What You Should Embrace: Creative Fedex Ads to Get Inspired!

In a world filled to the brim with people pushing their products, services and personalities on the public at large, marketing what you have to offer may seem like an overwhelming task. The modern world is one focused almost entirely on commerce, often leaving small business owners feeling small and insignificant in the midst of the giants they’re forced to compete with.

Enter ingenuity; if there’s one thing that you have that you can be sure no one else does, it’s your clever mind! Putting a strong creative effort into your marketing material can make all of the difference when a potential customer makes a split-second decision to focus their attention, allowing you to catch eyes and minds quickly, drawing them towards your product.

One company that has long excelled with this type of innovative marketing is postal service FedEx, a business known well for its innovative and effective ad campaigns. If you’re in need of some ideas before you tackle your next clever marketing plan, take a look at these creative FedEx ads to get you inspired:

FedEx/Kinkos Shipping Boxes in Strange Places

Focusing on catching the attention of passersby in a playful and memorable way, FedEx is known to deploy its distinctive shipping boxes in strange and unexpected places in cities around the world, giving the appearance of having shipped impossible items like stop signs and trees to their current location.

Taking people by surprise is one excellent way to make any marketing effort a distinct one that is likely to not only stay on the mind of your target audience but also to give them reason to tell a friend about the experience.

Alarming, Yet Funny, Ad Spots

This FedEx ad was spotted in a metro subway station in the United States, offering an excellent example of shock value making a strong point; while you obviously wouldn’t send a letter to someone in order to notify them of an ongoing crisis, FedEx is so incredibly fast that you just may consider it!

Approaching your marketing audience with the understanding that their attention won’t be easily captured, work towards creating ads that include a reason for people to do a double-take, ensuring that they are happy to start up conversations about your products and services.

Unexpected Copies

In an effort to promote their color photocopying services, FedEx often advertises by presenting city strollers with copies of the most improbable of items, from phone booths to what appear to be casually parked vehicles, again prompting that all-important double-take and providing a humorous and shocking experience that is sure to have viral value.

Larger Than Life

Sometimes getting people’s attention means going big whether you like it or not and FedEx has the act of putting big things in weird places for advertising purposes down to an art.

Whether the goal is to create a customer on the spot, encourage later conversation or to provoke a viral reaction in the form of photos and social media inclusion, giving your audience something pleasant to look at that is impossible to miss is a sure way to bring attention to your brand.

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