8 Celebrities Who Were Made Stunningly Beautiful By Plastic Surgery

There is something about cosmetic surgery, it improves and enhances looks. There is the desire to boost confidence in the celebrity world and perhaps enhancing breasts, touching up eye brows and beautifying lips could be the best way to get this done. Here are 7 celebrities who have enhanced their beauty with cosmetic surgery.

Blake Lively

Star of “Gossip Girl” wasn’t as beautiful and attractive when she started her career in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” What made her one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood? She fixed her nose which were a lot bigger and augmented her chest which was certainly flatter.

Kate Middleton

Wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge had to go under the knife before her wedding. She is rumored to have done a possible hair extension, undergone a rhinoplasty, had lip fillers and Botox on her forehead. She definitely looked stunning on her royal wedding day.

Scarlette Johansson

You should know Scarlett Johansson if you have seen movies like Iron Man 2, Manny & Lo, Avenger and The Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015. To achieve a more beautiful look she had to undertake a series of rhinoplasty surgeries. Perhaps a few nose jobs were done to enhance her looks as well.

Demi Moore

Even though Demi Moore is in her 50’s, she looks much younger. She has done well to improve her looks with a tasteful dose of plastic surgery. She has done a brow lift, thigh implants, lip injections, liposuctions and Botox treatments.

Jennifer Lopez

Even though she has denied claims of having Botox on her face, her denial has only sparked tensions. Jennifer Lopez is reported to have done a Botox treatment to smoothen her face. The author, singer, fashion designer and producer tend to look more stunning over the years. You can’t ignore the fact that her eyebrows are better and her figure has been enhanced.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox has starred in Transformers amongst other movies. She definitely has looked more beautiful with Botox ingredients. The American actress and model may not be looking as natural as she used to, but she looks more attractive with the heavy Botox treatments.

Ashlee Simpson

When you have Jessica Simpson as an older sister, you should know it would be a struggle keeping up to her tracks. It is hard not living in such person’s shadow. However although they are both beautiful, Ashlee needed to get her nose done. According to her father on Fox News, “Girls have their own ideas. Anyway, there was a real problem with her breathing and that was cured.” We don’t really buy that she was having trouble with her breathing. That being said, we do think she looks better since she had it done.”

Diane Kruger

The German actress and model may have felt uncomfortable when she had a flatter chest. But her flawless breast implants must have given her a career boost and made her adoring to her fans. Not only does her breast now look right sized, she also looks younger and beautiful.

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