Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

As a bride-to-be, I know one big challenge for brides is designing the perfect wedding bouquet that fits everything from their color scheme to their wedding style. I’m having a simple garden wedding at home, so I plan to go with a simple white and purple calla lily bouquet, with my maid of honor carrying a smaller calla lily bunch.

The options are seemingly endless though. From traditional roses to bouquets that aren’t even made of flowers, there’s something for everyone. If you’re planning a wedding (or you just love weddings and flowers), here’s some bouquet design inspiration that you might enjoy.

Simple, Yet Elegant

These first two bouquets are about as traditional as you can get. They feature roses, without any kind of embellishment. Roses make for beautiful bouquets, whether alone or combined with other flowers you love. And as a common symbol of romance, it’s hard to go wrong with them.

red rose bouquet
Credit: E’Lisa Campbell (via Flickr)
pink rose bouquet
Credit: Bryan T (via Flickr)

Simple, But Spiced Up

These next two wedding bouquets also incorporate roses as the primary flower. But they add a bit of extra color. In both cases we see white roses combined with a splash of purple. What sets them apart is the basic style. The first is more elegant, ideal for a traditional wedding. And the second has a “wild” feel to it thanks to the eucalyptus sprigs, making it a gorgeous adaptation for an outdoor wedding.

White and purple wedding bouquet
Credit: Lori Photography (via Flickr)
white and purple wedding bouquet
Credit: Katy (via Flickr)

An Infusion of Color

Looking for something a bit brighter and bolder for your wedding bouquet? The sky’s the limit. You can combine any flowers you can get your hands on into the wedding bouquet of your dreams. Not sure where to start? Look at these bouquets for some color and flower combination inspiration.

Bright fall wedding bouquet
Credit: jjjj56cp (via Flickr)
Bold wedding bouquet
Credit: Kikuko Nakayama (via Flickr)
Summer wedding bouquet
Credit: Kanonn (via Flickr)
Bright wedding bouquet
Credit: Natalia Wilson (via Flickr)

Pale and Perfect

These next two bouquets cross from the ultra simple and stark white to a more whimsical pale option. Use these as inspiration if you’re working with a minimal color palette for your wedding or if you just aren’t into bolder, brighter floral displays.

White rose wedding bouquet
Credit: tibbygirl (via Flickr)
Whimsical wedding bouquet
Credit: Christy Tucker (via Flickr)

For the Off Beat Bride

Are you the crafty type? Are you planning a total DIY wedding event? Do you simply live in an area where lovely fresh flowers are tough to come by (at least in the season when you’re getting married)? No matter what your reason, not all brides want a bouquet of traditional flowers. If you fall into that group, here are some beautiful crafty solutions that might suit you.

Felt wedding bouquet
Credit: Laura Burns (via Flickr)
Paper wedding bouquet
Credit: Mary Thompson (via Flickr)

Did you already choose your perfect wedding bouquet? Feel free to share links to your bouquet photos in the comments, and offer other brides to be even more wedding bouquet inspiration!


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