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    Top 5 Geeky Pranks

    Pranks can be great fun, but not all of them involve putting someone’s hand in warm water while he’s sleeping or similar, juvenile ideas. Some pranks have moved well beyond that, and they’re high-tech. Check out these five excellent geeky pranks. 1) Remember the “blue screen of death” that pops up when the computer crashes? […] More

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    Cute and Funny Animal Videos You Just Have to See

    Who loves cute animal videos? Come on. Raise your hand! I know I do. There’s nothing like a cute, furry little animal doing something adorable when you need a good laugh. So I poked around YouTube for a little while looking at way too many hilarious animal videos, and these were some of the cutest. […] More

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    Facebook Apps We Could Be Seeing Fifty Years From Now

    There’s no denying it. Facebook has become an inorexable cosmic horror devoted to encompassing your universe and telling it that you’re a fan of oranges. Despite privacy concerns, it’s worming its way into our favorite websites, and I’m not sure how to stop it. If we cut off its head at the source, two more […] More

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    10 Foods You’ll Hope They Are not What They Seem to Be

    Sometimes, walking along the shelves in a store, looking through various product names, we keep asking ourselves, “What were they thinking?” Really, some products seem so weirdly named that you start wondering whether it was done on purpose (to attract attention) or that was just an unlucky attempt to create a catchy brand name. This […] More

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    Spooky, Scary, and Downright Silly Jack-O-Lanterns

    A favorite Halloween past-time involves carving up pumpkins into spooky faces or shapes, and sometimes silly designs. When you carve a jack-o-lantern for Halloween, do you stick to the traditional triangle eyes and evil-looking toothy grin or do you get a bit more creative? Need some inspiration for this year’s jack-o-lantern? Check out some of […] More

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    Everyone Is Doing Everything Wrong – Part 3

    This is not a bar! It’s an outhouse serving Miller Lite! And that’s the worst beer to serve! No bar should serve Miller Lite (or any beer for that matter)! Do you know what happens when you drink beer? “Local Man Dies From Alcohol Overdose, But Nobody Misses Him Because He Was A Wino!” Is […] More

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    20 Photos of Funny Signs

    Have you ever driven or walked by a sign that made you do a double-take and think “Huh?” Sometimes funny signs are a result of ironic placement. Other times funny signs result from misspellings (usually unintentional). And some strange and funny signs really do make sense to some people and only seem odd to those […] More

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    Time To Laugh: Funny Photos of Kids

    What is it about children that makes it so easy for them to put a smile on our faces? Perhaps it’s their innocence, and the fact that they don’t look at life as seriously as we often do. Maybe it’s the fact that they remind us of our own carefree days of childhood. Whatever it […] More