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Ah, iPhone apps; they have made the way we use our phones a very different place. Most users have more applications than they do contacts, and these devices are rarely used for making calls anymore. They let us text, surf the web, watch full videos, play games and even keep full libraries at our fingertips. It is incredible to think of how much has changed in such a short period of time, especially when you look back at what passed for a mobile phone back in the 80’s, or even the 90’s.

Oh all application advances, the most popular are usually those that are simple to use and fill a specific, useful purpose. One of those that has managed to keep people talking is Instagram, a mobile photo sharing application. This little piece of social genius allows you to take photos, edit them using various filters, and post them right on networking sites like Twitter or Facebook. What makes it even greater? It is 100% cost free.

Nothing could make this better, right? Wrong. Actually, there are a few minor drawbacks that could be improved. For example, it runs on a pretty simple coding format. That means it is totally app-based, and so there are no ways to connect to see new photos, users, tags or anything of the sort. It is only able to be updated and viewed from within the app.

Luckily, there are websites popping up all over the place that are taking care of this issue, some of which are downright brilliant. So, I thought I would share four of them today.

1. Instwar


Instawar is probably my favorite, if only for the time-waster value. Basically, it takes two pictures and pits them against one another. You decide which is better and then that one is pitted against another, the winner against another…you see the pattern. It is basically a tournament-style photo death match, minus any dramatic implications whatsoever.



It reminds me a lot of the websites like HotOrNot, which became ridiculously popular simply because they were an anonymous activity that you could do to procrastinate. You can even add your own image to the site by going to Instagrid, the sister site.

2. Printsagr.am


Printstagr.amThis site is another third party that is in association with Instawar/Grid, as all three sites are from Social Print Studios. In this case, Printsagr.am is much more useful, rather than a time waster like the other two.

It works by allowing you to hook up your account and search for pics you want to have turned into posters or stickers. It isn’t really a complete online print site, such as Snapfish or similar. But it is still a nifty little tool, and the print quality is really great. Especially when you consider that the originals were taken through a smartphone app.

Instagram is fun, useful and easy to use. The sites above can further help you to increase the apps performance and make your experience an even better one. Some are for fun and some are more work oriented for those who have made the Internet or compatible devices their job. But you are sure to figure out something that you can use.

3. SnapFinch (Currently unavailable)

SnapFinchYou have probably come across this website at some point in the past, but you did it under its former name. Originally calling itself Followgram, they relaunched under the SnapFinch banner a short time ago. But it has all of the same features of the original. It works as a complete Instagram network directory.

You can search photos and tags easily, just by giving it access to your Instagram account. It remains the most popular third party site associated with the application on the web, and while more services are popping up every day, it is hard to imagine that it won’t continue to be.

Do you have a third party Instagram site that you think should have made it onto the list? Let us know in the comments, and give us a little lesson on why it should be included.

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