A Neverending Droste Story

Ah, the Droste effect — both beautiful and baffling at the same time. You know what the Droste effect is. It’s a picture inside of a picture, inside of a picture…. Here’s an easy way to think of it. Look in a mirror with another mirror behind you. What you’ll see is the same recursive image over and over again, but it appears smaller and smaller with each internal reflection — like a neverending sequence of the same image. Still can’t picture it? That’s okay. We’ve put together an image stream for you, with some outstanding examples of the Droste effect at work. Check them out!

Photo by kriis__xx

Photo by elventear

Photo by konekotichy

Photo by John C. Shaw

Photo by greenplasticdave

Photo by Cayusa

Photo by gadl

Photo by Fotero

Photo by kern.justins

Photo by diogosousa

Photo by edgarator

Photo by Lost Archetype

Photo by fdecomite

Photo by Nathan deGargoyle

Photo by Seb Przd

Photo by lrargerich

Photo by R@PP

Photo by marie-ll

Photo by lrargerich

Photo by ocelotan

Photo by fdecomite

Photo by Ghetu Daniel

Photo by d_a_macleod

Photo by Seb Przd

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