10 Of The Most Unique Restaurants in the World

If you’re like me and love to travel and try different new cuisines, you’re in luck. I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most unique restaurants and dining experiences in the world.

  1. The Rock Restaurant, Tanzania

Based on the beaches of Zanzibar, The Rock Restaurant has guests walk, swim, or canoe out to an open rock in the middle of the water. The rock itself makes for a beautiful setting, and the restaurant is a must visit for anyone planning a romantic getaway with their partner!

  1. Chill Out Ice lounge, Dubai

I know what you’re thinking. Ice in the heat of Dubai? Well, that’s exactly the idea of Chillout ice lounge, where practically everything, apart from the food and drinks, is made out of solid ice. The next time you’re looking to cool off in the summer heat, give Dubai a visit. Just be sure to take your coats and sweaters with you!

  1. Safe House, Milwaukee

The Safe House is a dream come true for those who idolized the secret spy life when growing up. This seemingly ordinary looking apartment needs a password to get into, and has an interior that would make James Bond feel right at home.  

  1. Rollercoaster Restaurant

Rollercoaster Restaurant looks like something out of The Jetsons cartoon when you first visit. The futuristic restaurant is completely automated, perfect for those who’ve grown tired of slow service and creepy waiters. You simply order your food using a touch screen, and marvel in fancy as the food is delivered to your table through a system of spiral conveyor belts.

  1. De Kas, Amsterdam

Founded by Michelin star chef Gert Jan Hageman, De Kas has a unique way of ensuring the food it serves is fresh. The restaurant is based inside a 26 feet high glass building that also doubles as a greenhouse. De Kas grow and harvest their own herbs and vegetables inside the structure, so you can rest assured the food you’re eating is as fresh as it could get.

  1. Ninja New York, New York

As you may already have guessed by the name, Ninja New York is a Japanese restaurant, with an exciting twist. The food is served by waiters dressed as ninjas, who will perform tricks while you enjoy the Japanese delicacies on offer.

  1. Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei

Easily one of the most weird and unique dining experiences on offer anywhere in the world, the Modern Toilet Restaurant started off by selling chocolate ice cream in containers shaped like a toilet, and quickly became a huge success. The restaurant has sofas shaped like toilet seats, and food is served in tupperware made to look like a toilet bowl. I promise you it’s much more appetizing than it sounds.

  1. The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant offers you the chance to enjoy the local, authentic cuisine on bamboo tables, in one of the most beautiful natural settings in the world. Guests have a buffet styled lunch, sitting next to an open waterfall. If that doesn’t make you want to get off your feet and onto the next flight to the Philippines, I don’t know what will!

  1. Dinner In The Sky, Belgium

Now available across 55 different countries including the U.S, Dinner In The Sky offers an incredible, out of this world dining experience. Diners are strapped into their chairs, and taken up 150 feet into the air along with the table and servers, using a crane. What could be better than enjoying a sunset, while you float above the ground being served delicious food?

  1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant was rated “The most beautiful restaurant in the world” in 2014 by the New York Daily News, and it’s easy to see why. The restaurant sits 16 feet under the sea, and has a glass acrylic ceiling that offers a 270° view of the surrounding crystal clear water. Nothing can match the experience of enjoying delicious food in the company of Maldives’ vibrant sea life. The restaurant is also one of the most exclusive in the world, as it only seats 14 guests at a time.  

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