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    5 Cool Commercials That Went Viral on YouTube

    Most people don’t watch television for the commercials (aside from the famous Super Bowl ads perhaps). But every now and then a video ad is so amusing or informative or just downright strange that it goes viral in social media, usually with the help of YouTube. Let’s take a look at five examples of commercial […] More

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    Cute Cat Ads

    Advertisers seem to love cats as much as we do! If you’re looking for a smile and a laugh or just interested in seeing some cute ads, check out these feline friends of ours making waves in the ad world. Here are some of our favorite ads featuring kitties. Pesca Magazine: Cat Diet Pepsi: Cat […] More

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    Smart UFO and Alien Ads

    We like clever advertisements. We like aliens. So why not enjoy clever advertisements with aliens? That’s what you’ll find below — aliens helping to sell all kinds of products and services. Have you seen a great UFO or alien ad that we haven’t featured here? Leave us a link in the comments! Periodicos Asociados Human […] More

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    Smart And Funny Insect Ads, No Insect Violence :)

    Bugs may be creepy and crawly, but insects also apparently make good sales, um, people? Just check out some of these cute, strange, and effective advertisements featuring insects of all types, from dancing ants to grasshoppers that help sell cars. These insect photos and artwork may be clever, but do they make you want to […] More

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    20 Photos of Funny Signs

    Have you ever driven or walked by a sign that made you do a double-take and think “Huh?” Sometimes funny signs are a result of ironic placement. Other times funny signs result from misspellings (usually unintentional). And some strange and funny signs really do make sense to some people and only seem odd to those […] More