Smart And Funny Insect Ads, No Insect Violence :)

Bugs may be creepy and crawly, but insects also apparently make good sales, um, people? Just check out some of these cute, strange, and effective advertisements featuring insects of all types, from dancing ants to grasshoppers that help sell cars. These insect photos and artwork may be clever, but do they make you want to buy? Maybe the marketing departments see something in bugs that the rest of us miss — or maybe they’re just cheap hires!

Fedex: Grasshopper
Ad credit

Calgary Farmers Market: Apple
Text on ad: Fresh all winter.
Ad credit

Tesa Anti Insect Net: Mosquito
Text on ad: If they don’t fit, they don’t enter. Anti insect net for doors and windows. Anti Insect Net, Tesa
Ad credit

IWC: Flea
Text on ad: Passion for details. International Watch Co. Schaffhausen
Ad credit

Volkswagen Polo: Snail
Text on ad: Ridiculously small prices. Polo.
Ad credit

Fenistil: Caterpillar
Text on ad: Tame your irritation
Ad credit

Pledge: Ants
Ad credit

Dos Pinos Fruit Nectar: Pear
Text on ad: The best of the fruit
Ad credit

Calgary Farmers Market: Eggplant
Text on ad: Fresh all winter.
Ad credit

Eini & Co cupcakes: Bee
Text on ad: Eini & Co Cupcakes. Order your arrangement at
Ad credit

Volkswagen Golf Sportline: Grasshopper
Text on ad: Closer to the road. The Golf Sportline
Ad credit

Baygon: Cockroach
Ad credit

Dr Scholl Foot deodorant: Dungbeetle.
Ad credit

Persil: Butterfly
Text on ad: Protect them before they fade.
Ad credit

Electrabel: Butterfly
Magazine campaign in which Belgium biggest energy-provider wants to let the public know that they also invest inculture, nature and the environment.
Ad credit

Surf Laundry Detergent: Bee
Text on ad: The softness of Surf
Ad credit

Tattoo Invaders: Butterfly
Text on ad: Bring it to life.
Ad credit

Hains: Insects
Text on ad: No scratchy labels. Hanes. Original tagless comfort
Ad credit

Digicape: Apple worm
Text on ad: Authorized repairs and support.
Ad credit

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