10 Oh-So-Funny Balcony (Architecture) Fails

One needs plenty of documents and money to get the construction approved. You need plenty of smart people to create the plan, schedule the work and organize everyone.

And when at the end you see such a fail, how can you explain it?

1. Worth the effort?

Was that pole actually so necessary?

Balcony fail

2. Still in use?

I wonder is anyone still trying to use that railway?

Balcony fail

3. No door?

So I am sure those balconies do have some purpose but I just can’t see which one:

Balcony fail

4. Invisible balcony?

I hope it is and not just a balcony that fell down on someone’s head!

Balcony fail

5. Public toilet?

“Public” is not in the meaning it’s open for public but in the meaning that it can be seen by anyone:

Balcony fail

6. Mini-balcony?

Balcony fail

7. Just anything you may need!

This is actually not an architectural fail. It may even be a win: at least this person definitely never throws anything away!

Balcony fail

8. DIY Fail

Ok , the architectures of this building didn’t put balconies into the plan. No panic! With just some effort you can add a balcony yourself. Who cares that it looks weird?

Balcony fail

09. Abandoned effort

This could actually look nice if they hadn’t forgotten to add a floor and maybe some walls:

Balcony fail

10. Balcony nest

Not sure what it is but I guess that thing that looks liek a nest serves the balcony roof:

Balcony fail

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