15 Cool Pool Tables You Will Love

A pool table is something you may want for ages but you always lack either place or money or time to buy it. This post is intended to solve any problems you may have, so now no excuse for you: got get that cool thing!

1. Volkswagen Billiards Bus

This table has two main benefits: it looks awesome and it is movable, so you can actually go to your friends to visit together with your own pool table:

Volkswagen Billiards Bus

Volkswagen Billiards Bus


2. Ford Mustang Pool Table

Much like the above one but it’s just the matter of whichever car you prefer:

Ford Mustang Pool Table

3. Water Proof Pool Table

This one makes me look forward to summer again. I can see myself playing billiards standing in the water…

Water Proof Pool Table

Water Proof Pool Table

4. Water Pool Table

I am not sure how rules are different from the regular billiards and I can’t even imagine how people play it but it should be fun:

Water Pool Table

Water Pool Table


5. Glass Pool Table

Yes, it looks cool and yes, it is transparent but isn’t it not good at all to play on the smooth and slippery glass?

Glass Pool Table



6. Round Pool Table

Forget all your pool hustling tricks with this table, as there are no angles or side cushions to bounce the ball off you will have to learn a new way of playing pool.

Round Pool Table


7. Autosports Pool Table

The fans of transformers would love this one: it looks like it can be transformed in a car or to a robot:

Autosports Pool Table


8. Ice Pool Table

Full size pool table all sculpted from ice: looks amazing, too bad it won’t last until summer:

Ice Pool Table

Ice Pool Table


9. Fusion Table

A pool table that easily transforms into a dining table: the perfect fit for a family man who didn’t forget about having some good time on the weekend:

Fusion Table


10. Balmoral Table

Same concepts as above but works in a bit different way: the balmoral pool and dining table can be turned from its one avatar to another in a matter of few seconds.

Balmoral Table


11. Disappearing Pool Table

When you need a pool table and a family room but don’t have the space there is only one thing to do….make the pool table disappear!

Disappearing Pool Table


12. Mini Pool Table

This one is an option when you have neither place nor money for the disappearing table:

Mini Pool Table


13. Snooker Table Sofa

Snooker Table Sofa

14. 3D Pool Table

The rules are simple: first player to sink them all in the bottom level wins. The game is played with 8 balls and 2 cue balls.

3D Pool Table


15. Home Made Pool Table

If you have no money for either of the tables above, is billiards no option for you? Never give up!

Home Made Pool Table


Written by Kate

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  1. who ever writes for your site is an idiot, its not a glass top, look them up, ALSO they don’t play on water, there is water underneath

  2. @Bob, what do you think the glass pool table is covered with then?

    ALSO, which exactly pool are you referring to in the second part of your comment?

  3. These are some of the sweetest pool tables I’ve ever seen. Love the idea of a pool table in the pool! That would be so cool playing pool in an actual pool. Great idea!

  4. that is not a glass top. it’s call vitrik resin and apparently it plays like felt. bob gave you the answer already by saying “look it up.”

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