5 Cool Commercials That Went Viral on YouTube

Most people don’t watch television for the commercials (aside from the famous Super Bowl ads perhaps). But every now and then a video ad is so amusing or informative or just downright strange that it goes viral in social media, usually with the help of YouTube.

Let’s take a look at five examples of commercial advertisements that became viral video sensations. While you can also find infomercial demonstrations going viral, these examples are more mainstream. And you’ll notice they share one thing in common — they’re the kinds of ads that make people smile.

Please note that these are just examples, and don’t necessarily represent those with the most views overall. They are in no particular order. If your favorite ad that went viral isn’t included here, we invite you to share them in the comments below.

1. Old Spice Guy


The Old Spice Guy commercials made a big splash in the social media world recently. Their combination of video ads, Twitter interaction with customers, and videos in response to customer questions all play a role in the brand’s viral video success. There have been several Old Spice Guy commercials that have gone viral on YouTube, but here’s my favorite.


2. GEICO Squirrels


Sometimes it seems like squirrels have a death wish given how often they run out in front of cars. Or as GEICO shows us, maybe they have something else in mind….

3. Volkswagen: The Force


This was a previous Super Bowl ad that went viral and had the young actor dressed as Darth Vader all over the news for a while after the game. It’s too cute to miss, even if you’re not a Star Wars fan.


4. Snickers Halloween


This funny Halloween commercial from Snickers is a great example of how even extremely simple concepts and shots can go viral in the Internet Age.

5. Cadbury’s Gorilla


Here’s a cute ad from another candy company — Cadbury — that went viral. Again we have an example of a pretty simple concept, showing that you need to be creative, not complicated, to get people’s attention. This is an older ad from 2007, and if you search YouTube you’ll find quite a few remakes from fans.

What’s your favorite commercial that went viral on YouTube? Do you think the concept of viral videos has made the advertising industry more creative at all in recent years? Share your thoughts and favorites in the comments below.

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