Instagram Android Free App for Fast, Beautiful Photo Sharing

Android users are excited to know that Instagram now has an Android version of their very popular photo sharing app that makes it easy to add filters and then share your photos instantly.

Find out more Instagram Android news or download Instagram Android from the Google Play Store. Read CNet’s Instagram Android Review or check out the video below.

Silly Kid Photo

In the Instragram Blog you can see photos from all over the world and find out whose are being featured. They also post photo tips and have a weekend hashtag project that asks readers to share photos on a particular subject.

Handy Official Instagram Links:

Many are comparing IOS Instagram with Instagram Android. This is one of the better videos that shows how to use Instagram Android and compares it side-by-side with the IOS Instagram App.for iPhones:

Now Android users can join the over 30 million people sharing their photo in the
Instagram Community and see what photos being shared are the most popular,

Download Instagram Android

Wondering where you can download Instagram Android? Many Android review sites and app stores offer it and provide more extensive details plus reviews and ratings so you can make better Android App choices.

Android sites considered reputable include Android Market  ~ AndroidZoom ~ Androlib ~ AppBrainAppsLib ~ GetJar

Instagram Android Alternatives

There are other apps that are similar to Instagram and some tech writers like them better. One that is often mentioned as best is the Instagram Android alternative StreamZoo. You could watch the video below to compare it to the Instagram video above:

Unique Uses for Instragrams:

What are you waiting for? Have you downloaded Instagram or a similar Android App?
Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comments!

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