Getting Inspired – Ways to Cut Loose From the Confines of Your Home Office

If you are a freelancer who works at home, sometimes you might feel that your creative muse has gone south and left you high and dry. To give it a jump-start and get back into a productive mode, break up your routine. Get out of the office. Try something different.

Getting Inspired

Here Are a Few Ideas

But, make sure that you limit the amount of time doing these activities. Take a short reprieve to do them and then head back to work.

If you own a Jeep…

… Take off the top and go for a spin letting the fresh air blow through your hair. Take a brisk walk. Take your dog to the park and play Frisbee with him. Sit on your patio and read for half an hour. If you have a horse, go horseback riding.


Do an aerobic, yoga, or Pilates workout. Run on your treadmill. Do strength training or stretching exercises. Put on some lively music and dance. This will get the blood flowing to your brain.

Soak in a Warm Bath or Take a Hot Shower

morning meditation 2

Sit in a hot tub or Jacuzzi. This is especially effective after you have exercised. This will relax you. Your tension and worries will melt away.

Visit a Nearby Museum or Art Show

Seeing someone else’s creations can motivate you and spark your own creativity.

Take Lessons – Guitar, Piano, Painting, Singing, or Dancing

Old Guitar

Then, when the creative slump strikes, practice for 30 minutes. Or, play the Beatle’s Rock Band. Switching to a different type activity enhances your creativity when you go back to your work.

Go to the Library

Read a magazine or newspaper that you don’t normally read. Browse through books in genres that are different from the type that you usually read. This will expose you to new thoughts and ideas.

Head Downtown with Your Digital Camera

Snap random pictures. Then, find a quiet spot to look at them. See how many triangles, right angles, or trapezoids you can find. This stretches your thinking.

Go to a Track and Run Laps

Go swimming or hiking. Go rollerblading or long boarding. Opportunities for outdoor activities are available wherever you live. Take advantage of them.


If you have a friend who also works from her home office, give her a call and suggest that you swap offices for a day. Your cell phone with Line2 will keep you in touch with clients.

Do Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles, or Logic Games


Working these puzzles will get your synapses firing and clear any cobwebs that might be clogging up your thinking.

Change the Settings of Your Home Office

Paint one wall a bright color and hang new artwork. Purchase an inexpensive floor lamp or a comfortable chair at an IKEA store.

Varying your business routine or getting out of your home office gives you a new perspective. It will improve your creativity and make you more productive. So, give some of these ideas a whirl. When you get back to work, you will be refreshed, invigorated, and ready for anything.

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