Cute and Funny Animal Videos You Just Have to See

Who loves cute animal videos? Come on. Raise your hand! I know I do. There’s nothing like a cute, furry little animal doing something adorable when you need a good laugh. So I poked around YouTube for a little while looking at way too many hilarious animal videos, and these were some of the cutest. There are a few I still can’t quite get enough of. They left me laughing so hard that I practically cried. Now it’s your turn. I hope you enjoy these cute little critters as much as I did!

Cute Animals Photostream

This video is just a collection of incredibly cute animal photos. You’d have to be pretty heartless to not find something in this video that puts a smile on your face.

Wee Kitten

I have a real soft spot for kittens. We always had newborn kittens around when I was growing up from the neighborhood cats. So I’ve done my fair share of rescuing, feeding, and nurturing them to get them used to people so we could find them homes. I’ll always love cats, and I have two of my own. I can’t imagine life without them. This video is of an adorable newborn kitten. It’s not really doing anything other than sitting there. It’s sheer existence is the ultimate cuteness factor. What I really loved about this video over some similar ones is that, while you’re watching the kitten on the video, it almost looks like it’s watching you too. I kind of felt like I was in a fish bowl being watched by this little rascal.

Dog vs. Balloons

This is one crazy (and somewhat OCD) little pup. I can understand the fascination of popping one balloon. But it just keeps on going, and going, and going. It’s too funny! I would have expected a dog to be afraid of the popping noises. But no. The balloons were the only ones with something to fear here.

Baby Attacks Pit Bull

Okay. Don’t let the name of this video turn you off. It’s truly cute. A new baby is sitting on the floor next to the family’s pit bull. The baby goes from smacking its ball to hitting the dog (hence the title — although I’d say it looked more like a nice little pat, nothing that would hurt the dog). The dog just kind of rolls over, almost like a big baby itself. You can just tell it’s the start of a beautiful relationship — that dog’s going to come to be that kid’s best friend, and probably be rather protective of the child.

Mishka the Talking Dog Saying “I Love You”

Okay. It’s official. I’m in love. I must have watched this video a dozen times, and I can’t get enough of it. I laugh to the point of my eyes tearing up every time I see it, and there’s an audible “awwwww!” each time that’s so loud my neighbors must be sick of hearing me. The title says it all. This is a video of a husky named Mishka saying “I love you” to her owners. I loved Mishka so much, that I watched every video of her I could find on YouTube, and I included two more in this post below. I hope you love her too.

Mishka the Talking Dog (Saying Multiple Things)

Here’s another video of the talking husky, Mishka. Again, she says “I love you.” This time though, she also tells us that she’s a pretty girl. And when her owner asks “Mishka, are you stupid?” Mishka certainly has something to say about that!

Mishka the Talking Dog Saying “Hello”

This is a very short video of Mishka again. This time she says “Hello.” It’s actually even clearer than some of her talking in the previous two videos. Too cute!

Hamster on a Piano (with Popcorn)

I clearly don’t spend enough time on YouTube looking for cute and cuddly critters, because with over 7 million views, I feel like I’m one of the last people on YouTube to see this video! A hamster lies on a piano keyboard eating a piece of popcorn. That’s pretty much all there is to it. It’s the dedication to that piece of popcorn that’s too cute to miss — the little hamster won’t stop for anything short of falling off the piano (don’t worry — its owner was there to catch it).

Surprised Kitty

If I was the last person around to see the previous video, then I don’t know what my excuse is for not seeing this one with more than 24 million views! It’s a cute little kitten, lying on its back. When its owner surprises it after tickling its tummy the kitten responds every time by throwing all four legs out as though it’s trying to look big and tough. Instead it just looks like a snuggly little munchkin.

Baby Anteater at the Tokyo Zoo

I’ve never really thought of anteaters at cute before, but my goodness this little guy sure is! Between its youthful curiosity, adorable noises, and the way it clings to its mother’s back for a ride, this is one cute animal video you’ll want to take a look at.

Baby Sloths Eat Cameras Sometimes

First, I just have to say that I think sloths are some of the cutest animals out there. Baby sloths increase the cuteness factor tenfold. This one? Well, watch for yourself. It not only likes to bite fingers, but if you don’t comply and surrender your hand, it might just eat your camera instead. So cute.

Cat Adopts Baby Squirrels

This video tugged on my heartstrings in a few ways. First, I’m a sucker for stories of animals adopting orphaned babies of another species. Now that’s unconditional love for you. I also adore baby squirrels, and it’s incredibly rare to see a baby around here even though we have a lot of squirrels in general. Toss in the fact that I love cats, and this momma cat nursing her adoptive squirrel children was just too adorable to pass up.

Baby Panda Sneeze

This is another very short video, but a great one. It was one a friend forwarded a link to a while back, and it’s just as cute watching it today. You have a baby panda sleeping while its mom sits by eating (or I assume it’s the mom at least). The baby panda suddenly lets out a loud sneeze, and it scares its parent. Just watch. You’ll be surprised by how loud its little sneeze can actually be.

Parrot Singing Opera

The title really says it all about this one. It’s a video of a parrot. The parrot can sing opera. What surprised me is that it was actually quite good! I’m sad to say there’s a note with the video saying this parrot died of an illness when it was 15 years old. But in memory of its amazing talents, I thought the video was worth sharing here.

Iggy Investigates an iPad

Here’s one more cute little kitty for you. This is a video I came across via Twitter recently, right after the iPad was released. Apparently Apple’s human customers weren’t the only ones excited to get theirs. This cat seems to have a talent for technology.

What about you? Do you have any favorite cute or funny animal videos to share?

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