10 Weird Things Invented in 2014 You Will Actually Die to Get

Every year hundreds of new genius products are created and keeping track of them is not always possible. Here is a compilation of the 10 greatest and most unusual inventions that you never knew were created in the past year or that you needed in your life.

1. Schiller S1 Water Bike


For cycling enthusiasts who live near a body of water, join the two by getting a water bike by Schiller. Not only is it great for the environment and good exercise, but it is easy to carry and store in its carry-on bag. The bike moves by simply pedaling to work the propellers.

2. Jibo – The world’s first family robot



Jibo is a social robot that not only could tell you if you have a missed call or an upcoming appointment, but could also order you takeout and provide your children with educational games. It is kind of creepy to have a robot watching you at all times due to nightmare situations in feature films, but interesting enough to give it a try.

3. Xoo Belt will charge your smartphone on the go



The practicality of having a clothing item that doubles as a phone charger is not lost on those living in the 21st century as it seems all our work is connected to our smart phones. With the ability to fill your device battery at least once, the durable weather-proof XOO belt can be powered up by plugging into your computer.

4. Zano — A micro-drone that snaps selfies while flying


2014 introduced us to the fad of the selfies. For those daring to take the ultimate selfie, Zano is an ultra-portable micro-drone that could be used to shoot footage for up to 15 minutes per battery and is controlled by your smartphone all while flying.

5. Ringly — A stylish ring with a surprise



At times it seems rude to have your phone out, whether at the dinner table or in a loud place where it isn’t convenient. For those who seem to be superglued to their smartphones the Ringly is a bluetooth-enabled smart ring that comes in different colors that alerts regarding notifications received based on customized colorful lights. Now be notified of the amount of likes you are getting on Facebook without having to actually check your phone.

6. Zuta — A palm sized printer



A handy printer the size of your cupholder, Zuta seems amazing and worth a try to have for those situations where you really need to print information on the go. If anything, it could be used to impress your coworkers and friends by simply showing them its function. All the user has to do is put the gadget on a piece of paper and it will print the necessary information.

7. SA™ – The new way to umbrella



Ever tried to imagine an umbrella in a shape that could be continuously changed? SA™ provides a geometrically different umbrella made up of recycled materials said to be more effective in keeping the rain off your face. Although you may receive some stares walking down the street if it helps from getting drenched they’ll definitely be worth the have one.

8. Whistle lets you spy on your pet while you are away




As a pet owner, the worry of what your animal is doing at all times while you are unable to be with them is unavoidable. The Whistle monitors your pet’s movements, creates trends and sends updates. The gadget, which gets attached to any collar, will allow for you to track the location of your pet to ensure they never get lost again.

9. My SCiO – World’s first pocket molecular sensor


For foodies interested in the chemical makeup of their food or a naturally curious person SCiO is a tiny molecular sensor that could be used on the go. The information is directly sent to your phone letting you know exactly what you’re researching. Try it out on your household foods to see if the ingredients match.

10. Digitsole — Super-smart insoles


Ever sat in a car and wondered if you could have those seat warmers on your feet instead because they seem to freeze every winter? With Digitsole the wearer is able to decide the temperature they would like to toast their feet, while at the same time counting their steps and calories burned due to the technology of the insoles that are controlled by your smartphone.

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