10 of the Best Honeymoon Destinations

Weddings can be stressful, but luckily you can finish yours off with a fantastic honeymoon getaway.  Whether you wish to lounge on a beach or do something a little more adventurous, there is a perfect location for you. While the best honeymoon destinations can be subjective depending on your tastes, we’ve picked some great locations to get you thinking about your options.

If you are planning a honeymoon, or romantic vacation, take a look at these ideas. They’re listed in alphabetical order.

1. Curacao

Willemstad, Curacao
Credit: kjorgen (via DepositPhotos.com)

Curacao is a beautiful Caribbean island that is off the coast of Venezuela.  This island was formerly a part of the Netherlands Antilles and this heritage shows in the capital city, Willemstad.  In Curacao you can enjoy all the typical island activities, like snorkeling and fishing, or visit the city for great restaurants and nightlife.

2. French Polynesia

French Polynesia
Credit: Jim G (via Flickr)

French Polynesia is a country made up of islands whose tropical settings make them considered by many to be the most romantic honeymoon destination.  One of the things it is famous for is its collection of bungalows perched on stilts over the water.  If privacy and seclusion are what you are after, you should consider spending your first days as newlyweds here.

3. Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy
Credit: oxanatravel (via DepositPhotos.com)

Italy has long been a favorite destination for those looking for a classic romantic honeymoon.  Florence is steeped in history and culture, as it is considered by many to be the birthplace of the Renaissance.  A trip here could include a visit to Uffizi, one of the oldest museums in the Western World, to see some of the amazing works of art the city offers.  You will also enjoy the great food and company that Italy is famous for.

4. London, England

London, England
Credit: Tim Morris (via Flickr)

London is a great place to go for honeymoons.  There are many new hotels and venues that were built for the Olympics.  Now that the Olympics are over you can get great discounts for those rooms, making a London honeymoon more affordable than ever.  Among London’s many attractions are world-class architecture, museums, theaters and shopping.

5. Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii
Credit: davidd (via Flickr)

Oahu is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the United States. Hawaii combines a beautiful setting with a variety of activities that appeal to nearly everyone.  Days could be spent lounging on the beach or more active couples can pass the time hiking or taking surf lessons.  Another bonus of Oahu is the selection of all-inclusive resorts which can make honeymoon planning a breeze.

6. Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya
Credit: ramonbaile (via Flickr)

Mexico is full of beautiful beaches but that is not all it has to offer.  A trip to Riviera Maya can include incredible experiences away from the sea. Cancun is nearby, but here you can enjoy the same attractions and activities away from the more famous and busy city.  The highlight of a honeymoon here could be a trip to view the ancient Mayan ruins.

7. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece
Credit: ilkerender (via Flickr)

Another relaxing honeymoon destination is Santorini, Greece.  This island boasts stunning views along with amazing architecture.  If you like wine you will enjoy visiting the wineries on the island.  Other activities include spending time on the black sand beaches and visiting the ancient ruins nearby.

8. Seychelles

Credit: Fabio Achilli (via Flickr)

Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean, is also a great choice if you are looking for relaxing beaches.  The white beaches and gorgeous lagoons here make for an incredibly romantic and relaxing vacation.  There are not many activities here compared to some other destinations, but it cannot be beat for relaxing days spent lounging on the beach.

9. Switzerland

Interlaken, Switzerland
Credit: Tamas (via Flickr)

For those whose idea of romance is a winter wonderland, Switzerland can be the best place for a honeymoon.  This country is beautiful year-round, but winter is when it becomes really special.  Enjoy your nights relaxing by the fireplace and spend days skiing.  Switzerland also boasts beautiful cities that are considered to be among the most romantic in Europe.

10. Zambia

Victoria Falls - Zambia
Credit: Stefan Krasowski (via Flickr)

Zambia is a great place for couples looking for a honeymoon outside of the norm.  There are world class resorts here and activities include visits to Victoria Falls and safaris.  More adventurous couples can stay in remote bush camps and even go bungee jumping.  To enhance an African honeymoon, you can combine your trip to Zambia with a few days on a beach in one of the nearby coastal countries.

Where would you take your dream honeymoon?  What do you think makes an ideal honeymoon?  Share some of your best honeymoon destination ideas from around the world to give other readers more options to consider.


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