Cute Cat Ads

Advertisers seem to love cats as much as we do! If you’re looking for a smile and a laugh or just interested in seeing some cute ads, check out these feline friends of ours making waves in the ad world. Here are some of our favorite ads featuring kitties.

Pesca Magazine: Cat

Diet Pepsi: Cat

Alka Seltzer: Kitten
Text on ad: Hangover is dangerous.

Fenistil Gel: Scratch

Text on ad: Fenistil. Soothes irritated skin.

So precious

Somela: Cat
Text on ad: New waxing machine E-4300

Lifebuoy Handwash: Kitten

Text on ad: You eat what you touch.

3M Scotch Brite Lint Roller: Cat
Text on ad: LintRoller Removes hair and fluffs. Easy to apply / more adherent / not damage the clothes

Swatch Skin

ETA vacuum cleaner: Cat
Text on ad: Vacuum your Persian.Eta vacuum cleaners with pet care Derm Assist head extension

Blumarea Diving School: Cat
Text on ad: We’ll make you love water.

RSPCA: Vacuum

Text on ad: Show us some love. We’ll return the favor. RSPCA

Peugeot: Cat
Text on ad: Choose the original. Take your Peugeot to Peugeot

Eukanuba dog food: Cat swimming
Text on ad: Everybody wants to be a dog.

cat training

Globus Rutan Pet Food: Wannabe Cats, Owl

Text on ad: Cat food from Rutan. Irresistible.

Flexi Dogleashes: Grey
Text on ad: Extra tearproof dogleashes

NG 3000 Pest controls: Cat
Text on ad: Part of the family? Call us. NG3000

Whiskas: Paws
Text on ad: For growing kittens.

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