Every perfect relationship has these 20 things

Your relationship is not perfect if you and your partner are not experiencing these 20 things. And it goes beyond when the exciting times you have shared culminates in a big wedding.

Romantic moments

Long and delicious kisses. Some cuddling and alone time with your other half.


Knowing what the other person wants to say before they say it. Know your partner’s strengths and weaknesses.


The willingness to give and support the other person’s growth and joyfulness. You should be happy to share. Surprise them with a special gift or take a needed action to make them smile every now and then.


Yes you can know that with the other person there is a bond that goes beyond physical connections, but also emotional connections. You can confide in them and let them know about your worries and fears.


You can say those things that should be said and you can expect to be told those things you should be told.


No one is perfect after all. But by forgiving or accepting the other person’s apology you both can heal and move on.


Letting the other person know you appreciate them and being thankful for their presence in your world makes them become better for you.


Laughter is good for the soul. You can’t afford to be in a relationship where no jokes are said and no memorable times are made.


Honesty is vivid and every perfect relationship needs this to help find a foothold on trust.


No one is perfect but someone needs to be accepted for their flaws and imperfections. We all deserve to be tolerated in a relationship.


You can’t ignore the importance of this powerful feeling. Every perfect relationship needs love from both persons involved.


Every great relationship should have a projection or direction. It should be headed for somewhere purposeful.

Stepping out of the box

Routines can get boring. Sometimes to reignite a spark you would need to do something out of the norm or get creative to make the other person see the depth of your love and appreciate new experiences.


You are really not going to look ahead at the so many fantastic possibilities ahead of you if you do not reflect on how far you have come. Every couple should practice self-awareness and know what they have either added to the relationship or should add to the relationship to make it a more solid haven of love.


Let the other person know they have a shoulder to lean on. Yes they may have their doubts but you should serve as a pillar of hope and optimism.


Communication is important but sometimes it is all about listening to what the other person has to say.


You have to learn to respect the other person’s opinion and thoughts. Respecting your partner means you also earn their respect.

Look good

Look good for your partner. Let them adore what they see, your beauty, your attitude and goodness. Yes your physical appearance also has a strong role to play in making them love you.


You need to see the other person in a beautiful way, a way you may never have seen them before.

Time apart

You don’t have to be together all the time to establish connections or make the other person fond of you. Time apart could make the heart grow fonder. And yes we all appreciate our personal space and time, it simply makes us understand how much we would need someone else to thrive if we can’t go at our goals alone.

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