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That’s what you’ll find here at the new — all things bizarre or just too cool not to share. We’ll expose you to the latest technology, bring you oddities from around the world, and more. But forget about me telling you what has to offer. Let me show you instead!

And you probably thought the fences were there for your well-being. Think again!

Credit: tenioman (via Flickr)
Credit: tenioman (via Flickr)

Are you this dedicated to your favorite show?


Credit: therankfam (via Flickr)

And what do men do for women again?

Credit: Volutelady (via
Credit: Volutelady (via

There’s a little taste to whet your appetite for what’s to come here at! Check back often, and come prepared to see some of the most fun, fascinating, and downright freaky photos and videos available on the Web!

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