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    The Best States for Investing in a Tax Lien

    Homeowners who fall behind on paying their taxes often find themselves with a tax lien—a legal claim against the homeowner’s assets—on their property. A tax lien is a considerable burden as it prevents the house from being sold or refinanced. The only way to remove a lien is to pay the taxes in full and […] More

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    Banned Books: 15 Controversial Books Everyone Should Read

    It is somewhat peculiar that humans are so flustered by fiction, and yet we have been banning, burning and berating books throughout history. Novels that contradict social, religious and moral norms become lightening rods for controversy from the day they are published, fortunately though we live in a far more enlightened society where we can […] More

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    The Top 25 Luxury Hotels Around The World

    Ranking the best hotels in the world is difficult. Every individual hotel comes with similar services and functions, and yet each is unique in its features and specialties. Here is a countdown of twenty-five of the best hotels the world has to offer. Happy travelling! 25. Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, Mexico This Four Seasons […] More

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    10 Most Expensive Cars in the World


    Some cars are designed just to get you from point A to point B. Some cars are designed to get you from point A to point B really fast. And then there are cars designed with such lavish style and breath-taking performance that point B doesn’t even matter anymore – just driving it is the point. […] More

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    10 Animals to Get to Know Before They’re GONE

     They’re disappearing you know. And we’re the cause. Due to society’s insatiable desire for more, animal and plant species are disappearing. At the rate of dozens per day. Extinction is a natural occurrence. Due to human intervention the rate of extinction has increased. Scientists estimate that by 2050 as many as 30 to 50 percent […] More

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    5 Cool Commercials That Went Viral on YouTube

    Most people don’t watch television for the commercials (aside from the famous Super Bowl ads perhaps). But every now and then a video ad is so amusing or informative or just downright strange that it goes viral in social media, usually with the help of YouTube. Let’s take a look at five examples of commercial […] More

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    What You Should Embrace: Creative Fedex Ads to Get Inspired!

    In a world filled to the brim with people pushing their products, services and personalities on the public at large, marketing what you have to offer may seem like an overwhelming task. The modern world is one focused almost entirely on commerce, often leaving small business owners feeling small and insignificant in the midst of […] More

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    Horrifying Anti-Smoking Campaigns and Kids

    Public service announcements serve a very specific purpose: to inform the public and curb dangerous behavior. There has been a lot of controversy over the years, as organizations have been accused of using scare tactics to try and control the viewers. But the intent usually comes from the right place, and so they continue to […] More

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    Cute Cat Ads

    Advertisers seem to love cats as much as we do! If you’re looking for a smile and a laugh or just interested in seeing some cute ads, check out these feline friends of ours making waves in the ad world. Here are some of our favorite ads featuring kitties. Pesca Magazine: Cat Diet Pepsi: Cat […] More

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