10 Things You Need for Your College Dorm

There are few moments in life quite like making the move to college. It’s where friendships and memories are made, and often the first big step towards independence – starting with your own room. Make sure you enter school in style with these must-haves for your college dorm.

Closet Organizer

College dorms aren’t exactly know for their size and space, so make the most of the space you have by setting up a closet organizer. It will help you designate certain areas to shoes, sweaters, etc. and allow you to fit more in than originally seemed possible. Something that comes with hooks for hanging items and drawers below will be your best bet, and make rolling out of bed and making it to that early class much easier in the mornings.

Additional Seating

Standard dorm furniture: a bed, desk and chair. Not exactly the most inviting, so make sure you have an extra seat on hand for when you need a break from the hard desk chair. Dorm classics include bean bag chairs and fuzzy mini couches, or go for great modern decor with an easily foldable armchair. No matter the style, you’ll be glad for the extra seat when that unexpected guest stops by.

Area Rug

Want to spruce up the place without blowing your budget? Add an area rug. This easy design piece will add a little personality and requires little creativity when it comes to decorating.

Bulletin Board/Dry Erase Board

A standard for all dorms, some sort of message board is a must. It’s perfect for communicating with roommates or other friends on your floor, leaving little notes or a fun drawing.

A Tech-Friendly Backpack

Yes, a backpack is an obvious necessity for college life, but not all bags are created equal. Given all the different tech options around today, you’ll want to make sure your bag can accommodate your books while keeping your laptop or tablet safe and protected. A good backpack will come with pocket protectors that separate your tech from your books, snacks, and any other items that make their way into your bag.

A Coffee-Maker

Whether you enter a coffee drinker or not, college has a way of making caffeine addicts of us all. Even if you manage to avoid the stuff, a coffee maker will come in handy for tea or oatmeal in the mornings and those late night Ramen noodle cravings.

An Over the Door Mirror

Never assume that your dorm room comes with more than the essentials. They may not provide the simple thing like mirrors, so come prepared with your own. An over-the-door mirror is a smart choice because it comes full-length and saves precious wall space.

A First Aid Kit

Not the most glamorous item on the list, but one you’ll be extremely happy to have in a pinch. This isn’t mom’s house anymore, and you’ll be responsible for having the necessary supplies when you get a scrape or need to pop an aspirin or two after a night out. Rather than rely on standard pre-arranged kits, customize your own based on your needs. Start with the essentials: bandages, painkillers, allergy medicines and add anything else you think might come in handy like sleeping pills, itch relievers and any specific medicines you need to take.

Moveable Storage

Back to that space issue – take any opportunity you can to get creative with storage. These moveable storage units are particularly handy – they’ll fit anywhere and can be used for almost anything, from a mini pantry to a makeup bin.

A Printer

One of the worst parts of college? Waking up early to get to the print lab and print out your paper, only to realize there’s no paper or the printer is malfunctioning. Not an excuse professor’s take kindly to, and not one you’ll have to use if you invest in a printer of your own. Speaking from experience, this one’s worth it and will make your life much easier. Even if you can’t save room for a full size, they now make printers small enough to fit in your hand.

Stick to these essentials and you’ll be ready to take college life by storm.

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