Paradox Signs – Best of the Best Road Signs Collection

The following collection of signs aims at the following: it’ll make you want to look at each photo at least twice. That’s actually the beauty of paradox

Paradox is a statement that contradicts itself, and let’s see how paradox can be reflected in the road signs:

Elevator >>>

This building kicks it old-school style. If you want to elevate your ass, take the stairs.


by The Opus

2. No Target Shooting

It is funny how this weird direction is being followed.

No Target Shooting

by drurydrama

3. No Eating in Food Court

It’s like no people in human court, right?

No Eating in Food Court

by ronk53

4. A Quirk of Evolution

Warthogs, Giraffes, Zebras, Hunting Dogs, red River Hogs, Okapis and at last… Toilets!

A Quirk of Evolution

by dr_loplop

5. Keep off the Grass

OK, at least this one is easy to follow!

Keep off the Grass

6. On This Spot in 1764…

Nothing happened!

Nothing happened

by binini

7. Keep Right OR?

Keep Right OR

by Music4mix

8. This Is Not a Photo Opportunity

…Or maybe it is after all:

Not a Photo Opportunity

9. This Really Sounds Wrong:

Vietnamese cooking in the Japanese kitchen:

Vietnamese cooking in the Japanese kitchen

10. Whichever you choose…

Or maybe both:

For help

Written by Kate

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