Are You Eligible for Savings as a Member of These Groups?

If you love saving money you’re probably used to shopping sales and clipping coupons. But if you’re a member of certain groups, you might have access to even more special discounts you weren’t previously aware of.

Let’s look at four groups that get access to special savings, and the kinds of things you can save money on if you’re a member.

Senior Citizen Discounts

Perhaps the most common and well-known group receiving discounts is senior citizens. Retailers, restaurants, and entertainment outlets like movie theaters often have discounts for those aged 65 and older. Seniors can also frequently save on travel, such as hotel rates or transportation.

For example, in 2018 the Railways Minister announced senior railways discounts of 25% for those aged 65 and older, with those over 75 years old able to ride for free.

Senior discounts aren’t always advertised in a highly visible way. So don’t be afraid to ask your favorite establishments if they offer these special rates.

Student Discounts

Students are another group often eligible for special discounts, ranging on everything from software and books to clothing and food at restaurant chains. Like seniors, students also can save on travel with discounts typically available on airline tickets and hotel rooms.

To take advantage of student discounts, you’ll usually need an active email address tied to an educational institution like your university. For local discounts, you’ll generally need to show your student identification card.

Military / Veteran Discounts

All across the world, active duty military (and veterans) are offered special deals as well. Sometimes these come in the form of government-sponsored benefits, but there are also plenty of private sector deals available.

For instance, servicemembers might be eligible for military discounts on autos, airline tickets, and membership fees (such as for PakVest’s real estate investing services).

If you’ve made sacrifices to serve your country, you – and sometimes your family – are entitled to certain benefits. Check with the companies you most often do business with and see if they offer any military savings.

Discounts for Parents

New parents sometimes struggle when adjusting family budgets to account for new arrivals. After all, having children is expensive no matter where you live.

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Some companies offer special discounts specifically to parents of multiples (twins, triplets, etc.) which can help with the overwhelming costs of suddenly raising two or more new little ones. But others offer parent or family discounts no matter how many children you have.

Amazon, for example offers the Amazon Family program for Prime members, letting users save 20% on subscriptions for products like diapers and baby food. Plus, you’re eligible for this discount even while you’re still expecting.

Saving money doesn’t always have to mean lowering your standards or settling for less. If you’re a member of one of these groups, you might have access to special deals and discounts on the things you already know, love, and purchase anyway. A good way to find these discounts is to ask around in your network – among other seniors, students, veterans, or parents.

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