The Poetry Of Forgotten Places

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12 Responses

  1. Todd Kopriva says:

    These are wonderful! I try to capture similar images, like this:

    But I am envious of the talents of the folks in this collection, who do such beautiful and affecting work.

  2. sarah says:

    Magnifique !! l’abandon , admirablement photographié …………

  3. Snaporaz says:

    Hello lovers of abandoned places, here’s some more pix & leads:

  4. Snaporaz says:

    rebonjour – gave your superlative site a mention on + see also the abandoned places tag there

  5. LS Murphy says:

    These are so beautiful in their sadness. The composition of the photographs are spectacular.

  6. Diana Lee says:

    Each one, eerily beautiful

  7. Mayssoun says:

    Oh .. This is realy wonderfull
    made me cry ..

  8. Twidok says:

    Beautiful pictures.

    Link to these article from our website.

    Thanks for sharing!

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