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    The 28 best films of all time you’ve probably never seen

    When it comes to awards and appraisal, there are some films that clean up every year. In 2017, we had “La La Land” and “Moonlight,” while 2016 saw “Deadpool,” “Rogue One,” and “Finding Dory” take the stage. With so much attention on these superstar blockbusters, it becomes far too easy for a quality movie to […] More

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    Most Beautiful Places In The World

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    Pages: 1 23 Everyone views beauty in different ways and what one person considers to be beautiful may be completely different to how other people view it. These beautiful places from all around the world are, in their own right, beautiful.  Consisting of everything from individual monuments to expanses of water and ancient villages to […] More

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    Feline Friends And Funny Photos

    There’s no doubting that cats of all shapes and sizes are beautiful to look at and for the most part, beautiful to be around, too. However, as the saying goes, their beauty is very often only skin deep and whether they mean it or not, their sleek, sophisticated and sensual personality can be lost in […] More

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    The Cute And Cuddly Members Of The Animal Kingdom

    All animals, just like humans, have a cute side to them.  They may be a predator naturally when in the wild, stalking their prey with instinct and catching it with skill, but there will come a point when it will be nothng other than cute. The following photographs of an array of different animals shows […] More

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    The Most Unusual Looking Animals

    Whether it is a cute and fluffy pet dog or a sophisticated yet savage tiger, the vast majority of people love some form of animal – and with their being in excess of a million different animal species currently in the world, there are bound to be a few unusual looking creatures amongst them. Aye-Aye […] More