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    6 Renovation Tips to Give Your Restaurant a Facelift

    People visit restaurants to get a break from cooking, hang out with friends and family, eat delicious food, and enjoy some time away from everyday life. Renovation projects encompass a wide range of building activities from smaller projects such as painting and changing the flooring to gutting out and starting from scratch. To ensure that […] More

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    The Top 25 Luxury Hotels Around The World

    Ranking the best hotels in the world is difficult. Every individual hotel comes with similar services and functions, and yet each is unique in its features and specialties. Here is a countdown of twenty-five of the best hotels the world has to offer. Happy travelling! 25. Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, Mexico This Four Seasons […] More

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    10 Weird Things Invented in 2014 You Will Actually Die to Get

    Every year hundreds of new genius products are created and keeping track of them is not always possible. Here is a compilation of the 10 greatest and most unusual inventions that you never knew were created in the past year or that you needed in your life. 1. Schiller S1 Water Bike For cycling enthusiasts […] More

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    5 Beautiful Templates for Your Facebook Page Timeline Cover

    Back in February Facebook rolled out a new design for Facebook pages called Facebook Timeline. The hugest difference between the old and the new layout is the huge horizontal cover photo which many businesses eagerly embraced. Time flies fast and many Facebook Pages have not updated their Timeline cover as yet. Are you the owner […] More

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    10 Creative Ideas for Great Business Cards

    Business cards are great marketing tools. They give you the chance to leave a mark on a potential client, explain who you are and how to contact you, and sometimes even get you a free lunch when you toss them into those restaurant bowls. What’s not to love? What tends to happen, however, is that […] More

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    10 Flickr Groups for Green Inspiration

    There is no denying that green is one of the most vibrant and beautiful colors in nature. It is a sign of life and vitality, bringing to mind spring and summer, leaf-covered trees and mountains. People use it in numerous dyes or fill their homes with houseplants to bring a little of the shade indoors. […] More

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    Space-Inspired Designs: Trends and Examples

    In the last few years, science-fiction has once again become huge. The concept of space and time merge to create a new genre of futuristic entertainment, and it is slowly leaking into other categories as well. Art and design are good examples of this. From murals for bedrooms and DIY home decor kits to the […] More

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    5 Cute Mascots in Logos

    Remember your university mascot? How it brought character to your school team? How it made cheering much more fun? How it brought smiles and cheers to everyone each time it grooved to the music or the band? There is no doubt a mascot makes any brand pop out, may it be a school or a […] More

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    10 Infographics to Visualize American Living by State

    The following is the guest post Jennifer Moline who writes about small business, graphic design, printing and freelancing for the PsPrint Blog as well as for other graphic design websites. PsPrint is the premiere company printing online booklets, brochures, envelopes, etc. What’s an easier way to learn the quirkiest facts about the US states than […] More

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    A Look into a Pictogram Poster

    There are plenty of ways to use simple designs for posters, especially when it comes to movie posters. We have seen a major resurgence in the whole minimalist design format in recent years, and in 2011 especially. But older posters had them a lot, such as in the 1980’s when it was common place to […] More

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