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    10 Scariest Bridges in the World

    For some people, the ideal vacation revolves around luxury hotels, posh restaurants, full service spas and exotic resorts – the finest that money can buy. For others, travel is more about adventure. They don’t want to pampered. They want to leave comforts behind them and go where most people never dare to go, and see the sights […] More

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    Cute Country Cottages

    There’s something simple yet elegant about country cottages. Maybe it’s the tranquility of small town and country living. Or perhaps it’s the bit of history many country cottages share. No matter what it is that makes the country cottage so appealing, there’s no denying that they’d make a perfect escape from the day to day […] More

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    Tunnel Vision

    I love tunnels. There’s just something about that narrow vision that piques my interest. It probably has something to do with the mystery of it. You’re trapped almost, and you only have two ways out — in front of you or behind you. Sure, you could go back. But where’s the fun in that? You […] More

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    Intriguing City Landscapes

    Everything feels so fast in a city. Time just seems to fly by. But what if you could hit a “pause” button and capture a glimpse of city life, peaceful and quiet and calm? What if you could just soak it in for a while, with a new appreciation for city life? Well, thanks to […] More

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    The Ruined Beauty Of The Past

    We just don’t make things like we used to. And sometimes the only glimpses we still have into ages when beautiful architecture ran rampant are through ruins. But don’t let that word fool you. “Ruined” or not, you can still enjoy the splendor and beauty of days gone by, and have a bit of mystery […] More

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    10 Oh-So-Funny Balcony (Architecture) Fails

    One needs plenty of documents and money to get the construction approved. You need plenty of smart people to create the plan, schedule the work and organize everyone. And when at the end you see such a fail, how can you explain it? 1. Worth the effort? Was that pole actually so necessary? More

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    Speed Photography: The Life of Cities

    The big city. Urban jungles. A concrete oasis. Whatever you prefer to call them, metropolitan areas / cities showcase their own kind of beauty. No, they might not have gorgeous flowing landscapes. But they have their own allure. The lights racing by at night remind us that the city is alive while the rest of […] More

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    Photos of Abandoned Buildings: Modern Day Ruins

    When you think of ruins, it’s likely that you think of things like old castles, forts, or cottages — run-down pieces of history from long ago. But the world is full of modern day ruins too, from former homes where people couldn’t afford the up-keep to factories no longer in production. In this photostream you […] More

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    Cityscapes: 25 Photos of City Streets

    I love cities. I love their beauty and candor, their ferocity and nudity. The city never sleeps. It knows your intimate secrets. I love the sprawling walls of the buildings, the smell of the pavement after the rain, the lights at night, and all the different souls you meet on the streets. The city can […] More

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