Beautiful Underwater Photography

We love water photos here. But what about underwater photos? We imagine them to be some of the most difficult not only to take, but to take clearly. After all, would you want to model under water? Yet these are some of the most amazing photographs we’ve found. Underwater photos can go from silly to sensuous to spooky. And some are just downright strange. Here are some of our favorite underwater photographs. Let us know what you think.

Photo by Recycle Bean

Photo by jayhem

Photo by Kal.LKL

Photo by laverrue

Photo by charamelody

Photo by RobertPaul.

Photo by DanielJames

Photo by frecklemel

Photo by Ibai Acevedo

Photo by mgleiss

Photo by Carlitos

Photo by Elisabeth Moore

Photo by mgleiss

Photo by BurlyInTheBay

Photo by Mark Mawson

Photo by mrjorgen

Photo by MichaelKuhn_pics

Photo by Neil Krug

Photo by AndrewEicks

Photo by mscitykitty1

Photo by Soon Tong, Ashburn Eng


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