float downstream. Deciding to lend a hand, Stevens started to get into the water on the opposite bank.“I looked up and there was one of the guys I had seen earlier, about halfway down the hill. I shouted up to him Hey, that man needs help, but he just looked at the older man, turned around and walked back up into the trees.”Stephens stopped the canoe from floating away, and then gave it a good shove back toward the old man on the bank. Deciding it was about time to head home, Stephens kept an eye on the man as she swam back to her side of the shore, gathered her things and got set to leave.“As I was walking back down the river bank to my truck, I glanced up the hill and there were those same two guys again. Well, one of them looked down at the older man and he looked back up at the guy and I thought they nodded at each other. When I passed by them on my side of the river, I remember thinking, now that’s weird; he doesn’t have anything in the canoe. Nothing, I mean, normally people have a life preserver, equipment, something. He didn’t. It was completely empty. Just him, his dog and a cane.”Stephens also found it disturbing that, as she passed the scene, both men that she had seen earlier had not only re-emerged, but they had picked up the canoe and were carrying it up the hill with the older man and his dog in tow.“I noticed that he wasn’t using his walking cane,” Stephens recalled. “He just followed them up the hill until they disappeared. That’s when I wondered how he had gotten the canoe down to the river by himself. There’s not a lot of places where we were at that you can drive up and drop a canoe, you have to hike it in and that didn’t seem like something he could have done by himself.“When I got home, I told a couple of people what had happened and they just told me I was nuts. I couldn’t help thinking that if I had gone over to their side of the river, I wouldn’t have made it back, but everyone I told laughed and said nobody was trying to get me, so I just pushed it to the back of my mind and tried to forget it.”Then, watching the news recently, Stephens got a jolt. A little thinner, a little older looking and worse for wear, Gary Michael Hilton looked like the man she had seen that day.“Naw,” Stephens said to herself. “I’m just spooked.”Letting it go once more, a week passed before on another airing of the local news, Stephens got a chance to hear Hilton speak.“I jumped out of my chair,” she said, “yelling, That’s Him! That’s the *!#* man from the river.”They were trying to get me,” Stephens stated with conviction “I know that now. I could feel that something wasn’t right. It was like they knew each other. It just felt wrong.”Sergeant Tim Baxter of the Leon County Sheriff’s Department was not able to give much information due to Hilton’s ongoing investigation; however, he is interested in connecting Stevens with the right authorities to take her statement.“The FBI is working with the different case investigators, developing a long term timeline for Hilton,” Baxter stated. “They are going back to before (Hilton) was born. So far, we believe he’s a loner, but we want to know where he’s been and whom he’s been seen with. We don’t want to rule out connections he may have to other cases.”As police still gather leads linking Hilton with other crimes, they are tracing his footsteps in the past. Only time will tell if police have caught all the right men.Staff writer Tyrra B Meserve can be reached at tyrra@greenepublishing.com

    Wolfscratch: GMH, was not the first, last, or only!

  47. At the outset of juror questioning, State Attorney Willie Meggs briefly outlined the case. He said Dunlap, a 46-year-old Sunday school teacher and mother of two grown sons, was abducted from Leon Sinks, a popular hiking spot just north of the Leon/Wakulla county line.

    “From there she was not seen again,” Meggs said.

    The above snipet is the most significant info to be reported in the first day of the Juror selection process, IMO. In the 360 pages of redacted evidence, Cheryl Dunlap was seen reading a book: ‘Flowers in the Attic’ by VC Andrews.
    GMH gave Meredith Hope Emerson, a book to read also: ‘Cannibals and Kings’ by Davis…


    LIVE UPDATES: Jury selection begins in Hilton murder trial |

  48. Still, very odd that a juror here saw Hilton in Ga. That juror was excused. 2 hours ago � reply

    jmportman Bad math – Emerson was abducted on Jan. 1, 2008 and killed two days later. 2 hours ago � reply

    jmportman That would have been two days before Hilton abducted Meredith Emerson and about two weeks after Dunlap’s body was found. 2 hours ago

    jmportman Prospective juror just said he was hiking in Georgia and saw Hilton at a camping store there on Dec. 28, 2007.


    Meredith Hope Emerson was abducted by GMH on 01/01/2008, near the Mtn Crossing Store. She was murdered by GMH on 01/04/08 when she attempted to escape his wrath. Meredith; martial arts trained, disarmed GMH of his bayonet & expand. baton. Once GMH gained control of her, he placed a noose around her neck & led her through the forest to the AT parking lot(Bobby Joe long};want ad Sk’s signature. He then chained her in his van for 4 days. I saw his van in the field next to my Home on 01/03/2008.
    the Public, via the media was led to believe that Meredith was only lost on Blood mountain. Law enforcement(GBI/UCSO)knew that she had been abducted, since 01/02/2008…

    Read more: LIVE UPDATES: Hilton murder trial begins today | tallahassee.com | Tallahassee Democrat http://www.tallahassee.com/article/20110131/NEWS01/101310314/LIVE-UPDATES-Hilton-murder-trial-begins-today#ixzz1CjGCBpcp

  49. If there is any doubt that Gary Michael Hilton, began preying on our families, friends, and loved ones in October 2007, when he abducted, tortured, mutilated, and murdered John & Irene Bryant(NC), pay very close to his freudian slip; Freudian slip:
    .: ‘A verbal mistake that is thought to reveal an unconscious belief, thought, or emotion.’

    From the GBI interview of GMH, on 01/07/08, while leading Law Enforcement to Meredith Hope Emerson’s remains in Dawson Forest WMA; Atlanta Tract..
    GMH, is very intelligent, cagey, calculating, and deflective…



    CB: UH HUH.


    There were two other bodies recovered within a rocks’ throw of Meredith Hope Emerson’s torso, in the years past. One was 11 year old Levi Frady and the other was Patrice Endres; Beauty Salon owner…

  50. ‘Try this link for the Gary Hilton- ‘Before’ Pics:


    GMH, pulled a few of his teeth out to make himself apear more evil and said, “When I come off my Meds, the Demons come back.”

    Evil, Demonic; Convicted Serial Killer: Gary Michael Hilton, and his Defense Attorney, in Judge Lewis’s courtroom(American People’s courtroom)before the Death Penalty Trial makeover. Is this proper Courtroom Decorum?
    Where is the Justice for his many, many victims?


  51. GMH, hid in plain sight. During the time he held Meredith Hope Emerson, the thermometer dipped below 0, the temp was very frigid and wind gusts up to 50 mph during the night. There was a campfire ban in Georgia due to the drought conditions.

    GMH, is very intelligent, calculating, cagey, and creative, yet very evil.
    Here it is over 18 months after his capture. What do we know about him?

    His license was queried over 80 times in GA alone(many times acting suspicious and in restricted areas of State & National Forests or posted private property.

    Created a movie: ‘Deadly Run’, that depicts his evil deeds, in 1994, almost 15 years before his arrest. (Serial Killer with a Script?)

    He is Military Special Forces trained, and claims to have served two tours in Vietnam, yet was stationed in Germany.

    Upon coviction for the abduction and murder od Meredith Hope Emerso, his DNA was returned in less than 24 hours and Cold Case Detectives from every adjacent State were waiting for the results.

    He was sighted as far north as Pennsylvania, and lived in Miami in 1982.

    GMH’s IQ is within the top 10% of the world.

    GMH, had no victim profile, only a preference.

    GMH, tortures, rapes, and performs rituals on his victims.

    GMH, was evil, demonic, cannibal, ritual: Serial Killer with no human emotions.

    The GBI knew that an abnormally high number of women were vanishing without a trace since 1980.

    GMH, was a master emulator; travelling preacher, soldier, visually impaired person, etc.

    GMH, was very knowlegable about ancient Religion and History. He is the Devils Deciple.’

    GMH, frequented Churches for money, and food..

    That he was self diagnosed with MS, and was taking huge amounts of ridillin and other rxs with the side affect of homicidal tendacies.

    GMH’s Doctor that prescribed the medication he was consuming was fined $6,500.00.

    He emits an acrid odor that lingers in enclosed areas.

    Extracted his teeth to make himself look more evil.

    That he was a copycat of MOs and Signatures of many Serial Killers prior, creating the illusion of many active Serial Killers deeming him a Stealth Predator.

    GMH, had sidekicks and Associates.

    Torched his fiance’s house in Dekalb County, GA in 1982 with her and her brother and sister occupying the house…spent only 4 hours in jail, and was ever prosecuted.

    GMH, bragged that he hasn’t been caught since he was 14 years old(47 years).

    GMH, is being investigated pre birth.

    Evidence is being gathered over 18 months after his arrest, and no trial date has been set.

    All media(local & National) has been silenced since March 2008.

    Criminal profilers have shyed away from attempting an analysis of GMH. He is an anomally. He fits no profile.

    All significant evidence has been sealed at the request of the State Attorney and Defense Attorney in Leon County, Fl.

    Yet he is still looked at by many as a petty thief and drifter. His Defense Attorney in his Death Penalty trial for the abduction and murder of Cheryl Dunlap, complained to the media because he is being referred to as a Serial Killer in news reports. ‘go figure’


  52. jmportman: Jury sworn. Openings Statements 8:30 am Friday in the Death Penalty Trial of Gary Michael 9Mack) Hilton; Prolific Serial Killer…

    Finally, after virtually 3 years of Silence by the Justice System and the Media(Local & National)maybe, just maybe we can get some answers. The American Public Safety has been placed in jeopardy due to this silence. The Media and Justice System should be ashamed…
    The Public is the Eyes and Ears….Analogous to a Security Camera…
    ‘A very Valuable Tool and Free Resource in Law Enforcement..


    Read more: LIVE UPDATES: Jurors in Hilton murder trial to be decided today | tallahassee.com | Tallahassee Democrat http://www.tallahassee.com/article/20110202/NEWS01/102020321/LIVE-UPDATES-Jurors-in-Hilton-murder-trial-to-be-decided-today#ixzz1CrHhrFNW

  53. Gary Hilton & Public Defender Inez Suber- ‘Before’ Makeover Pics:
    MIKE EWEN/Democrat
    Murder suspect Gary Michael Hilton shares a laugh with defense attorney Inez Suber during pretrial motions on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 inside of the Leon County Courthouse. Hilton’s defense attorney was trying to prevent the media from putting information out to the public about Hilton’s case.


    Compare with the photo after the makeover for the Death Penalty Trial:


    Wolfscratch: ‘Night & Day’

  54. Been reading many of the comments concerning the correctional officer’s testimony on 02/11/11. Most responses were that he didn’t wear a tie, or his attire was’nt apropriate, as he was competing in a fashion show, rather than testifying, and sharing critical-damning evidence in a Death Penalty Trial of a Sadistical, Malignant, Psychopathic Serial Killer for the Savage abduction, torture, mutilation, and murder of Cheryl Hodges Dunlap…

    Overheard conversation between GMH and another inmate (Fred Summers)
    At Officers Station there is an intercom to every inmate’s cell
    Correction Officer Wynn listened without GMH’s knowledge:

    Fred Summers and GMH talking
    GMH said for a life sentence he would tell them where the Head was and that the family would want to know. GMH was ‘Laughing’ about it

  55. continued-

    The only regret GMH had about Killing Cheryl Dunlap, was getting caught. He could kick his a** everyday for the rest of his life for getting caught.
    ….busy highway…Crawfordville highway
    …when Cheryl Dunlap was killed, he had her for hours and a few days
    He was very selective about who he picked
    Victim was a Sunday School teacher and plenty of guys must’ve wanted her

    When asked by Summers if GMH, had gotten a Rush from the killing, he said “it was like in the Military, you have to go in and destroy the ‘Entire Village’ Like a Warrior”.

    Gary Michael(Mack) Hilton: Serial Killer said, “I am a ‘Hunter, a Professional, a Soldier’ on a Perpetual Mission”.

    Folks, after hearing Corrections Officer Wynn’s testimony, his attire was the last thing on their minds..

    Wolfscratch: May the Village of Innocent Victims scadered from PA to FL and beyond “Rest in Peace”..

  56. Cheryl Dunlap: Abducted from Leon Sinks: Appalachicola National Forest

    A soldier scouts out and plans his/her mission to insure success. This is referred as a reconnaissance mission. The intelligence(info) gathered is then cosidered in the strategy and tactics for the mission. GMH was a Soldier on a perpetual mission..a Hunter and Professional.
    Her car was reconned in the Leon Sinks parking lot, which would have revealed a treasure trove of data as to Cheryl Dunlap’s employment(parking sticker) for FSU and information as too her profession were obtained by a quick scan of his soulless
    I would have to conclude that Cheryl Dunlap would have, on or in her vehicle, the fish emblem and other signs of her Christian Faith and her Love of God…

  57. Ted Bundy – Wikipedia, http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Bundy

    On death row, Bundy admitted to decapitating at least a dozen of his victims with a hacksaw…

    The sound heard on the audio of the video of December 03, 2007, wasn’t the sound of a Bayonet, or Serated knife as GMH described the decapitation, in the GBI interview of 01/07/08. It was the sound made when disecting bone with a hacksaw. A hacksaw was found in GMH’s van upon his arrest 01/04/08….


  58. ——————————————————————————–

    climbergirl wrote:
    I believe the defense will be calling people who knew GMH before he was caught.

    Dino, from his childhood who said GMH had confided something unsettling to him when they were growing up together. I am pretty sure he is a witness.

    And another of his childhood friends, a female will testify.

    And maybe even John Tabor and/or Samueal Rael.

    All to bring in the insanity of GMH.

    Just what I am thinking.


    Leonard dino sclafani Says:
    June 1st, 2009 at 4:25 pm

    I was a friend of Gary Hilton 50 years ago in Hialeah Florida when we were in junior high school together, he said i was his only friend almost,and told me a few things that were sort of strange and i never forgot them or him 50 years later,till his defense attorney contacted me yesterday and asked if we could talk,what she said shocked me ,the way he changed and what he had done ,im sorry i couldn’t have changed his life somehow or other.he was a quiet guy,we would swim in the Miami river together ,from his back porch,it was a good time then.dino in sunny miami out.

    Note saw where Fred Rosen asked Dino Sclfani, if ‘G’s” Attorney has contacted him yet. This was on Facebook a couple weeks ago. Guess Dino is assisting in Fred’s Book, huh?


  59. FYI:
    There were frantic calls repeatedly made on 9/7/07 by Gary Michael Hilton to Hilton’s doctor, an Endocrinologist, dealing with Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism, Internal Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia,(GA), who recently (May 2009) settled an issue by agreement with the Georgia Board of Medicine for Public Reprimand, and was fined $7,500. Hilton was prescribed Ritalin and Effexor without following proper procedures.




    July 9, 2006: Group Criticizes Effexor Maker for Failure to Warn
    The Medical Accountability Network, a private nonprofit organization dedicated to ethical issues in medicine, criticized Effexor maker Wyeth Pharmaceuticals for failing to adequately warn about the risk of;
    ‘homicidal ideation’
    associated with Effexor use. ‘Homicidal ideation’ (homicidal thoughts) was added to the Effexor XR label in November 2005, as one of the drug’s rare adverse events. The Medical Accountability Network says that the warning was not well-publicized, and that Wyeth failed to send letters to doctors or issue warning labels announcing the change….


  60. Hunter Finds Murderer Gary Hilton’s Campground – News Story – WSB …
    Sep 17, 2009 … JACKSON, Ga. — A hunter accidentally found camping supplies, clothes and books belonging to convicted killer Gary Hilton at coopers creek wma, ga.

    less than a month later, another childhood friend of GMH breaks her silence:

    The other childhood friend mentioned by Suber:

    Oct./2009 at 9:35 pm
    Scarrgot’s post on (anonymous forum)/Cheryl Dunlap Thread :

    I have been mostly lurking on this discussion for quite some time. I do have something to add but understand that I am not going into detail for several reasons. First of all, I knew GMH from age 14 – 17 in Miami Florida. I went to school with him. He attended Miami Springs Junior High School in 9th grade and then entered Hialeah High School in 10th grade. He dropped out of school in either his junior or senior year in high school to join the army. The last time I saw him in person was either 1963 or 1964 when he stopped by the high school I attended and told me he was joining the army. When I knew him he lived in Hialeah with his mother and step father. Hialeah is a large suburban city within Metropolitan Miami area. The incident referred to at age 14 was a domestic disturbance between him,his mother and step father. His step father was shot during the disturbance. His step father lived, it was a juvenile court issue, no charges were filed to my knowledge.

    He called me in 1982 when I was living in another state. He had gotten my phone number from a family member in Miami by telling them he was someone else, representing a fictitious company and needed to get in touch with me. We spoke briefly and I hung up on him because he seemed to be talking very strangely. I had no contact with him after that.


  61. Think, there is a little more to the story than meets the eye. GMH was going by Dekalb co, GA attorney Samuel Rael’s home and taking showers…GMH lived in a storage warehouse at the time.
    Rael said, “I knew that he was Sociopath, just didn’t know that he was violent”
    Rael knew about the attempted murder in 1985 at the biker bar and the Arson with the 3 occupants in 1982 and then produces a Serial Killer movie with GMH: ‘Deadly Run’ – Hunting Humans….
    Rael was/is an Associate…He was at the Dawson Co., GA Jail on 01/07/08 when GMH located Meredith’s remains…

    Gary Hilton should have been encarcerated since 1982. How many innocent victims would have been saved if he had faced Justice then?
    We tried for over two years, to retrieve this info from the Dekalb, GA Judicial System, but was unsuccessful:

    He set two gallon jugs of gasoline in the carport of the Green family home with 2 strings leading up the driveway where he sat in his “BLACK CAMERO” ( A NEW CAR TO ADD TO THE LIST OF HIS VEHICLES) then set the strings on fire. They, Ms. Green and her family (her sister and brother) members heard a noise ran out of the house and were able to put out the fire with a hose. It happened at 0001 hours. When Hilton was driving off he hit a parked car, thus the hit & run charge. One of the young ladies in the Green family had dated Hilton a few times, but broke it off. That was in Feb. 1982. In May, 2 weeks before the fire on May 28, 1982 he started calling to harass her asking if she wanted to make some money prostituting for him. She said he sounded like he had eaten a few ludes and she hung up on him. He was arrested on First Degree Arson charges and booked into Dekalb County jail. He lived at the time at 5135 West Mountain St. #A-17, Stone Mountain, GA. The report indicates the Green’s signed statements that they knew who the arsonist was and could positively identify him as Hilton, but I guess he just found a way to talk his way out of it or the girls were just too afraid of him and what he might do next.

    Case #82-103081 & #82-103082, the report ends with case is closed and cleared, pending criminal prosecution. Hilton signed for a copy of the report on June 11, 1982.

    Inmate’s Booking Details
    Last Name First Name / MI SPN # Birth Date Age At Booking Released
    HILTON GARY MICHAEL 00120663 22-NOV-46 35 28-MAY-82
    Arrested: 28-MAY-82 Released: 28-MAY-82 Arresting Officer: Badge: 1921 Agency: DEKALB COUNTY POLICE DEPT Arrest Number: 82103081
    *Booking No: 8210583 Booked-In: 28-MAY-82 04:05 PM Booked-Out: 28-MAY-82 08:37 PM

    Charges from Jail System
    No. Seq
    No. Maint.
    Code Charge Level / Code
    and Description Offense
    Date Disposition
    Desc Disposition
    Date Sentence
    Description Sentence
    Length Start
    176776 — —
    177723 — —
    M S40-6-270–Hit and run; duty of driver to stop at or return to scene of accident


  62. My vote is yes, if she was a friend of Cheryl Dunlap’s.

    Couple testified that Cheryl Dunlap, had ‘Sad Eyes’…..while reading a book in Leon Sinks; Appalachicola National Park, FL, 12/01/2007; that tragic day.

    GMH, threatened to shoot anyone if Meredith Emerson, warned them, the day they hiked in Dawson Forest WMA; ATLANTA Tract, GA on 01/03/2008.

    Clerk at the NC trailhead shop 12/07/2005, ‘Rosana Milani, seemed very nervous/anxious when she came in and purchased the slacks, backpack, etc. The man with her said that he was a travelling campground Preacher’.

    GMH, would have threatened Cheryl Dunlap, with the pellet pistol/knock off of actual firearm, in the same way,IMO. Cheryl would have complied, not because fear of her life, but due to the threat of harm to others.

    Scotts2, from another forum, is a State Park Ranger. We spent the day together in 2008, at the Atlanta Tract where Meredith’s remains were located. He brought along one of the type pellet pistols that GMH possessed to show me it’s authenic apearance. As a hunter, my whole life and familiarity of most weapons, I couldn’t tell that it wasn’t an actual firearm…

    GMH, a felon, would have been arrested if caught in possession of a firearm, but not a pellet pistol.


  63. ——————————————————————————–

    In GMH’s confession to FDLE during extradition/transport to Leon co, FL from GA, he said, ” I didn’t start predatoring(hunting innocent victims/prey) til September, 2007.
    Taking into consideration, his deflection tactics, the Bryants weren’t viciously murdered til Oct. 2007,

    What innocent victim are we missing here? When I called the GBI from the Huddle House on or about 01/10/2008, to report the discovery of his garbage pile(underground) and icebox in the ground, at Wildcat, Dawson Forest WMA Campsite/Den, GA, the agent, on the phone said, “Mr. Adams, we have located all of his victims remains, all 5 of them”…

    John & Irene Bryant, Meredith Hope Emerson, Cheryl Hodges Dunlap = only 4 victims.

    I told her, ” If you think GMH has killed only 5 people, you need to place your badge and gun on your desk, cut the open sign off, and slam the door on your way out…

    John Cagle;GBI
    Special Agent and lead Investigator in the Meredith Hope Emerson Investigation was sitting on the stool next to me having breakfast and heard the conversation. His face was red as a beet.
    I noticed this and asked, “you are not GBI are you”? He stuck his chest out and said, “Yes I Am”!!!
    I pointed my finger in his face and said, “yall killed Meredith Hope Emerson, due to your incompetence and letting John Tabor con you!”
    I glanced around and all the customers, waitresses, and cooks had vacated the premises.
    I told Agent Cagle, “the GBI deprived Meredith Hope Emerson of her inalianable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, due to this incompetence!”

    He said, “would please ‘YOU’, shut up so I can eat my breakfast.” Surprised he didn’t arrest me…
    He knew what I said was the truth, or he would have….

    Wolfscratch “the victims have no voice’

  64. Join Date: Aug 2009
    Posts: 390

    I honor all opinions, and welcome debate and criticism of my comments. The comments and revelations that I make are not conjecture or speculation. I have been posting on various blogs and forums since 01/06/08 on GMH’s ‘Trail of Terror’. All of my comments are archived, I have documented my journey for alibi and memory purposes. I have challenged anyone in the Justice System, LE, Profilers, Scholars, crime sleuths, etc., to disprove any revelation that I have made.
    GMH’s many victims have no voice, and demand revelation.
    I have comitted to finding the truth at whatever the cost. GMH, is not the first, last, or only and the only way he and his associates, as well as future Serial Killers, will be identified and brought to justice is through knowlege, truth, and the use of all available resourses.

    Wolfscratch: Glenn Adams

  65. Join Date: Aug 2009
    Posts: 390

    The following is a “transcripts of law enforcement interviews on 01/07/08, with Gary Michael Hilton, the man accused of murdering Meredith Emerson” while enroute to Dawson Forest WMA; Atlanta Tract, where her remains were located in two locations aproximately 1/2 mile apart.
    The interview is laced with deflections, half truths, and obvious lies, however gives the reader insights to Hilton’s evil and demonic mind.
    One example of his calculating responses is when ask if he raped MHE. He first answers no. When told that if he is caught lying on any of the questions, his other answers will be considered untruthful. GMH, then answered “yes”. When asked, how many times, he answered “once”….

    GMH, states in the interview that this is not the only body that has been dumped here…

    Note that he never mentions the Wildcat Tract of Dawson Forest WMA, in the interview although he was eyewitnessed by many people, including myself on 01/03/08 at 6:30 PM, in this area. There is a reason for this exclusion. This is his primary den location, ritual, torture, and burial grounds. I am confident that his souveneirs will eventually be located here, unless he takes this info to his grave..

    ‘Warning: the transcript contains very graphic details about Meredith Hope Emerson’s death that may be considered disturbing to most of humanity.’

    (Note: The interview is in Large Caps, which is a transcript from the GBI in its original form.)




  66. A few weeks ago I received a call on caller ID, from the public defender’s office: Leon Co., FL where GMH, is on trial facing the death penalty for the tragic murder of Cheryl Dunlap..

    When I returned the call, I reached an Investigator with the PD’s Office. The investigator said, ” hold on a second while I retrieve your file.” Then asked, “do you still have your blog?

    Seems the Public Defender’s office wanted to know if I had any info that would help in the ‘Defense’ of Gary Michael Hilton & Associates’???

    Think that I was ranting in January of last year? Before I hung up, I had convicted GMH, and the entire ‘Justice System’, not that they needed any help…

    “Let me see if I have this right”: ‘You want me to provide you with helpful information that will prevent Gary Michael Hilton, an evil, demonic, cannibal, ritual; Serial Killer, that has confessed and has been sentenced to ‘Life In Prison’ in GA, for abducting an innocent young lady; Meredith Hope Emerson, from the AT, raping and torturing her for four days, murdering her in a savage manner, and then mutilating and decapitating her, and dumping her remains in the woods like a pile of trash’, from receiving the death penalty’?

    The investigator then asked if I really thought that Gary Hilton had over 150 victims. I said, “no that it is a very conservative number and includes only the ones deceased.”

    Don’t think they’ll be calling back anytime soon…

    Last edited by wolfscratch; 09-03-2009 at 03:49 PM.

  67. Go to this link and observe the frayed rope & fibers, beneath the large wooden reel that power companies use for utility wire coils.
    The 2 photos were taken by me on 01/07/08 in the shed next to the Abandoned Densmore Farm House, where Gary Hilton. held Meredith Hope Emerson, during daylight hours. Note the sears speaker used to prop up the shed, preventing collapse.

    What you will observe is the residue and signs of an escape attempt and a very violent struggle between GMH and Meredith, in the early morning hours of 01/04/08. I am confident that this is when and where Meredith Hope Emerson met her fate..

    GMH, was eyewitnessed by S. Watson, at 9:00AM on 01/04/08, standing on a mound in the front yard. He said that he was standing like a statue…(S. Watson, had returned from celebrating his anniversary in Nashville, TN, the previous night and had not seen the news.)

    GMH, was eyewitnessed at Dawson Forest WMA, at 10:30AM and again by another witness at 12:00 Noon on 01/04/08, about a 30 minute drive, where Meredith’s remains were later located.

    http://*************.net/index.php?topic=3654.80 Page #5 – reply #98 by Edward

    In my next comment I will describe the tragic event that occured in this shed on 01/04/08 during the early morning hours.

  68. Join Date: Aug 2009
    Posts: 390

    GMH, is being looked at for many other unsolved missing & murdered victims. Within a week of Gary Michael Hilton’s arrest on 01/04/08, he caught the interest of the BAU of the FBI in Quantico, VA. Experienced agents and profilers were sent to sit in on the GBI interviews.

    Many of the items that I reported at the abandoned farmhouse on 01/06/08, were taken in to the crime lab for testing, but much was missed, by a quick walk through by LE Agents.

    The frayed rope with the ends taped, in the shed, where GMH, had Meredith tied up and she broke loose and fought him the 3rd time wasn’t noticed by me til 01/07/08. Meredith, moved her shoulders back and forth until the frayed rope broke, allowing her one final unsuccessful attempt at escaping his wrath..
    On the ridge above the shed was some large steel tanks, that GMH, was using to secure victims, as well as 2 iron bars leaning up against a tree. These were shown me by an intelligent stray black lab named ‘Buddy’. After scenting the rope, he proceeded up the ridge into the woods, stopping and looking back at me to follow him. When he reached the iron bars he nudged them with his nose, and looked back at me… He then proceeded up the ridge, which is a hunting club, and started scratching the ground and sniffing in several spots. On a logging road that disected this area, I looked around and saw the glass canning jar that GMH, used to mark his burial grounds. The sheds are full of ladies clothes and purses.
    The 2nd shed over from the house is where the POI #1 on the Levi Frady site, came at me with the iron bar. I was dowsing the ridge, and suprised him. I am confident that he was removing evidence from the shed. He had no life in his eyes or expression on his face…

    Across the street is an old country store. GMH’s wardrobe of old vintage wool clothes were hanging, and in a wooden box. A pile of these clothes were in the attic of the house where he had the frigid weather room, along with the ‘tuck me in box’, a case of canning jars, wood burning stove, and the newspaper with the night stalker article from 1989 Gainsville Times. GMH, was eyewitnessed by 3 people wearing these clothes in the dead heat of the summer, yet he showed no signs of perspiration. One of the witnesses said that he remembered him because he was cursing his dog; ‘Dandy.’

  69. On 01/01/08, Gary Hilton, actually headed into Blairsville from the Herbert Reece trailhead parking lot on Hwy 129 after abducting Meredith Hope Emerson, from Blood Mtn. First he stopped to pump gas with Meredith chained in the van, was scared off by a customer pulling up next to his van, then he went to the Appalacian Bank; Blairsvile, GA, at 7:04 PM and attempted to use her ATM card, for over 15 minutes. Meredith refused to give him the correct PIN numbers.
    During the Four days that GMH, held her hostage, he attempted to use her ATM cards at two more banks, she persisted in giving him the wrong PIN numbers, buying time for a rescue by LE…
    Although many people including myself, witnessed GMH hiding in plain sight, in Dawson Co & Pickens Co, GA, the three days that followed her abduction, including Sheriff’s Deputies and Forest Officials. Meredith’s rescue never came due to the antiquated strategy of Law Enforcement of keeping valuable information close to their vest, providing missinformation to the American Public, via the media(local & national).
    Once GMH’s sketch and vehicle description was released to the media, he was captured within hours by Law Enforcement, due to an alert citizen’s 911 call.


  70. I recently received and have been reading and absorbing some of the information retrieved from the GBI investigation of the Meredith Hope Emerson abduction, acquired via FOIA, by another very concerned citizen.

    After reading the interview of John Tabor; Gary Michael Hilton’s employer, concerning the events leading up to her abduction and the phone calls made on 01/03/08(while holding Meredith Hope Emerson hostage) at 4:40PM from Weavers Amoco; Marble Hil, GA 30148 and then from the Marble Hill, GA 30148; Huddle House at 4:45PM from GMH, to John Tabor.

    I personally verified that a call from the Huddle House is displayed on ‘Caller ID’, as suspected.

    John Tabor, was interviewed twice by LE (GBI & FBI)and once by the media. He stated that the first call was from a pay phone with a bad connection and he thought the 2nd phone call was from a cell phone.

    I will share the information from the interviews, once I calm down…

  71. At 11:10 tonight, I was sitting on my front porch watching for shooting stars and enjoying the cool mountain air, when I saw headlights of what sounded like a four wheel drive truck, pull into the hidden driveway next to the Abandoned Densmore Farm House, across the river, aproximately 200 yards away, where Gary Hilton held Meredith Hope Emerson, captive in Jan 2008.

    Although I couldn’t see the house I could see lights flicker and hear the loud noises which sounded like vandals. I called Dawson County 911 to report the vandals.
    Since the Kristi Cornwell, abduction, I have been keeping a close eye out on this area. I sat on my porch and listened to the vandalism for aproximately ten minutes while waiting on LE’s arrival.

    Only seconds before their arrival I saw the truck’s headlights leave. I then noticed the flickering of flames. I called 911 back to report a fire in the Farm House and could hear the fire Department being dispatched by the first arriving LE. 911 asked if I had a contact name and number for the Densmore’s. I said yes, that I would call back with the info. When I called back, I could hear the transmission of the Officer of the first arriving Fire Apparatus, “We’ve got a one story frame Fully Involved with Fire!” I walked back out on the porch and the flames were lighting up the darkened night sky..

    Seems the responding LE passed two trucks only blocks from the inferno. They stopped the first truck, while ignoring the second truck; the truck with ‘the Arsonist’ driving away…

    When will LE learn to stage their resources? I overheard them say that this was at least the fourth abandoned house torched recently in the county. Arson is an addiction and the arsonist usually escalates. Who knows, their next fire may tragically have occupants. I do know, this will not be their last, unless they are caught and brought to Justice…

    While writing up the report, I asked the LEO if he knew the history of the old house. He said no and I told him. His response was, “who told you that?” I asked if he knew about the 1994 ‘Deadly Run’ Movie. He said no…

  72. Comment # 145 continued ‘Huddle House’ phone is displayed on caller ID: 770-894-4684, I personally verified this by physically making a phone call from the Huddle House’s phone to another concerned citizen. A simple 911 call by John Tabor on 01/03/08, would have rescued Meredith Hope Emerson, and insured the capture of Gary Michael Hilton. Why wasn’t the call made made? Below is the truth:


    More Info About Hilton Emerging

    More information is emerging about Gary Hilton and the time he spent after allegedly kidnapping Meredith Emerson.

    Thursday, while at a Pickens County Huddle House, Hilton called his former boss, John Tabor.

    “He said he needed some money to get started,” Tabor said. “So I told him I would leave a check for him at the office on Clairmont Road for him to retrieve the following day, Friday.”

    What Gary Hilton didn’t know when he called Tabor was that Tabor had already called the GBI about Hilton. Tabor said he called the GBI as soon as he heard that Meredith Emerson was missing from the hiking trail on Blood Mountain in Union County. Tabor knew Hilton camped in the wilderness there, and based on what he knew of Hilton, suspected Hilton might be the one who kidnapped Emerson.

    So Tabor had already given the GBI Hilton’s name, van description and license tag numbers. Right after Hilton called Tabor, Tabor called the GBI again, and the GBI raced to the Huddle House, trying to catch up to Hilton and Emerson.

    Hilton worked for Tabor’s siding business, Insulated Wall Systems, on and off for ten years. In fact the office on Clairmont Road in DeKalb County was listed as Hilton’s suspected address on his initial kidnapping warrant. at a Huddle House restaurant on Highway 53 in Pickens County.

    What neither Tabor nor workers at the Huddle House restaurant on Highway 53 in Pickens County could have known when Hilton picked up the phone was that Meredith Hope Emerson, was alive and restrained inside Hilton’s van in the restaurant parking lot.

    The GBI said Hilton killed Emerson the next day in Dawson County, one day after calling his former boss to plan his future.

    “That was the last contact I had from Gary Hilton,” Tabor said. “And apparently when they picked him up, he was en-route to get that check.”

    Tabor said he wants Meredith Emerson’s family to know that he did everything he could to help police catch Hilton and save Meredith.

    Tabor is out of state and expects to return home to Metro Atlanta in a few days. He said he never really intended to re-hire Hilton, after a falling out they had last year. He is grieving along with the people at the Huddle House, wondering and agonizing over what more they could have done.


  73. 08-0093-25-08
    6:30 – 7:30 pm
    On Thursday, January 3,2008, ASSISTANT SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE J. C MADDOX spoke via telephone with JOHN TABER [TABOR sic.]in reference to the missing person investigation concerning MEREDITH EMERSON. AGENT MADDOX had contacted TABER to ascertain if he was aware of any telephone numbers that GARY HILTON (suspect in this investigation) may have at this time or may have had in recent months. TABER advised AGENT MADDOX that HILTON had tried to contact TABER on this
    date. TABER stated that at approximately 4:35 p.m. on this date (01-03-08) HILTON had called from what TABER believed to be a pay phone (number 770-893-9922). TABER could not hear HILTON very well. At approximately 4:40 pm., HILTON again contacted TABER on TABER’s cellular telephone. This number was 770-894-4684. TABER did not know where this telephone was located. TABER just stated that the reception was much better. TABER stated that HILTON wanted to borrow money from TABER. HILTON stated that he had gotten his life in order and had turned things around and wanted to come back to work for TABER. HILTON stated he would need approximately seven hundred dollars or eight hundred dollars to get his driver’s license and tags renewed. HILTON had wanted TABER to leave a check at TABER’s business in Decatur. HILTON advised he would come pick it up either that evening or the next date.
    TABER further advised that HILTON had used a cellular telephone that had been purchased for TABER’s business. TABER’s business was in construction and HILTON was a “laborer”. HILTON had used the telephone up until late September or early October of 2007. The telephone number had been transferred to another telephone. That
    . number was inactive on the phone that he had given HILTON. No further information was obtained at this time.
    Page 1 of 2 172798
    Further dissemination is prohibited without written approval of a GBI Supervisor
    EXHIBIT 21
    10 DATA:
    hb 1/22/2008 .
    Page 2 of 2 172798
    Further dissemination is prohibited without written approval of a GBI Supervisor

    Then on Jan. 18, 2008, what finally came to be admitted?

    S/A HOWARD asked TABOR if he attempted to contact the GBI when HILTON had called him on January 3,2008. TABOR became visually upset and began to cry. He stated that he did not attempt to call anyone. HILTON contacted TABOR at approximately 4:41 p.m. and asked him for money. After taking the call, TABOR attended to some business requirements prior to receiving a call from ASAC JESSE MADDOX at approximately 6:30 p.m Though during the phone conversation TABOR told ASAC MADDOX that he had been trying to call, TABOR clarified to S/A HOWARD he had not actually tried to contact law enforcement. TABOR stated that “I thought we had him, the ruse was set up for tomorrow”. TABOR never contacted anyone about a “ruse” or about HILTON calling him. TABOR only provided the information about HILTON’s 4:41 p.m. call when he was directly asked by ASAC MADDOX (OVER THE PHONE in the late evening of Jan. 3, 2008). EXHIBIT 174 (cross ref. Exhibit 21)
    ************************************************** ************************************************** ***
    The phone call to John Tabor was made at 4:41 PM. The response time to the Huddle House; Marble Hill, GA , 30148 by the GBI on 01/03/08 was ‘four hours due to Tabor’s failure to dial 911. The GBI’s time of arrival was 9:00PM.
    Why has this been silenced by the media (Local and National)?
    Precious Innocent Victims Lives depend on ‘Truth in the Media’. They should be ashamed…


  74. Snipet from The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi:

    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    where there is injury, pardon;
    where there is doubt, faith;
    where there is despair, hope;
    where there is darkness, light;
    where there is sadness, joy;

    I Will Not Say Goodbye…

    Wolfscratch: ‘where there is silence, Truth’…

  75. Defense Attorney Inez Suber, has complained that folks were labeling Gary Michael Hilton, as a Serial Killer.
    Now that the Guilty Verdict has been reached in this trial, GMH is officially labeled a

    ‘Serial Killer’…

    FBI guidelines. For some 30 years, police, clinicians, academics and researchers have tried to pinpoint what, exactly, a serial murderer is.

    The FBI, while acknowledging a need for flexibility, refined its definition of serial murders during a 2005 symposium. In short, any definition of serial murders should include several factors: one or more offenders; at least two victims; killings should occur in separate events and at different times; the time between murders separates serial murders from mass murders, which are committed at once and in one place

    Read more: How to Legally Define Serial Killer | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5793755_legally-define-serial-killer.html#ixzz1E84pPQfhy


    Read more: GUILTY: Jury convicts Gary Michael Hilton in 2007 slaying of Cheryl Dunlap | tallahassee.com | Tallahassee Democrat http://www.tallahassee.com/article/20110216/NEWS01/102160318/GUILTY-Jury-convicts-Gary-Michael-Hilton-in-2007-slaying-of-Cheryl-Dunlap#ixzz1E8AnpnBd

  76. Follow the FBI guidelines. For some 30 years, police, clinicians, academics and researchers have tried to pinpoint what, exactly, a serial murderer is. Common themes have been developed, but specifics have varied. The FBI, while acknowledging a need for flexibility, refined its definition of serial murders during a 2005 symposium. In short, any definition of serial murders should include several factors: one or more offenders; at least two victims; killings should occur in separate events and at different times; the time between murders separates serial murders from mass murders, which are committed at once and in one place.

    Read more: How to Legally Define Serial Killer | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5793755_legally-define-serial-killer.html#ixzz1EAMD0Wua

    Gary Michael Hilton: Malignant, Sadistic, Necrophile, Cannibal, Oedipus, Psychopathic Serial Killer, is now official with the Guilty Verdict rendered by the Leon County, FL for the Abduction, torture, Mutilation, Rape, Murder of Innocent Victim Cheryl hodges Dunlap, in the Appalachicola National Forest…


    cp by Wolfscratch

  77. jmportman The attorneys will meet back here at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow to finish up legal issues. 3 hours ago · reply

    jmportman Hankinson would like to wrap up testimony on Friday and send the issue to the jury, but defense may need the rest of the week for testimony 3 hours ago · reply

    jmportman Meggs wants to play part of the 4-1/2 hour interview with GBI where Hilton says things about “when you go hunting, you have to lurk” 4 hours ago · reply

    jmportman Defense wants to preclude the condition of Dunlap’s body and Emerson’s murder in Georgia as part of the state’s aggravating factors 4 hours ago · reply

    jmportman Assistant Public Defender Robert Freidman will be handling the sentencing phase for Hilton. 4 hours ago · reply

    jmportman About to start a procedural hearing on death penalty for Hilton. No live-video feed today. We will resume w/ sentencing phase in a.m. 4 hours ago · reply

    cp by wolfscratch

  78. In GMH’s Death Penalty Trial, The Damning comments concerning the correctional officer Caleb Wynn’s testimony on 02/11/11:

    Most responses were that he didn’t wear a tie, or his attire was’nt apropriate, as he was competing in a fashion show, rather than testifying, and sharing critical-damning evidence in a Death Penalty Trial of a Sadistical, Malignant, Psychopathic Serial Killer for the Savage abduction, torture, mutilation, and murder of Innocent Victim Cheryl Hodges Dunlap…
    Nurse at FSU, Mother, Sister, and Daughter…

    As a Supervisor, He Overheard a conversation between GMH and another inmate (Fred Summers)
    At Officers Station there is an intercom to every inmate’s cell
    Correction Officer Wynn listened without GMH’s knowledge:

    Fred Summers and GMH talking
    GMH said for a life sentence he would tell them where the Head was and that the family would want to know. GMH was ‘Laughing’ about…

    “I’ve Been reading many of the comments concerning the correctional officer’s testimony on 02/11/11. Most responses were that he didn’t wear a tie, or his attire was’nt apropriate, as he was competing in a fashion show, rather than testifying, and sharing critical-damning evidence in a Death Penalty Trial of a Sadistical, Malignant, Psychopathic Serial Killer for the Savage abduction, torture, mutilation, and murder of Cheryl Hodges Dunlap”…

    Correction Officer Wynn listened without GMH’s knowledgeFred Summers and GMH talking . GMH said, “for a life sentence he would tell them where the Head was and that the family would want to know. GMH was ‘Laughing’ about itcontinued-
    The only regret GMH had about Killing Cheryl Dunlap, was getting caught. He could kick his ass everyday for the rest of his life for getting caught.
    ….busy highway…Crawfordville highway

    …when Cheryl Dunlap was killed, he had her for hours and a few days
    He was very selective about who he picked….
    The Victim was a Sunday School teacher and plenty of guys must’ve wanted her….

    When asked by Summers if GMH, had gotten a Rush from the killing, he said “it was like in the Military, you have to go in and destroy the ‘Entire Village’ Like a Warrior”.

    Gary Michael(Mack) Hilton: Serial Killer said, “I am a ‘Hunter, a Professional, a Soldier’ on a Perpetual Mission”.


  79. http://www.wctv.tv/floridanews/headlines/Hiton_Trial_Now_Shifts_to_Defense_116153539.html?storySection=comments

    Videos of Death Penalty Trial: ‘pay Close attention to Prosecutor Georgia (Lady in Red)Capplemans’s final closing statement in Day 8 of the trial:

    Defense Rests Case in Hilton Trial 2-14 Noon
    Hilton Trial Day 7 Coverage
    Day 8 of Gary Hilton Trial 2-15 Noon
    Hilton Trial Day 8 Coverage: Verdict Given
    Hilton Verdict Wrap-Up


  80. http://www.wctv.tv/news/headlines/116396099.html?storySection=comments
    Replay Videos:

    [UPDATE] Jury Recommends Death for Gary Michael Hilton
    Hilton Sentencing: Jury recommends death penalty for Gary Michael Hilton.
    Posted: 5:50 PM Feb 22, 2011
    Reporter: Julie Montanaro, Amy Long, Jerry Askin
    Email Address: news@wctv.tv; julie.montanaro@wctv.tv; amy.long@wctv.tv; jerry.askin@wctv.tv

    Hilton Trial Heads to Sentencing Phase
    Gary Michael Hilton Back in Court for Penalty Phase 2-17 Noon
    Hilton Trial Day 9: Penalty Phase Wrap-Up
    Gary Michael Hilton’s Dark Past 2-18 6am
    Gary Michael Hilton in Court for Penalty Phase 2-18 Noon
    Hilton Trial Day 10: Penalty Phase Wrap-Up
    Death Penalty: A Proper Punishment?
    Hilton Day 10 Wrap-Up: Still in Penalty Phase
    Hilton Trial: Jury Advises Death Penalty (as seen at 6)
    Hilton Trial: Penalty Phase Verdict


  81. http://www.expertlaw.com/library/investigators/serial_killers.html#4

    Serial Killers – A Homicide Detective’s Take
    By Lieutenant Nelson Andreu (Retired)
    Miami Police Department
    Submitted May, 2005

    1.Credentials and Interest
    2.Common Knowledge
    3.Genesis of a Serial Killer
    4.Victim Selection
    5.Victim Objectification
    7.Case Histories
    1. Credentials and Interest
    It was during my tenure of over 20 years as a homicide Detective and Detective Sergeant with the Miami Police Department that I investigated six serial murder cases. I like to think that the experience I gained in those investigations has given me a most rudimentary glimmer of understanding as to what motivates a serial killer in undertaking his atrocities.

    These six serial murder cases, which accounted for the murders of nearly 50 people, all took place in the Miami area. All six offenders were men: two Hispanic/white males, two African-American males, and two white Anglo males. They all had different, although equally macabre, reasons for their acts. Three of the killers confessed their crimes while the others took their reasons to their graves, dying of AIDS while in prison or taking their own lives. The three men who confessed provided us with many, sometimes distressingly vivid, details of how, why, and when they committed their crimes.

    Although part of my job as a homicide detective is to analyze the motives of killers, my interest goes beyond the requirements of my job. I have acquired and extensively studied a lengthy and well-written dissertation prepared by a convicted and, to me unknown, serial killer, and material from this document is incorporated into this article. Because I do not know his name I cannot give specific credit to its author.

    I can, however, vouch for the validity of this document by providing some history about how I obtained it. While working the Rory Conde case, the investigative team was receiving copious leads, but none were panning out. One of the investigators assigned to the Task Force received by mail a letter from a local therapist. The author of this glimpse into a killer’s mind prepared it as part of his psychological treatment at the request of his therapist, who chose to protect the identity of his source. The document that we received was a photocopy of what had apparently originally been handwritten on a lined legal pad in a consistent fine point that appeared to have been ink. The letter was perfectly legible and the printing was so nearly perfect that at first glance it appeared almost to have been typewritten. Close inspection revealed, however, the slight variations of human penmanship. The writing was meticulous, a nearly perfect hand that neatly compacted two rows of text between every two lines. Approximately five pages long, the document showed no mistakes and appeared completely free of erasures, strike-outs, even hesitation. If the writer employed such precision and planning in implementing the hideous deeds he described, it seemed nothing short of miraculous that he was ever caught. With hundreds of years of collective investigative experience behind the assembled investigative team, or Serial Killer Task Force as we were called, we harbored no doubt that whoever had written this document was a perverse, sadistic, frighteningly sick individual who was highly likely to have committed the unspeakable acts that he reduced to writing.

    Revealed in this article are presumably candid thought processes provided by this protected source, as well as information provided by serial killers whom I have investigated. Although serial killers vary in the details of their mental constructs, certain procedural similarities are common among them, and enable us to construct a very general profile. In this article I attempt to track similarities among people who kill strangers.

    2. Common Knowledge
    During the six serial killer cases I investigated, I dealt extensively with Criminal Profilers from both the FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Their training and work experience are extensive and years in the making, and I have found these specialists to be truly invaluable resources.

    First, a few statistics. Keep in mind, of course, that these are generalities; always there will be those who fall outside the bell curve. The following is a consensus of the majority of criminal profilers, based on actual cases they have investigated. Serial killers tend to be mostly white males; between 20 and 40 years of age . Most, although not all, serial killers begin their lives as petty criminals; initially they may have been peeping-Toms, animal torturers, arsonists, or any other of a wide range of pre-killing crimes. I have yet to hear of a provably “upstanding” citizen who begins his life of crime by killing people for personal and/or sexual gratification. In addition, as you may have observed from the examples given above, the “petty crimes” engaged in by nascent serial killers tend away from harmless “pranks” such as vandalism and opportunistic burglary and in the direction of more highly “anti-social” behaviors.

    3. Genesis of a Serial Killer
    Serial killers frequently suffer from low self-esteem, often complicated by some sort of sexual dysfunction. Many were themselves the victims of sexual abuse and/or were raised in violent households. Never having received much training in social graces and lacking in confidence, they tend to be introverted and friendless. Some, like emotional adolescents that never reach adulthood, maintain unhealthy ties to a family member, often the mother. And although certain serial killers have counted their mothers among their victims, in my belief such instances are not sexual in nature, but more a revenge or to halt years of real or perceived domination. In nearly all cases, deviant and recurring sexual desires and fantasies are what drive these people to murder multiple victims.

    Spending much time alone, those who will depart the social norms tend to inhabit an imaginary world. Their fantasies, which in my experience always involve sex, begin small. At first they are able to achieve gratification merely by imagining these scenarios, and in that way they may not differ from other people who for reasons of their own concoct socially unacceptable fantasies that never see the light of day.

    For those who develop into serial killers, at some point imaginary scenarios start to become insufficient. When thoughts and self-stimulation no longer suffice, some of these people may act their visions out in the limited but sometimes quite realistic realm of sado-masochistic sex. In time, even that is not enough. For reasons of their own, some people require more and greater stimuli to satisfy their turbulent desires, until finally they enact the killing of their first victim.

    This is a big step, even for a highly aberrant mind. The perpetrator himself may be shocked and frightened, even disgusted, and it may take a while for the first-time murderer to reestablish his personal mandate. While doing so, he may relive his actions over and over in his mind, thus receiving again that gratification obtained during the actual murder and, perhaps, by doing so actually setting the stage for his progression. Some killers take something, a trophy if you will, from their victim. It may be an article of clothing or a photograph, a swatch of hair or piece of jewelry, something of use to embellish their mental re-living of their actions. This suffices for a while but, in time, their ability mentally to revisit their victim’s demise will fade. By the time this happens, if he has reconstructed his entitlement and begins to hunt another victim, such a person has come to fit the classical mold of a serial killer.

    4. Victim Selection
    How does a serial killer select victims? The traditional school of thought holds that generally they select victims based on certain physical and/or personal characteristics. This assertion presupposes that, within the mind of each serial killer, there evolves synthesis of preferred characteristics and, ultimately, a clear, specific picture of his “ideal” victim, be it male or female, black or white, young or old, short or tall, large busted or small, shy or forward, and so on. Then, when that “typical” serial killer begins an active search for human prey, he will go to certain lengths to capture and victimize only those individuals who closely fit the mold.

    Unexpectedly, I have observed that most serial killers never actually find and kill their “dream victim.” People fitting such detailed and perfected images may not only be hard to come by, but may also not be easily available in the venues haunted by “hunting” serial killers. So when that ideal victim cannot be found, and when their internal impetus becomes powerful enough, they will settle for a substitute. Ignoring for a moment the disparity between deviant human and normal feline behavior, a serial killer can be compared to a hungry lion that lies in wait for his favorite meal. It may be the lion knows an impala has the most tender or tasty meat. He waits for an opportunity to kill and eat the impala and in doing so may allow easy but not-so-attractive prey to pass unmolested. In time, hunger pains growing and no impala in sight, the famished lion will settle for an unwary bird that happens by. After devouring the bird, which gives his hunger a brief respite, the lion again has time to savor the taste of an impala, and the cycle begins again.

    Like the lion, a serial killer just will not defer acting out his urge to kill simply because his “ideal” victim refuses to materialize at his beck and call. But his reason for settling for something less divulges from that of the lion. There are two basic, interrelated reasons for this disparity. The first centers on the extra caution exercised by a serial killer in his search for a victim; the second, upon the nature of the compulsion that drives him to violence.

    CP Wolfscratch.

  82. http://cheryldunlap.bigboardlive.com/f3-wolfscratch-s-wisdom

    Sadistical, Malignant, Psychopathic Serial Killer: Gary Michael(Mack) Hilton


    Meredith Hope Emerson was/is a kindred Spirit & Fighter…She still is…

    01/01/2008 Blood Mountain, GA – Freeman Trail – Frigid weather conditions- aproximately 3:00 PM:
























    GMH: “I am a Soldier on a Perpetual Mission-a Hunter & Professional”:

    Reconnaiassance, Strategy, Tactics- Implementation of the evil Mission…


  83. ——————————————————————————–

    Before January 2008, I couldn’t spell cereal killer.. With the exception of TV Shows and the News, about serial killers prior, I had limited knowledge with the exception of the Wayne Williams; ‘Missing & Murdered’ Children of Atlanta.

    As an Atlanta Fire Captain, I had experienced the tragic aftermath of many Arson Fires & Murders, of which a few may have been comitted by psychopathic serial killers.

    Serial Killers such as GMH, are very creative, deflective, intelligent, manipulative, has keen instincts, and is very knowledgeable of human behavior.

    GMH, is/was a ‘Hunter, and a Professional – a Soldier on a Perpetual Mssion.’
    After suffering through the GBI/FBI interview of his Mother, it is obvious that GMH would have met all the characteristics & traits on Dr. Hare’s Checklist.
    Gary Michael Hilton, in not your ‘run of the mill’ serial killer, or rampage serial killer, that began his reign of terror in October 2007 with John & Irene Bryant(NC).

    Gary Michael Hilton, was an emulator/copycatter of many serial killers prior; a ‘Stealth Predator’, who had confused VICAP and the Experienced and Expert Behavior Analysis Profilers of the FBI, time & time again.

    As in any culture, or in any community spread across this great Nation, there are those who refuse or are unable to adapt to a civilized society, skirting the rules and laws that guide the rest of us through life. Fortunately they are the exception rather than the rule…

    Due to their selfish need to fulfill their evil desires or sexual fantasies, their lack of empathy for others, as well as their self assurance of remaining anonymous or stealth by hiding behind their masks of normalcy (at least in the darkness of their minds), they resort to the unimaginable, or unconscionable..

    These psycopathetic predators, who know no boundaries of sanity, prey on unsuspecting innocent victims. Many of these predators hone their skills with each innocent victim devoured, increasing confidence and causing escalation.Although, most of these predators have an uncanning ability to shield their motives, their expressionless face, hiding behind their fake smiles, combined with their evil lifeless eyes, can not conceal this deceit, to those who are aware or in touch with their natural born instincts.

    Once in the grasp of a prolific Serial Killer, such as GMH, the odds of escaping are severely diminished. The only effective weapon that we all posses, is knowledge and detection:

    Be cautious, adhere to personal Safety Rules, and ‘Trust your Natural Instincts’.
    We all have to be on guard 24/7 and look out for each other to prevent becoming another innocent victim of a Serial Killer or Sexual Predator…



  84. The Prosecution and Defense, both requested silence in the GMH Investigation for over 3 years, and Judge Terry ‘Hanging Chad’ Lewis granted the motions. All of them. Judge Lewis, normally a defender of the 1st amendment, granted all of the silence. I suspect that this is why he was replaced by Judge Hankinson. The Feds requested it from North Carolina.
    All you have to do is compare the Green River Serial Killer Suspect and POI total for two decades: 40, 000, and double that amount for gmh, (stranger abductions) since he was active for 4+ decades instead of only two, and you will see why everyone is silent…

    The truth is an indictment of the Justice Syatem. GMH, undesputably should have been incarcerated since 1982, or before.

    GMH, skirted the Justice System and prison, due to his enablers, Associates, Attorneys; ‘Officers of the Court’..

    Folks, some know, some prolly forgot, and others ignored, but I researched the North GA Judicial District for over a year before the Meredith Hope Emerson tragedy. The indictment rate of the Grand Jury, is upwards of 99%, usually based on circumstantial evidence. I can’t speak for Florida’s indictment rate, but I would suspect that it may be comparable. If you were indicted, could you afford a $250 – $500.00+ Criminal Defense Attorney? I couldn’t, but I did.. Most folks are trapped into using a public defender that is overwhelmed with cases, and will persuade you to plea to a lesser charge.. Simple as that…

    My motivation for investigating them was a kangaroo court atmosphere of intimidation that sent my son; a father of 3, to a maximum security prison(Phillips: Hard Rock Prison) for what amounted to a misdemeanor. The retaliation was due to him calling the FBI Rome, GA office on the local Sheriff, relating to a Colour Blue incident…

    How many folks were suspected, indicted, convicted, or I really hate to think about: executed for GMH & Associates’ evil deeds?
    Do the math..


  85. GMH, applied for Green Beret training…trained SpeciaL Forces: Airborne… failed psychological evaluation…denied ..went awol…Army found that recruiting officer was duped..GMH was under psychiatric care for three years for shooting stepfather Nilo DeBag at age 14 years old…Army realized that they had trained a psychopath, to be a lethal killing machine…

    ‘released him on society’,

    with an honorable discharge, and a thirst for violent death….

    “GMH, “You have to Kill the Whole Village” !!

    SSgt Barry Sadler, Ballad of the green beret


    Wolfscratch .

  86. Bryant family speaks about Hilton, possible charges

    Family members of John and Irene Bryant say it’s been a hard three years since the death of their parents, but they believe justice may be served after a man linked to their parent’s murder stands trial in Florida on an unrelated murder charge.

    Opening statements began Friday in Florida in the murder trial of Gary Michael Hilton, 64. Hilton has already pleaded guilty to the murder of 24-year-old Meredith Emerson in Georgia, where her beaten body was found in a forest. Now he is standing trial and could face the death penalty if convicted in Tallahassee in the murder of Cheryl Dunlap.

    Hilton still has not been charged in North Carolina for the murders of the Byrants, an elderly couple who were hiking in Pisgah National Forest in October 2007 when they disappeared. Irene’s body was found in November, and John’s in February.

    “It’s been extremely hard,” Holly Bryant said Friday. “We would like to see justice done. I am just glad he is off the street. Unfortunately he was able to do this to two other people before he was caught.”

    While the U.S. Department of Justice has not released any information to the public or media since 2008, Holly Bryant said that a lot has been happening behind the scenes.

    “We have been told that anything he (Hilton) says at his current trial can be used against him in a trial in North Carolina,” she said. “The Department of Justice has said they are waiting for the outcome in Florida then plan to pursue charges in North Carolina. They have promised us they will seek charges and they plan to seek the death penalty.”

    Lia Bantavani, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, said Friday that nothing had been filed in the case for Hilton and the U.S. Department of Justice could not comment.

    The Bryants, an older but fit and active couple, had gone on a hike in 2007 and never returned. John, 81, and Irene, 84, of Horse Shoe, were avid hikers and often took strolls in the trails near the Pink Beds in Pisgah National Forest.

    The missing persons case quickly turned into a homicide investigation in November 2007, when deputies found Irene’s body along Yellow Gap Road. An autopsy showed she had been beaten to death. In February 2008, a hunter found her husband’s skeletal remains near Franklin. An autopsy showed he died from a gunshot to the head.

    It did not take long for Transylvania County officials to name a prime suspect — drifter Hilton, identified by police in January 2008.

    Seeking the death penalty is now important to Holly Bryant because of her parents’ stance on capital punishment.

    “My parents strongly believed in the death penalty for horrendous crimes,” she said. “For that reason I am for it as a way to speak for my parents.”

    “We’ve been told there is DNA evidence that links Hilton to our parents’ murders,” she added. “Another reason they have not sought charges, they have told us, is he is in a place where he can’t get away and they assured us they will seek the death penalty.”

    Holly Bryant, who lives in Palm Bay, Fla. , aid while she considered going to Tallahassee to witness Hilton’s trial first hand, she has not done so.

    “I don’t want to take attention away from Ms. Dunlap’s family,” she said. “I don’t think I could do any good and it would upset me, so I haven’t gone.”

    While Holly Bryant said she is thankful Hilton was caught and appreciates what the authorities have done in their investigation, she said it was a citizen’s information that led to his arrest.

    “I want to thank the citizen who reported what they saw that led to Hilton’s arrest,” she said. “It is my understanding that this citizen saw him cleaning blood out of his van and called the authorities.”

    Holly Bryant also has some words of wisdom for older residents who may have restricted their lives after hearing about the Bryant’s tragedy.

    “Something was said at my parents memorial service that stuck out to me,” she said. “They went out and enjoyed life. They weren’t scared. I hope that people will continue to live their lives and don’t let monsters, like Hilton, make them restrict their lives.”

    Holly Bryant, who also enjoys hiking, said that now when she hikes it makes her feel close to her parents.

    “I think of my parents every day,” she said. “I use their values to help guide me.”

    Holly’s brother, Bob, said while the past three years have been hard, he has healed some.

    “I am a member of a support group for survivors of crimes, and that has helped,” he said. “It has still been difficult.”

    Bob Bryant said he is disappointed with the length of time it has taken the U.S. Department of Justice to do something in his parents case.

    “I understand there are multiple cases, but these families deserve justice,” he said.

    Bob Bryant said that it is his understanding the Hilton couldn’t be indicted in his parents death until the Florida trial is complete.

    “He is guaranteed a speedy trial after he has been charged and the Florida case would have tied that up,” he said.

    To keep his parents memory alive, Bob Bryant keeps pictures of them around him.

    “It helps me to remember their pleasant attitude and what great people they were,” he said.


    cp by Wolfscratch

  87. This article on this particular site has been extremly helpful in my drawing a parallel between two serial killers for my English Lit. 1101 class at DSC. Its my first assignment. An A+ on a thesis paper. Thanks for the helpful information packed with detail ans loaded with insight. It makes for such a masterpiece in terms of an article.

  88. I encountered that monster Gary Michael Hilton while hiking at Stone Mountain , North Carolina in January 2007. I was hiking alone and he stalked me while I was at Wolf Rock. He wanted to hike with me and instantly I sensed there was something wrong with him. I am a widow and wanted to be alone, but I had sense enough to not let him know I was up there alone. I told him my husband was on his way up there soon and that he didn’t like for me to talk to other men. I feel like that is the only reason I am still alive. It shocked me exactly one year after I encountered the monster, that he had killed so many people . I am just fortunate to be alive. If you were a female that encountered him in the woods, You never forgot it !!! I continue to hike, but now I make sure I have some protection with me. I have encountered other characters that were creepy like him. I am going to continue hiking and will put up a fight if need be. I won’t be bullied .

  89. gacy is also an interesting one. i too share your interest in serial killers. i have always wondered, even though a lot of us go through the same traumas in our lives, why is it that some lose their impulse control and others dont. its fascinating how the mind works, please let me know if u get any more info on any more killers, i will be greatly interested!

  90. o and if u want a good list of horror movies, let me know. i know a place that has a HUGE selection that arent found in regular movie stores

  91. Quite informative. I was really surpised though that you didn’t have Albert Fish in here. I was just piece on him the other day and this guy really did a mind “Explitive” on me. So bad so that I had to watch some Christian comedy after words.
    This guy killed children and would eat them. He then sent a letter to one of the families. In his confession to the police he included a recipie that included onions and carrots. This guys was a real piece of work. But this is the sort of stuff I look up around halloween.

    Tough stuff though because all of this is real. Sick world we live in. God help us all.

  92. DUUUUUUUDE!!!! How do you not have The Grey Man on this List?!?!?!
    Albert Fish! He tortured, raped, and castrated little boys! Then… he cooked and ate them. He killed and ate a little girl named Grace, then wrote this this letter to her mother some months later:

    Dear Mrs. Budd. In 1894 a friend of mine shipped as a deck hand on the Steamer Tacoma, Capt. John Davis. They sailed from San Francisco for Hong Kong, China. On arriving there he and two others went ashore and got drunk. When they returned the boat was gone. At that time there was famine in China. Meat of any kind was from $1–3 per pound. So great was the suffering among the very poor that all children under 12 were sold for food in order to keep others from starving. A boy or girl under 14 was not safe in the street. You could go in any shop and ask for steak—chops—or stew meat. Part of the naked body of a boy or girl would be brought out and just what you wanted cut from it. A boy or girl’s behind which is the sweetest part of the body and sold as veal cutlet brought the highest price. John staid there so long he acquired a taste for human flesh. On his return to N.Y. he stole two boys, one 7 and one 11. Took them to his home stripped them naked tied them in a closet. Then burned everything they had on. Several times every day and night he spanked them – tortured them – to make their meat good and tender. First he killed the 11 year old boy, because he had the fattest ass and of course the most meat on it. Every part of his body was cooked and eaten except the head—bones and guts. He was roasted in the oven (all of his ass), boiled, broiled, fried and stewed. The little boy was next, went the same way. At that time, I was living at 409 E 100 St. near—right side. He told me so often how good human flesh was I made up my mind to taste it. On Sunday June the 3, 1928 I called on you at 406 W 15 St. Brought you pot cheese—strawberries. We had lunch. Grace sat in my lap and kissed me. I made up my mind to eat her. On the pretense of taking her to a party. You said yes she could go. I took her to an empty house in Westchester I had already picked out. When we got there, I told her to remain outside. She picked wildflowers. I went upstairs and stripped all my clothes off. I knew if I did not I would get her blood on them. When all was ready I went to the window and called her. Then I hid in a closet until she was in the room. When she saw me all naked she began to cry and tried to run down the stairs. I grabbed her and she said she would tell her mamma. First I stripped her naked. How she did kick – bite and scratch. I choked her to death, then cut her in small pieces so I could take my meat to my rooms. Cook and eat it. How sweet and tender her little ass was roasted in the oven. It took me 9 days to eat her entire body. I did not fuck her tho I could of had I wished. She died a virgin.

    If that’s not disturbing, I don’t know what is!

  93. Would like info on Richard Louis Hunter, serial murderer & rape of 4 elderly black women in Atlanta, Ga. Surprised he is not listed. He received 4 life sentences.

  94. Re Countess Bathory: Please keep in mind that more than likely is the fact that she was much envied by her poorer relatives/fellow nobility, and it would not be the first time that a woman was vilified so that her property could be taken away and given to others (usually men). The more enlightened view of her is that while not being very warm and cuddly, she probably was no worse than most of her contemporaries as far as abusing her power (which was unlimited) but that the more gruesome stories are largely false, and were told so that her property could be taken and divvied up amongst her peers. She was a lone female with unlimited wealth in a bad time to be such.

  95. I am in the middle of writing a detective story which there gonna be a serialkiller in it,killing young girls sending the film of the killing process to the victims parents and i want to thank you because this article will be usefull and handy.serialkillers are every where but most of the serialkilling happens in U.S and that is the point.it is said that one of the most common motives of serialkilling is sex and sexual attractions.i want to ask why although there is no restrictions in U.S and there is complete freedom why most of the serialkillers come from U.S the heart of freedom and comfort(due to what the government say)

    • Just because you’ve heard about more serial killers in the U.S., it doesn’t mean the U.S. actually has more of them.

      You’ll hear more about them, because the media here covers those types of stories actively. You’ll hear more about them because we have a larger general population than many other countries (therefore would likely have a greater number than some areas even if smaller countries had a higher percentage). You’ll hear more about them because the U.S. is more capable of catching them than many other places due to the technology available to law enforcement (many countries don’t have the resources to identify those trends and pursue them as aggressively). There are also plenty of countries without much interest in human rights. There murders are allowed to happen or at least not as heavily pursued because the killings aren’t a priority for the governments. And in some of those areas, even if serial killers are caught the government has a lot of control over the media (meaning they can bury those kinds of stories if they make the country or government look bad).

      Don’t make assumptions without considering all the facts.

      And just for the record, the U.S. doesn’t have “complete freedom.” There are laws and restrictions in a lot of ways. And I know many Americans who wouldn’t say it’s the heart of comfort either. Every country has positive and negative sides as well as people who do very well and others who do very poorly or have traumatic experiences. We also have individuals who suffer from mental illnesses — both things that can lead to the behavior of serial killers. It’s not always about where they live….

  96. It is very ironic that the movie “Deadly Run” was made by Hilton and his friend in 95′. It is also about a serial killer (one similar to Robert Hansen)/
    It is obvious Hilton has done his homework on other serial killers and has changed his MOs over the years in order to evade capture for decades.
    He is also quite capable of living “off the grid”.
    It is most likely his body count tops that of Ridgeway. I would love to see many cold cases solved if someone could get Hilton to talk.
    Hilton did not start killing with Meredith, that was towards the end of Hilton’s run. He is too comfortable killing and dismembering. With lack of money being an aggravating factor, Hilton went on a downward spiral. Hilton is likely the most prolific killer in the United States were he to be connected to some cold cases and other disappearances/J Does found.

    Thank you, Wolkscratch, for all your hard work on Hilton’s case. I would love to have seen the pictures of the women’s clothes and purses in those sheds. There is so much evidence there, i would have made sure every little iota was bagged up and tagged. Lord knows how many victims there really are; 180+

    Hilton was also all over the map, he didn’t have a “type” of preferred victim; this is where Wolfscratch’s theory of cannibalism comes into play.

  97. For all u sick people out there wjy dont you stay the hell away from all of us and go to hell where you ALL belong!! And u need to stop think of the kids and the poor others really guys stop being creeps and hang urself to make this worlld a better place!!

  98. You didn’t even gave a psychological reason for there behavior! I mean, yup those guys were eccentric and killing is bad, but wishing that these people should be killed, oh I am sorry, executed in worst way possible is equally barbaric and unhuman. People like these exist and will continue to exist, but if we can learn from them, so we can mitigate further, gruesome killings.

  99. I am very surprised that Albert Fish did not make it on this list. He actually stands out drastically in my mind. The man was a child molester and cannibal… he claimed he “had children in every state,”… he had over 2 dozen needles imbedded in his groin… the way he describes how he killed some of the children… Oh goodness, I think he hits my #1 in disturbing serial killers!!!

  100. This was amazing! I loved how you gave a lot of details! I got to learn way more about all the horrible serial killers and there repulsive ways! Anyways thank you so much!

  101. Hey you forgot to add Efren Saldivar, responsible for hundreds of Deaths and probably the worst Serial Killer in United States History….and the world. Efren was a Respiratory Therapist at a hospital in California who would inject his patients with poison.

  102. OK, his name was Josef not Yosef. Yes, he was pure evil. But not only was he not a serial killer, he didn’t actually murder anyone. He incinerated a newborn babies body after the newborn died of natural causes…that’s the closest he came. He’s the monster who incarcerated his own daughter in his basement prison for 24years and sired 7 children with her

  103. Loving the synopsis type opinion before giving the facts, in complete agreement with you about child killers, I also share your view on the dispicable way some of these…ahem….people….commited their crimes. We are all capable of killing, but just that small percentage of society think it is their god given right to take a life. Be good to add a few more and make the public more aware that there are some ( pardon the language ) fucked up dregs of humanity that can and will prey on us all if we continue to ignore the early signs in childhood.

  104. Recently in Trenton, Ontario in Canada colenal Russel of the Trenton Air Base was caught for the murders of three girls in there early 20’s throughout the city. He is only the tenth documented Canadian serial killer. What was disturbing is that after he killed them he took pictures of himself in their bras and panties.

  105. hi all, dont know how often you visit this site, but if you are like me and you are both horrified and drawn in to wanting to know more about psychopaths and serial killers, or even if you are worried that your interest on such a morbid topic is unhealthy, you gotta read “the Psychopath Test” by a Robson person. both funny, iluminating, somewhat comforting and last but not least like any good book, introducing new theories about ourselves that we can all spend our time pondering on.

    • Pol Pot, Stolen , Obama..: drone strikes on non convicted people just by association better hope they don’t start doing it here. Anywhere in africa has a horror story, Ireland has the english and USA, India has the english , China has China and others., learn history first don’t condone his actions but there is bigger and badder going on today if you don’t wake up you’ll miss it and it will be at your door!

  106. Wasn’t there this other guy who killed over 200 people , partly as a mafia killer, partly because he liked to. He is in prison somewhere in the USA.

  107. I can never forget Anatoly Onoprienko!!!! Also called the beast of Ukraine, he killed a lot of people at differents points of time in Ukraine. He grew up in an orphanage after his father and brothers abandoned him. he would come out at night, break into a house, kill the residents, rob them and then set the house on fire. the police couldn’t catch him for years. The most disturbing part of the story for me was- he was leading a double life. He was engaged to a woman and gave her most of the stuff he robbed as “presents” after returning from a “business trip”.

  108. First off, I would like to point out one very vital absense.

    CHARLES MANSON. He had a cult of over 100 followers (and still has followers today) who are loyally devoted and KILLED for him. That’s pretty freaking scary. What if he hadn’t been caught? He wanted to start a civil war between whites and blacks, for God’s sake!

    Second, forgive me but your logice in listing this is flawed at best. I would think that Jack the Ripper and Zodiac (the only two serial killers in history who were NEVER CAUGHT and for which we have practically no viable suspects) would rank above most of these. I personally believe the most “seriously disturbing” killers are the ones who are never caught, no?

    • There are far far far more than 2 serial killers who haven’t been caught w/ few viable suspects. There are also a great deal of murder victims who have not yet been included in patterns of known /unknown serial killers

    • I personally think Charles Manson is just a psychopath who was smart, not a serial killer or you could say his followers were not smart and just eager to please and willing to do anything to please him it doesn’t make him a serial killer since he never “got his hands dirty.” and their are people who believe that h. h. holmes was jack the ripper.

    • This list is in alphabetical order, not ranked by “most disturbing”.
      “The serial killers profiled below are listed in alphabetical order (by first names) — not in any order based on how “disturbing” I might find them, by race, nationality, etc. “

  109. I would say Albert Fish. Police reports show that a neighbor of his complained of a backed up septic tank or pipes. When they asked Fish if he knew, he simply stated “guts”. The police then searched his apartment and found a boiling hand on the stove, intestines in the pipes, among other things in the refrigerator.

  110. I read about Jack the Ripper and believing that his real name was walter Sicket. I also read that he used so many names and post locations when he wrote to the police, such that the police were really confused and did not just know what to believe. he usuall gave them clues and taunted them with the phrase ” Catch me if you can” . If you must be ineterested, Patricai Cornwell wrote the book that I read entitled ” Portrait of a Killer Jack teh Ripper case closed. This book portrays Jack teh ripper as a renowned artist who was married to Helen and hunted prostitutes. but likely killed some other people who police did not think he did because he used a different modus operandi.Tell me if I just read another fictitious novel by one best selling authors who seems to have some really good arguments like a lawyer can argue a case and win it. I feel tht if she was around during those mysteroius apperences of Waletr Sicket, he could have been caught. or what do you think?Mwempe52

    • Last I read of him as of 2002 he wanted for another murder, after being ditched in Columbia in the middle of the night after 20 years.

  111. I agree with your feelings that those who hurt/kill children deserve “special” punishments. Prison is too good for them. Death is too quick for them. They deserve nothing less than the greatest pain through torture.

  112. Who was the sick guy who kidnapped a prominate Georgia family’s diabetic daughter. He raped, tourtured the young lady and he even would call her parents. He would actually do stuff to himself while talking on the phone with the parents, sister and even investigators. He then called and gave directions to her body. Then he kidnapped a young girl from infront of her trailer park entrance near the bus stop. He then called and gave the directions to that body. All the while he continued to taunt the parents of the first victim. His undoing was mailing a letter from the first victim to her parents. The FBI and GBI worked over the paper and found a phone number empressed into the paper. He turned out to be a house sitter and sometimes worked as a electrician. I have to figgure out who this guys name is for a criminal justice class. He was sentenced to death. Anyways I have to highlight FBI profiler John E. Douglas’ early investigations and the differences and simularities of the killers. The other killers in his early investigations were Wayne Bertram Williams and Robert Christian Hansen. I would apriciate any good pointers as to who this guy was.

  113. To whoever wrote this article: You have written nearly the worst collection of nonsense I’ve ever read. Your pompous, terrible way of attempting to “analyze” a series of prolific and often segregated group of, allbeit, twisted individuals is sad and sophomoric. You seem to write in a way I can only conclude as the way you think. Childishly, selfishly, far too quickly and without any justification at all except trying to make someone think you’ve “got it all figured out.” Seriously, sir/madame, I would suggest you stick to what you know and keep writing short stories for gullible imbiciles.

    • The author may not have written a Pulitzer Prize-winning piece of work, but I give them credit for sharing their thoughts with readers. Your attempt to be condescending is incredibly sad. By the way, a dictionary would have been a great resource for you. You’re a douche, not a douch.

  114. edmund kemper…john frazier…the two who helped make Santa Cruz, California the murder capital of the world. Kemper was particularly insane ahah

    albert fish!!!

  115. scot ur an idiot^^^ chicago almost every year takes the cake for being the murder capital of America.. an as for the world idk.

  116. Very interesting list good read. But some of the comments are odd! Tim Trudel’s comment bothered me. A man kills three women and the part he finds disturbing is the guy wore their bras and underwear. I think the killing part is the disturbing thing!

  117. I kinda think you are a lunatic when THINKING about killing someone ….. imagne how out of whack all those people were !!!!!!!!!! I allmost feel sad for them cos in a way something must have happned to trigger them to become serial killers. Sarah I know you said they should go to hell but maybe thats not the point… maybe for some of them hell would be better than where they were when they lived … just saying … 🙂

    oh and p.s. You forgot daisy de melker … not so wonderfull …. but deffinitly poisonous

  118. Yes, I do know two serial killers who acted worldwide. They murdered both children and adults. They used the name “Lachtner”, but never told me their first names. They were Identical twins. They both received the death penalty in 2002 after being found guilty in International Court. They extorted major amounts of money from many. There is more about this case, but I am not sure where to go with this information yet. I am one of several remaining eye-witnesses to the crimes. Knowing what all this money is for makes me very, very sad and I am gravely concerned for the Diplomacy of the United States Government.

    The way I handled the evidence and situation is hilarious! I first accidently ran across this crime being committed by accident. I was three years old and had no idea what the murder weapon was called, nor did I know anything about death and murder. I found out real fast. This was back in 1971 in the State of Wisconsin, in the United States. It took until 2002 before they were finally executed on the electric chair.

    • Why? If you’re from the lower mainland, you know the contempt these women were treated with. So are you implying it is less of a crime because they were Native? Really, what was the point of your little comment?

  119. There are a few killers spring to my mind. The first being Charles Manson. It was the way he killed those people, and also when you look at him with his evil looking eyes he gives me the creeps big time. John Christie being one of England’s worst killers along with The Acid Bath murderer John George Haigh, and Mira Hindley and Ian Brady.

  120. For the record Charles Manson killed no one, it was those crazy psychos he hung out with that killed people and then blamed him for it. And one of my personal “favorites” is Yang Xinhai from China, he broke into houses at night and killed everyone inside using axes, hammers, shovels and meat cleavers. He also raped most of his female victims. As for whether or not he’s particularly disturbing I can’t say for sure but he did have a disturbingly high number of victims; 67.

  121. why criticise somebody for writting what they think and how they think it? why dont you go and write your own list and lets see how intelligent and analytic you are.mxm.to the writer i think you did a fairly good job-keep it up.

  122. This article is very one sided. Yes, what these people did was awful and horrible, and yes, they are horrible people for doing those things, but can we really judge them? They were terrible for what they did but in some part of my mind we need to realize that a lot of these people are confused, lost, hurting souls. They are dealing with strong demons that their minds just can’t handle. They snap and they begin thinking and doing twisted things. We are just as sick finding what they did fascinating and interesting. Is looking up what they did and thinking about it any different from them thinking about it? The only difference is that they acted on what they thought. These people are humans that did inhuman things. Hate what they did but don’t hate them, and NEVER wish anyone to Hell because it is a horrible place made for Satan and his demons. Instead pray for them and just pray that they have the strength mentally to stand up against the demons that try to control them. I understand if you are a victim’s family, then you have every right to hate, but can we? We are just giving them popularity.

    Also many of the information on here is not true and biased. When analyzing something keep your personal opinion out of it. That ruined the article and actually got quite annoying.

    • You also have the iq of a ceiling fan. Serial killers are generally not confused hurting souls rath very calculated and completely indifferent to victim’s suffering except that they thrive on it. I wonder how your empathy would hold if you encountered such a creature? I don’t think they qualify as human. I say that not as so much “opinion ” but more in biological terms.
      It’s outlooks like yours that make you an easy mark.

  123. One of your favorites?
    If anyone one of you people describes a killer of any sort as “One of my favorites” There is something seriously wrong with you. Serial killers in-particular are incredibly disturbed people. One thing that will hold true in all of them. At one point in time they were just children, unaware and innocent. At some pint in their lives something happened to open up their dark sides.
    Every person on this planet has it them to take another life. What separates them from you is as simple as knowing good from evil. But on the other hand at any time any person can turn into a murderer. A bad day on the freeway, maybe some guy cuts in front of you in line at a McDonalds? You just don’t know when or where that can happen.
    They can assume why certain people do what they do but the truth is they will never really know what makes a person tick.
    They say that at anytime in the United states alone that they are at least 200 serial killers roaming around the countryside just waiting. Maybe it was that kid you picked on in school, maybe its that person you cut off in traffic this morning or maybe its your next door neighbor……
    If you really want to read about the WORST serial killers of all time just pick up a history book or two. Stalin is a great example , no one really knows how many people were killed under his rule, Some earlier in this thread mentioned Hitler. How about the Japanese? How many Chinese men women and children did they slaughter while they were in China? The list can go on and on and on.
    In the end the truth is the only animal on this planet that kills this way are humans. Human nature is a very strange thing.

  124. What about H. H. Holmes the first American serial killer he killed 200 people in a hotel he made specifically to kill like the acid baths he has in his walls and they were mostly female.

  125. Update on Prolific Serial Killer Gary Hilton-

    After 5 years, notorious crime still haunts Investigators….

    FL Supreme Ct Decision- Gary M Hilton
    The full copy of the Supreme Court’s opinion can be found as a PDF document.
    For the foregoing reasons, we affirm Hilton’s convictions and sentence of death. It is so ordered.
    State Attorney Willie Meggs said after Hilton’s sentence in the
    Bryants’ case, the killer will be promptly returned to Florida’s death
    row. The agreement, he said, is confirmed with federal officials.“We loaned him to them,” Meggs said. “We will go get him.”


    (Federal – John & Irene Bryant)
    NOTICE OF HEARING as to Gary Michael Hilton: Sentencing set for 4/25/2013 02:00 PM in Courtroom 1, 100 Otis St, Asheville, NC 28801 before District Judge Martin Reidinger.

    02/19/2013 74 OBJECTION TO PRE-SENTENCE INVESTIGATION REPORT (Sealed – Attorney) by Defendant; (available to: USA, Gary Michael Hilton) (Stevens, Kimberly) (Entered: 02/19/2013)
    02/22/2013 NOTICE
    OF HEARING as to Gary Michael Hilton: In Chambers Conference set for
    3/13/2013 02:00 PM in Chambers before District Judge Martin Reidinger. This is your only notice – you will not receive a separate document.(khm) (Entered: 02/22/2013)
    03/01/2013 NOTICE
    OF HEARING as to Gary Michael Hilton: Sentencing set for 4/25/2013
    02:00 PM in Courtroom 1, 100 Otis St, Asheville, NC 28801 before
    District Judge Martin Reidinger. This is your only notice – you will not receive a separate document.(khm) (Entered: 03/01/2013)

    As part of a plea agreement with prosecutors, Gary Hilton pleaded guilty Tuesday to the murders of John and Irene Bryant in 2007. He will be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

    When announcing the plea, U.S. Attorney Anne Tompkins said:

    Our hearts go out to the Bryant family. No action by the criminal justice system can soothe the pain they must live with because of the actions of Gary Hilton. This is a just outcome, reached after consideration of all the facts and circumstances of this case. We trust that the fact that Mr. Hilton will spend the rest of his life in a prison, locked away from all civilized society, will bring some closure, if not comfort, to the Bryant family.

    Robert Bryant, the son of the victims, said:

    He should have been put to death a long time ago. If ever there was a crime that deserved the death penalty, this was it. The practical outcome of this is that Hilton will suffer no additional penalties for the murders of John and Irene Bryant. These two are freebies, and that will bother me until the day I die.

  126. I have to put two things straight. Ed Gein only killed two people last time I knew a serial killer killed more than just 2 people. and Albert Fish was caught because of the letter he sent to a victims family. In my opinion Ed Gein is not a serial killer he was too closed off from the world. Albert Fish on the other hand was a sick and twisted freak.

  127. Um this one isn’t actually real but it’s still disturbing and creepy but he is Jeff the killer basically he was burned in a fire and his face was bleached white after that he went insane and carved a smile into his cheeks and burnt out his eyelids. He then killed his mother, father, and brother and he crawls into the window of random people and watches them until they wake up and then he says go to sleep and slits there throat and even butchers them.

  128. My question to all is,
    If a man puts a gun at your forehead and cocks the gun and says he’s going to kill your Wife and your 3 month old Daughter if you don’t sell him drugs, that you have never had part of, should this be taken serious or do you think that it should be crossed off as a learning experience as law enforcement told me to do. How would you handle that on both ends? ( This is a True Situation ) 1988

  129. Nice list. However I felt that yeah sure leave out the famous ones but to have Jeffrey Dahmer & Ted Bundy and not have Edmund Kemper and/or Albert fish is surprising to say the least. Especially as you said that Jeffrey’s crimes were far too depraved to leave him out. I feel Albert Fish fits the same bill by combining Luiz Garavito and Dahmers crimes (cannabalism & and homicidal pedophilia), with the added sadism of writing and sending a letter describing in graphic and disturbing detail his acts and the perverse decadent pleasure he got from it. To top it off in my opinion he mentions, as if it were an act of mercy, how he didn’t rape her in the process. Dude was just sick.

    And saying the act of decapitating his victims was enough to land Ted Bundy on this list begs the question about Kemper, he did the same thing with the added depravity of physically using the head for sexual satisfaction. Then he takes it (to me) to the extreme by savagely beating in his mother’s head with a hammer as she slept, removing her head, and then “humiliating her corpse.” As he puts it. It’s also disturbing when you consider how like the zodiac killer he was never caught, he turns himself in.

  130. very cool read,you did a great job picking these monsters….i just want to say that i know who Jack the ripper is,i have done my homework very well but i also have a gift most don’t have that helps me with this.Jack the ripper is George Hutchinson! 100%! it is very hard to sit and watch documentaries that have cops that are doing the hunting yet they are making the same mistakes the police did back in 1888.

  131. One killer you did not include was Albert Fish. He was a rapist and a cannibal. He claimed to have One child in every state and he was sentenced to death by electric chair. He also sent a letter to one childs parents describing how he killed and ate her. There is a Vocaloid song based off this called Secrets Of Wysteria.

  132. David Parker Ray is another “disturbing” serial killer. Also known as “the toy box” killer. He did some pretty messed up stuff and recorded an audio tape of his methods of torture for his victims. He would fit on this list.

  133. Dr Julian Gojer of Toronto Convicted of Drugging and raping two woman and killing a third one with the drugs he used to render his victims unconscious before raping them. Date fall of 2000. Psychiatrist gets off with a slap on the wrist and works as a psychiatrist regardless of criminal negligence against him.

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