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    SocialCafe Chat with GetResponse [VIDEO]

    Even today with social media taking center stage, email marketing is still the best way to build relationships, generate loyal traffic, and fill your sales funnel. Many haven’t embarked on using email marketing yet because they find it intimidating or boring. Fortunately, getting started and managing your email lists is getting easier all the time. […] More

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    Cute and Funny Animal Videos You Just Have to See

    Who loves cute animal videos? Come on. Raise your hand! I know I do. There’s nothing like a cute, furry little animal doing something adorable when you need a good laugh. So I poked around YouTube for a little while looking at way too many hilarious animal videos, and these were some of the cutest. […] More

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    Yoga Poses (Almost) Anyone Can Do

    I love yoga. By no means am I an expert. Still I practice yoga as often as I can for one simple reason — it makes me feel good. It improves flexibility, I’m less sore after other workouts when I include a yoga regimen, and I injure myself far less frequently. Even if you don’t […] More

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    Learn a Foreign Language on YouTube

    The world has become one big global neighborhood thanks to the Internet in recent years. As a freelancer on the east coast of the United States, I can be talking one minute to a colleague across the country and the next minute working with a client in Europe, Australia, or Asia. These days you can […] More